Shadow of the Beast is coming to PS4

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Hi PlayStation Blog-ists. We are so happy today to be talking about our latest project – Shadow of the Beast!

For us at Heavy Spectrum to be working on this game is a dream come true. We have a unique and innovative gameplay idea, and a chance to build something truly special; a game that captures the essence of a treasured personal experience.

Nearly 25 years ago, a game was released that would burn a lasting impression on the mind of gamers, Shadow of the Beast on the Amiga.

For us, and for me specifically, playing it conjured a world of mysteries, something that went beyond what was shown on the screen, a world where my imagination had cause to soar! Even when not playing, I couldn’t help but wonder about the strange creatures and places I had seen, and ponder what further details would reveal themselves the next time I would play.

Now it’s our turn to build this game, we are excited to use the power of PlayStation 4 to create a Shadow of the Beast that can bring gamers that rare type of evocative experience that we enjoyed as a kids playing the original game.

We want to create a magical combination of unique combat and gameplay to enthral you as a player, with a mystical world that can engage you as a person. Our vision of Karamoon is filled with beauty, brutality and mystery, whilst allowing you as the player an opportunity to try and piece together what happened to make it and its denizens the way they are.

We think it’s going to be really exciting to see the new experiences Sony’s support of indie development will bring, and we are humbled to be bringing our innovation to this game.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief glimpse into what we’re doing, and we can’t wait to share more about Shadow of the Beast as our journey unfolds!

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  • i had this on amiga, nice to see the return of a classic

  • I had all 3 games on the Amiga. They were never great for gameplay but the atmospheric graphics and music made them very enjoyable. This looks like it could be fun but hopefully there’s a bit more colour in the full game than in the trailer… I don’t get why machines these days have millions more colours than the 8 and 16 bit era yet most games look blander and are far less colourful…lush and distinct colour schemes are needed. Naughty Dog understands it… Each of the Uncharted games show you can have realistic looking environments and still have gorgeous colour schemes… Anyways I’ll keep an eye on this even just for nostalgia…

  • so this is like Dynasty Warriors hack & slash bliss? If so I’m sold

  • Also, will Roger Dean be involved at all? His cover artwork on the originals and other Psygnosis games made such great posters.

  • Not the prettiest game I’ve seen so far but always in for more brawlers like God of war. This is a brawler right?

  • @Carnivius_Prime

    rime looks to be stunning and full of colour.

    it reminds me of ico so much

  • @hayzink
    what’s rime? And.. um.. I really disliked Ico… so that’s not a recommendation for me :P

  • Best thing out of Gamescon for a 35 years old nostalgic :)

  • @6 It’s Ryme btw. It looks a lot like Shadow of the coloussus and Journey imo.

  • Blast from the (very distant) past !!

  • Eh… not feeling this.

    Doesn’t really look like Beast to me, except for the obvious visual clues in the design and environment. This looks way to brown, grim-dark and dude-ish to be a proper Beast game.

    Shadow of the beast is about the incredible ambience, carefully constructed shapes of the environment and exploration/platforming.

    This looks sort of rubbish and completely un-Beast. I need to some gameplay. A lot of gameplay…

  • @Carnivius_Prime

    it was the one they showed with the little boy running around and fighting off shadows with fire.

    looked like ico with a cell shaded look a bit like wind walker, think it was after the rapture game

  • @hayzink
    one who showed? I’m not following. I only came on here for a few things mainly cos I got a playstation mobile compatible phone now and was looking through the archive to look up some of the games i see in the PSM store before making a purchase. oh there’s some game event or something and that’s why we’re getting all these news bits? sorry I’ve really not been paying that much attention to it. :P I’m gonna go back to pixelling the sprites for the game I was hired to do the old school graphics for. :)

  • Now I know what this reminds me of… those terrible Dragon Age trailers.

    This doesn’t evoke the Shadow of the Beast magic at all. All the blood and dismemberment doesn’t in the slightest remind me of the magical fantasy graphics in the first game (or the sequels)

    This looks like a fantasy equavalent of your standard brown, blood smeared dudebro game :(

    Why don’t you kill some other classic memories while you’re at it? I’m sure you could add tons of blood and dismemberment to Puggsy. You know, to spice it up and appeal to the average fratboy retard.

    This game was he reason I started to play games back in Comodore 64 and later on AMIGA 500.
    My dreams have come true, you are truly the best console in the world and I will continue to support you in recruiting gamers to this side of the fence.

    Now I’m waiting to download my Mercenary beta.

  • and also, hail to Psygnosis STUDIO. I know you are still out there ;-) somehow working for us Playstation fans.

  • @anunnakid

    It was Studio Liverpool, and Sony killed them earlier this year.

    This game has nothing to do with the original creators, and it shows. I don’t really see why this needs to exist.

  • Indeed, Sony killed former Psygnosis/Studio Liverpool.

    But well stuff comes and goes, as long as the content stays I guess. Will look into the remake when it is here, played it to death on my Amiga 500!

  • This looked the most promising game of the conference. Which was a bit of a let down for me unfortunately. I got my hopes up on the 20 exclusives being AAA quality but the new ip shown today didn’t exactly look as good as infamous, Killzone etc. Maybe it’s my fault for thinking today would be e3 2.0 but the games shown weren’t for me unfortunately and it also looks like I’ll have to go through with the bother of importing my ps4 from America because I ain’t waiting a fortnight for mine.

    Anyway the conference alone was pretty average but I was expecting uncharted 4, The last guardian plus Santa Monica’s new game plus an October release date which brought my overall impression down a notch or two. Still though I look forward to TGS

  • Shadow of the Beast and Rime were the two things I liked the most from the conference.

    I sure hope this new Shadow of the Beast manages to capture the spirit of the original Amiga game when it comes to gameplay and especially when it comes to the music (which I’m not fully convinced it will do). The Amiga soundtrack by David Whittaker is still absolutely superb, infact, I have the songs on my phone so I can listen to them whenever I feel like it.

  • As a Amiga500 gamer this is huge news for me… Just listen to this music from the first game….

  • I also agree with Carnivius_Prime that more colours would be most welcome. I’m sick and tired of all the brown and grey games we see these days, where are the colours?

  • Loved this on the Sega Genesis!

  • Oh my God …
    I can’t believe that this licence is back … AND ONLY ON PS4 !!!!

    I owned it when I had an Amiga … I always dreamt about a remake or a new game based on this licence and now … It will be real …

    Thank you so much Heavy Spectrum for taking creof this game.
    Hope to have more informations and a gameplay video !!

  • Remember downloading this with 16.8k HST back then from Bluebox “PSN” , great game, would be great if it included the original(s) too.

  • I am sure i have this game in the Attic :D (the Amiga version that is, i will look tomorrow for it) ;)
    + I wish someone would bring the Bitmap Brothers Amiga Classics to PS4(or 3 & Vita) Well ‘Speedball 2: Evolution’ is a PS3 Mini game & that was still brilliant :P

  • Awesome. A childhood fave returns.

    Don’t forget to include the original trilogy in there too.

  • So, what is this game?

  • I absolutely LOVED this on the Amiga and Genesis. Please make sure to include an ultra hardcore mode to give us masochist types something to be nostalgic about <3

    Also, will it be on Vita? Pretty please?

  • Remembering the game and the legendary Psygnosis owl :)

    i was too young to get through this game but played a lot SotB 1 and 2. It is on my must buy list just for nostalgia.

  • Ratchet has gotten a bit more bloodthirsty recently, hasn’t he? :P

  • Trailer is broken on YouTube. It is missing the last 15 seconds or so. Looking forward to this.

  • Character design is good, what I really hope for is the original soundtrack and a reimagining of the inside the tree stage.
    Again though, please please please don’t mess up the music.

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