PlayStation Plus on PS4: The revolution continues!

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Hi everyone! The gaming revolution that is PlayStation Plus will continue to grow on PS4. If you are already a PlayStation Plus member you don’t need to do anything, you can sit back and relax as your membership will automatically include all the PS3, PS Vita and PS4 features of the service when it goes live on day one.

PlayStation Plus is available now and will continue to be available for a one-off payment of €49.99/£39.99. However, as you might have heard during the gamescom press conference today, if you purchase a one year membership through PlayStation Store up until 20th September we’ll give you an additional 90 days at no extra cost!

Right now, let’s just cover off a few things to make sure that you have all the information you could possibly need:

The games
Much like the PS3 and PS Vita service, we will be delivering a game which will remain in the service for a number of months and it gives me great pleasure to announce that this will be the DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition!

Born from an extreme passion for cars and racing games, Evolution Studios has produced a game that started as a concept project nearly a decade ago and has become a reality thanks to the power of the PS4.

DRIVECLUB is a racing game like no other, it’s a social experience that encourages players to join clubs and compete with others. Although beating fellow racers on the road is at the core of competition, the race to complete challenges is what we hope will really get you all excited.

On top of DRIVECLUB we will also be delivering you one hero game a month in the PS4 part of the service, and the first of these games is another brand new IP titled RESOGUN.

As the spiritual successor to Super Stardust, Resogun is a side-scrolling, twin stick, shoot-em-up with a unique and distinctive art style that really showcases the power of the PS4. See today’s Blog post from developer Housemarque for more.

Cloud storage and discounts
I can confirm that on top of the combined 2GB cloud storage we currently provide for PS3 and PS Vita users, members with a PS4 will receive an additional 1GB of cloud storage.

PlayStation Plus is committed to attempting to secure exclusive and additional discounts on PS Store products for our members and this will continue to be the case as we move into the PS4 generation.

14 day trial
Do you love your PS Plus membership and want to get all your friends involved? Well, we are very happy to say that we will be introducing a 14 day trial for all PS4 owners which will provide instant access to all the features of the service, including the Instant Game Collection, cloud storage and immersive online multiplayer play.

What do you need PS Plus for?
To ensure that you are getting the most out of your PS4, PlayStation Plus is the only place where you can fully experience immersive online multiplayer play. With an ever growing community this is the ideal place to play with friends, meet fellow gamers and share your gaming experiences. All other features of PS Plus on PS4 will be exactly the same as the current service, including full access to video services for all.

1 month membership
We will be providing the opportunity for users to sign up to a one month membership to PlayStation Plus. The price will be €6.99/£5.99 per month. More details of when this will be available will be coming soon.

If you like the sound of everything above and you are not currently a Plus member, visit our PlayStation Plus site to find out more about the service. Here you’ll learn all you need to know about a one year membership to the Instant Game Collection all for a one-off payment of just €49.99 / £39.99.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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PlayStation Plus on PS4: The revolution continues!

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7 Author Replies

  • I’m an existing Plus member. Can I get the 90 days free also? Can I buy 2 years and get 180 days free? Will it stack like it currently does?

  • The new game from Housemarque looks neat.
    Where’s the rest of the September PS+ update, though?

  • Im not new PS Plus member, if i buy 1 year membership, will i get 90 days too?

  • The Monarch Will Be Crowned

  • I still get some comments from Xbox owners having a go at Sony for now making Plus compulsory if you want PS4 online… they seem to forget a lot of us already have Plus memberships on our PS3/Vita and get a ton of free games that means we likely save a load more money each year… for us existing PS Plus owners the PS4 needing the subscription to play online is no problem at all…and to those who aren’t subscribers…well.. you’re missing out..

  • I’m pretty sad because I did buy 1year of ps+ yesterday and today you guys announce that I get 1year + 90day if I buy it tomorrow. :( :(

  • If i buy 2 years of PS+, would I get 6 months free?

  • Hi Chris. Thanks for all the detailed info on the service for PS4, its great to know that 1GB will be available for PS4 Cloud Storage.

    I am not really sure on how to feel for the 1 month sub, though. For one it gives an option to people who don’t want to pay for 3 months because it’s not worth to them, but on the other hand it’s just reduced the trial periods… I’m not sure if 2 weeks would be enough as to represent the service, specially with those slow download connections.

    This brings me to the next question: When are we getting full info on September offerings? I already got ACIII, so I’d like to know what to look forward to :D

  • Will there be only one game a month on ps4 then (also what’s a “hero” game)?

  • By the way I changed phone networks yesterday (to one I can actually get reception and it’s a cheaper tariff for more inclusives) and they gave me an Xperia L. Which turns out is PlayStation Mobile compatible. Bought 4 of the games AquaKitty, Life of Pixel, Alien Breed (even though I own the PSN version) and Rock Boshers DX. All very entertaining despite the whole touchscreen control stuff. I’m sure I’ll enjoy them all much more when I finally get a Vita and can put them on there and play with buuuuttttooonsss… yeeah. So any chance of making PSM compatible with PS3/4?

  • I’m not bothered that you will need plus to play online. I’m already a subscriber to plus and I can’t see that changing. The only complaint I have with plus is I wish there were better sales. I also wish that we could get just half of the avatars the US gets

    Xbox owners really don’t have any reason to have a go about plus being required for online play on the PS4. Loads of xbox users paid for years just to play online and access content they already subscribed to (Sky TV hence paying twice).

  • just purchased ps+ 1 year renewal today. gutted

  • chris where is the rest of the september plus content??? We already know that AC3 is in there but what is the rest???

  • What other games are coming to PS3/Vita next month?

  • I just renewed my subscription some few days ago and now you announce that we will receive 3 months extra PS+ if we pay for a years subscription from tomorrow and onwards to the 21th of September… Damn. Well, I guess that some have to pull the short straws.

    Ah well. Your are doing a fantastic job with Playstation Plus and I feel that I am getting more than my money’s worth of it.

    Keep it up mateys!

  • So do you need PS+ to play online? Please answer.

  • Are you going to reveal the September line-up tommorow.

  • I doubt they will announce the Plus line-up tomorrow, I suspect possibly Friday, maybe Thursday at the earliest. When did they announce ACIII would be one of the Sept plus games?


    they stated at E3 that on the PS4 plus would be required for online play.

  • I won’t be getting a PS4 at launch but as I’m already a PS+ member will I be able to download the PS4 content via my PS3 so that it is in my download list when I get my hands on the PS4?

    I too would like to know if there is any way I can get the 90 days free as I only signed up for PS+ in May this year.

  • I think Plus+ on PS3 is amazing, on PSVita mediocre but that’s because the content on PSVita is mediocre. It was disappointing to get the worst Lego game on there ever although the promise of Plus is that it should have a high metacritic score.
    Now for PS4 it looks troublesome. We only have seen a glorified demo and indie games. That is not on par with PS3. I’m not a multiplayer gamer and will be using my PS3 for at least for another year but if, after that, Plus doesn’t live op to the expectations it set on PS3 I’ll stop buying it.

  • Was it just me or did Jim Ryan really describe Playstation Plus as a dozen titles with a Metacritic rating of at least 80%?
    Just wondering, because that would either be obvious false advertising or mean the end of the kind of LEGO LotR.

  • Yes he said 80% Metacritic, they used to advertise 70% so i wouldnt call it the end of games like Lego LotR but just false advertisement.

    I also remember some1 recently asking if there would be a Plus Sale during Summer Sale and they said there wouldnt be 1. Hope that person didnt already got himself Plus.

  • Just to clarify Assassin’s Creed 3 was announced as the free game in september for plus at gamescon……open your ears folks :)

  • All I can do when I think of Playstation Plus, is bow my head in shame and facepalm.
    What I suggest is that you split up PLUS to offer something on each console seperately. One that offers only PS4 content, another only PS3 content, and one other only Vita content. That way people can somehow choose what they wish to receive, on their console of choice. Constantly receiving relatively old PS3 games just won’t cut it. Getting glorified demo versions on PS4 content won’t cut it. Vita has a lack of games in general so there won’t be anything on offer there either. The only way I find this to be somewhat acceptable is if I could only get PS4 content, of which I now have none obviously.
    No way I’m getting PLUS just to be able to play online if it hardly ever offers any games I want. Have you guys thought about seperating the online cost from PLUS, so that people that aren’t interested in PLUS can just pay a minor fee for gaming online?

  • I bought a TV last week and this week its got £200 off. Gutted but thats life !!

  • @16 Yes you need PS PLUS to play games online on PS4…

  • Im very concerned that PS+ is going to fizzle down to nothing as time goes on. With the PS4 looming ever closer and the new rule of having to subscribe to PS+ to play the PS4 online it will mean almost every PS4 owner will be a PS+ subscriber because who don’t play online these days? Also e.g if you release an indie game for PS4 and it goes straight to PS+ like they sometimes do now it will basically mean everyone will be getting your game free, meaning no regular sales. Also because almost everyone will be plus subscribers it will no longer be such a unique and special thing to be part of so giving us our regular free games will just be part of owning a PS4 and i fear that it will eventually die down. Unless we still have not learnt everything, i guess we will see.

  • @26: You forgot the part where every Publisher/studio that gets a game on PlayStation Plus has its benefits. Be it direct money or better sales in sequels. PlayStation Plus is like advertising yourself AND getting paid for it.

    And last time I checked, all companies liked money.

  • Can you tell us what is in those new Mega Packs for Vita??? (a sale might depend on it ;) )

  • @stonesthrow
    “Have you guys thought about seperating the online cost from PLUS, so that people that aren’t interested in PLUS can just pay a minor fee for gaming online?”

    PS+ is already only a minor fee so the way you can look at is to consider paying to play online like Microsoft does and getting the games for free as a bonus.
    Also if PS+ stays as it is now it obvious that until PS4 gets a big enough catalogue of games the offeringS will be slim but they will get to where we are now… eventually.

    BTW, Splitting the subscriptions up for each platform is a terrible idea.

  • @26 Yea it’s ridiculous. They should’ve never linked the online gaming costs with PLUS. That’s pretty much like being forced to buy gallons of gasoline on top of the purchase of a new car -_-

  • @lzorpo @stonesthrow thanks kinda sucks havin to pay to play online, but tbh I prefer it that way cos it forces me to have the instant game collection!

  • @30 I agree 100%, Thinking about it i take my earlier comment back, a smaller fee for online only subscribers would have been a better idea, then full plus subscribers get the online gaming and the free games as well.

  • @29 Lol get to where we are now.. eventually.. By that time I’ve already purchased all the PS4 games I want myself and the PLUS offers will be useless again..
    And why is splitting them a terrible idea? Because there’s hardly anything on offer even when they’re all combined? Imagine if you don’t have a Vita, but there’re constantly Vita games on offer? What point is there in having PLUS then? Wouldn’t you want PS3 games instead then?
    I honestly don’t have a clue why PLUS is so popular, maybe I just buy more games than the regular gamer and as such, don’t have much left on PLUS that interests me. Great for casuals who don’t buy a lot of games and don’t care what to play as long as they can play something, but I have more particular tastes than that I’m afraid :p
    Also, already a minor fee? You call 50 bucks minor if you don’t get any games out of it? I was thinking more of 10-20 dollars a year (just for the online gaming huh, no PLUS included)

  • Anyone suggesting a sub for online and a sub for online+plus is crazy.

    Do you not think + is value for money ?

    What would you be willing to pay for an online only sub ?

  • @32 Yup would be way better. In this case it’s only the non-plus subscribers that get to take the bullet. For plus subscribers nothing really changes, they were gonna get plus anyway. Us non subscribers get to subscribe to something we don’t need just to get our online fix.
    Dirty sneaky business Sony, me not likey!

  • @34 No I don’t think PLUS is value for money AT ALL (not from my point of view atleast), that’s the point. I don’t want PLUS, I don’t need PLUS. I already own all the games they have on offer that I’m slightly interested in and the rest I don’t want to bother with. So basically I’m going to have to get plus just for online gaming. I’ll still get the games, sure, but 90 procent of them will never be played.

    See the difference? You see this as deal where you get plenty of games on top of online gaming. I’m only getting online gaming out of it, but have to pay just as much as any PLUS subscriber, while I don’t really need those games!

    Try to understand from an angle of someone who doesn’t appreciate PLUS, unlike yourself.

  • 50 bucks PER YEAR! yes i do think its minor. I buy a lot of games myself. Just off the top of my head, on Plus i got Catherine, ico + shadow of collosus, Xcom which are games i never brought, i was also able to trade in Battlefield, Red dead, Saints row the 3rd, Sleeping dogs and many more. So the cash i got back for them covers the cost of my subscription, which with a little shopping around i always find for a lot less that 50 bucks. My last full years sub was half price from Game. Also i have over 50 psn games on my PS3 all from ps+ thats gotta count for something. I’m also a Vita owner, Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Sound shapes, Metal gear solid hd etc, i rest my case. PS+ is bloody awesome at the moment.

  • I’ll be getting that 15 months of plus in September when my current sub runs out. Great deal

  • @37 Again, you’re getting something out of PLUS, so obviously 50 bucks is minor for you. For me however.. Already owned SOTC, BF, RDR, saints row 3, sleeping dogs, .. Not interested in Xcom and Catherine. On Vita I already owned Uncharted, Gravity rush or any of the good ones. Nothing much left there huh? See my predicament?

  • E3 announced 3 other titles for PS4 ps+, are we still getting those as well?

  • UK PS+ is much better as US PS+ :(

  • Your only choosing to hear it one way and ignoring the rest. The are plenty more titles, full ps3 games i think over 40 of them now. PLus 60 odd psn games as well. Your saying it not good value for money, maybe not to you but to the rest of us it is. So its all of us against a very small few, so who do you think Sony will cater for. IF you have brought EVERY possible game you must loaded so i’m sure 50 bucks is minor to you anyway.

  • @Golwar: The Game of the Month is always metacritic>80%. So, 12 games a year over >80% is correct.

  • @42 That’s funny, I’m thinking the same thing about you. Not because you get great value out of it because you don’t own the games they offer, that everyone else does.. And I’m not saying it’s bad value in general (not for those who don’t buy a lot of games atleast), I’m saying it’s bad value for some, like me, who own most of the games and aren’t interested in the few others. None of this would be a problem if we could choose not to subscribe to PLUS, but on PS4 they’re forcing you to if you want to play online.. That wouldn’t make a difference in your case since you’re already subscribed, but I don’t need PLUS in general, just online gaming. Basically, everyone who isn’t in love with PLUS is screwed, and has to subscribe to it either way. That may be the smaller group (PLUS is popular I know) but does that mean we deserve this kind of shoddy treatment? PLUS and online costs for PS4 need to be seperated so that everyone can decide on what they want and don’t have to take some kind of ‘full package’ just to get the online out of it.

  • Hmm 15 months of plus for 3.33€ each month is tempting. If it stays @ 3 games each month for ps3?

    And we will still have to add those games manually to the cart every month? And optionally read angry comments at this blog for 15 more months? :D

    Having to buy plus is a reason for me to not get a ps4, the only reason because actually i planned to get one but i dont like forced stuff. Like if I wanted to pause gaming for 3 months.. With plus its not really possible. Because plus basically makes you a store/blog-addict and you spend way more anyways than before. And you miss out on stuff you paid for if you dont add it to cart in time. Of course its what you make out of it, and I dont want to complain too much.

    But its FORCED now for online play. And if I buy a ps4 and plus i will still get ton of ps3 games and news i dont really need anymore.I am not a fan of having a ps4 in living room and then playing some old ps3 games?

    Its not thought out well by sony , maybe for sony but not consumer friendly. Basically sony tries to make you ps3 and ps4 addicts for life , forces you to visit the store and sony news sites regulary… Its very very smart tho I have to admit, most gamers dont realize it until they are hooked :)

  • @42 agree

    @39 not having plus is wrong :O)

    I have 150+ retail ps3 titles, 200+ psn ps3 downloads, 30+ psone downloads, 1 pstwo, 2 neogeo, 45+ minis. Along with 4 vita retail and loads and loads from Plus (32gb and 16gb card full)

    I’ve had a plus account since day one and have downloaded everything possible. My backlog of games is crazy. However, it’s great having all those digital titles waiting for me.

    Some I’ll like, some I’ll hate, but I get to experience games I would never consider buying at retail. Guess what ? I’m often surprised by what I missed out on at retail.

    PS. I own 2 x ps3, 1 x vita and have a ps4 on order.

  • @45 Exactly, it’s not consumer friendly at all (unless already subscribed to plus which changes nothing), in fact it’s quite the opposite I would think. Even the way they announced this idea was very sneaky and on the low low. It makes me lose respect for them for the first time in many years, and respect goes a long way. Especially from consumers in this case.

    Oh well, enough ranting for now :p I’m gonna keep hoping they split up the online costs from the PLUS subscribtion. That way they could please both subscribers and non-subscribers.

  • @ 45 the EU store updates on a Wednesday and Plus content is available for ages once added each month. Finding the freebies is easy, you can even do it from your laptop/pc and your ps3/vita will auto download it :O)!/en-gb/home/main

  • @46 Of course you agree, you’re a PLUS subscriber that gets something out of it so you’re on the same hypocritical page as him.
    Your appreciation for PLUS is relative too you know?

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