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Guten tag one and all! In just a few hours’ time our gamescom 2013 press conference will kick off here in Cologne, Germany. We’ll be briefing you on some of the awesome games and services you can expect to see coming to PS3, PS Vita and PS4 later this year and into 2014.

The livestream will kick off right here at 6.00pm BST/7.00pm CET, with around three hours of pure PlayStation entertainment lined up for the evening. Once the press conference has concluded, please stay on the stream for interviews and new trailers, before our live panel discussion begins at around 8.00pm BST/9.00pm GMT.

As revealed last week, some of the biggest names in game development, including our own Shuhei Yoshida, Beyond: Two Souls creator David Cage and Assassin’s Creed writer Darby McDevitt, will be sitting down to chew over the topic ‘narrative and storytelling in video games’. They’ll be taking questions on that theme via Twitter – if you have one, please do let us know at #PlayStationGC.

Finally, if you haven’t already, please also join us on Twitter and Instagram throughout the week for lots more behind the scenes coverage of this year’s show. Enjoy!

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2 Author Replies

  • and for the 5th time no one knows if we can see it on the vita you guys would have told us yesterday but you ignored us all

    • Hey everyone. Apologies for my silence for the last day or two. It has been a very busy time. I’m afraid that the stream will not be watch-able on PS Vita.

  • looking forward too this.

    be nice too get a release date and a hint or something of a new uncharted game on ps4 :D

  • I hope you will live up to my high expectations.

  • If they can’t answer questions they should close the comments section entirely (just sometimes!) and spare us time asking when they clearly don’t have time to read and answer the comments at all. But I know…it’s only a blog, not support page (even though I wrote several times on support and nobody answered so far)….funny…just try harder pls (IMHO)

  • Expectations are indeed high especially forbthe vita. Make or break

  • *crosses fingers* Please PS Vita news, Vita news, Vita news…

  • But they do answer questions, regularly. It’s just that they’ve been asked the same question constantly over the past couple of weeks and there is only so many times they can be expected to tell us that they don’t know.

  • I wouldnt expect any big vita news since the PS4 is way more important now for Sony. But if there is vita news you could still be happy. Just please spare us the dissapointment, it was already said EVERYWHERE this is about the ps4 ^^

  • Well if you meet David Cage ask him about the linearity of Beyond Two souls. Is there multiple endings like in the previous games? Regarding to the theme of ‘narrative and storytelling in video games’, you could ask how important is that the player can affect to the storyline. Does he think they have achieved this in Beyond: Two Souls? For example, does the player have a freedom of not to recruit into the military at all? And even with the given choice, the game’s story would keep interesting.

  • Will watch for Vita news! Disappointment receptors primed for maximum impact.

    Not interested in PS4 until at least a year after launch. SCEE’s pathetic handling of everything Playstation/services makes me stay away. There’s nothing in the launch lineup I want anyway. No WipEout, no buy! RIP Studio Liverpool.

    Why should I buy a PS4 when SCEE doesn’t give me the same services as their favored pet countries? Hello… video store? Hello… PS Mobile? SCEE runs such an abysmal business.

  • Microsoft seem to be pulling some fairly impressive moves out the bag, I hope Sony has just as much in store ^^

  • @Chaosprower, I am 100% with You. We gonna see new amazing announcements I hope. Vita’s price drop and PS4 release date seems to be clear but Vita needs more games, more BIG games announcements to show it’s full potential. Gamescom is last chance to change the future of Sony’s portable gaming.

  • looking forward to it fred, i have not regret getting a vita however there rumour of a new vita with bigger screen if that is true i wont be please.

    why because it too soon for it the vita Needs games plus it not that old.

    anyhows im glad the Ps3, vita still getting services that be features looking forward to more about cloud gaming in action tonight the price or is it a new plus tiel on all devices with new games that has not be reveal yet. :)

  • Can we watch the stream on PS3?

  • Hopefully we get some Vita Love!



    It clearly says that there will be games and servces revealed for Vita.

    ‘We’ll be briefing you on some of the awesome games and services you can expect to see coming to PS3, PS Vita and PS4 later this year and into 2014.’

    My hopes are as high as yours that there will be good news.

  • @ MaxDiehard

    they told that befor the E3 the only thing they told us was god of war hd collection and that was it

  • Looking forward to it.

  • It’s funny you can tell who doesn’t have a vita by blog posts. Always so negative any time the vita gets mentioned.

    People seem to forget that at E3 when talking about the PS4 they stated it was built around the vita. I’m guessing we will find out more about that at Gamescon.

    The one big piece of news I’m waiting for is who bought Atlus. However I suspect I won’t know that until TGS, unless it was some western comapny.

    I bought my vita for JRPG’s. The main game I want to know about is Toukiden. I know its suppose to be released Q4 yet no UK store seems to have a pre-order and I suspect like Muramasa this will only have a US release

  • Ok but what game could ever save the vita ?? I mean people ask always for more vita games but when you ask them what games.. Its NICHE games the masses dont care about (sadly?).

    Now if for the vita they bring a FULL call of duty with all modes and maps, a full GTA 5, a full FIFA , now then we are talking and you can fasten your seatbelts and expect the vita to sell out , but like its now even when they announce some new vita games like bioshock ? who cares ?

    Its not changing the situation that the vita isnt powerful enough and as a streaming device people probably rather buy some tablet

  • @MaxDiehard

    Yeah, I don’t doubt for a second that there will be Vita games. But will they be great games? Games that sell systems? Games I want to play?

    Or will it be more sub-native resolution, stuttering crap ports by incompetent small time studios? More talking animals? More box opening? More creatively bankrupt mobile games? More F2P shovelware?

  • When the PS3 was first announced along with LittleBigPlanet, that game was the reason I got one, a whole year ahead of it’s release.

    I’ll just keep saying it.

    Good things come to those who wait.

  • “with around three hours of pure PlayStation entertainment lined up for the evening” Only 3 hours? I want MORE!:-D COOL i can’t wait;-)
    + I hope SONY being very quiet these last few weeks means they have some jaw-dropping stuff to show us:-P (it seems to be just Xbox ONE positive News these last few weeks online & i hope SONY don’t go quiet again after this show or MS will steal some sales with their Billions of pounds Advertising Brainwashing to come):-/

  • There is a difference between Free2Play and Freemium.

    Free2Play can all be had for free, anything you purchase is optional.

    Freemium is where you do literally have to pay to progress.

    Free2Play is great when done properly and having a game that’s genuinely worth sinking time into.

  • UNCHARTED 4 pleaseee!!

  • Please both PSVita and PS4 great announcements.

    PSVita pricedrop, new IP’s, PS4 new IP’s for launch too as Xbone has some big games going for it at the moment.

    *Looks at: Naughty Dogs, Media Molecule, London Studio, Santa Monica and more studios

    Come on! And why isn’t there still not a PSVita app to watch the conference live?

  • Been waiting for this day for the last 2 months…PLEASE some Vita news, if you’s disappoint me like E3 i will be so annoyed

  • @ MASPALOMAZ the psp already had a FULL gta (LCS and Vice City Stories), Mercenary is shaping up to be a FULL killzone, Golden abyss is as full an uncharted as U1..
    It’s all possible, just needs the support.

    Also vita is portable so its okay that a vita Assasins creed is different than the main one, more fun for us! As long as its top quality which can be achieved as seen in Uncharted, Killzone, Wipeout, Rayman, Little Big Planet.
    Problem is lack of first party support therefore lack of 3rd party and lazy coding on ports…

    I dare say that a bioshock, infamous, assasins creed sequel and really good COD sequel would sell it to the masses.

  • @TheMART

    Media Molecule already have a Vita title incoming.

    Surely you haven’t forgotten about Tearaway?

  • Are you uploading all the 3 hours to the youtube, if possible today?

    • Yes, all the video we show tonight will be available in one way or another on YouTube. The file sizes are massive, so it’s unlikely they’ll go live today. We hope to have them ready for tomorrow morning.

      However, you will be able to watch the stream on a loop via Ustream in the meantime.

      I hope you enjoy the show!

  • thank you fred for telling us that

    no wonder 3rd party devs dont support the vita sony doesnt even do that

    to bad last console from sony that im going to buy unless something will change but i guess it wont

  • Tearaway looks nice, but it’s old news. Sony better bring some interesting titles, because there isn’t much to look forward to. There’s a couple of Japanese titles that look great, but there’s no EU announcements for them and like Muramasa I doubt there will be :/

    I imported Muramasa and Dragon’s Crown (which is coming in October) just to play something interesting on my Vita. Sony’s support for their own handheld has been abysmal. Only two upcoming games for EU that were announced a long time ago. Really pathetic. No wonder Nintendo is destroying Sony in the handheld market with all the things they release.

    Sony doesn’t care and it shows… I doubt they can turn it around at this point, to be honest. They should have done much more instead of twiddling thumbs.

  • @28

    Tearaway is made by one of their teams and I got it pre-ordered.

    Devs always have 2 teams at work though. It is said that the Tearaway team is rather small compared to the complete size of Media Molecule.

    Thus, it is safe to say that the bigger team is working on a PS4 IP. And that is what I was pointing at!

  • When can we expect to find out what September’s ps+ games will be?

  • @TheMART

    Not all devs have 2 teams. Mine for example.

    And i’m aware of Mm’s PS4 project, especially after their tech demo at E3.

  • Considering the fact that LittleBigPlanet 1 was created by only 21 people, and the help of a few other studios for external assets. The studio has greatly expanded since then.

  • Edit for above: I mean two titles that interest me. I’m not into talking dogs and other silly titles… and I doubt talking dogs will sell Vitas. Nintendo already popularized the dog thing and took the money. Adding cringeworthy voices will do nothing, mark my words. Parent’s don’t buy 3-7 year old girls expensive Vitas and memory cards when they can buy Android/iOS apps for a few dollars. (I know, speaking as a parent).

    Sony needs to innovate instead of running with yesteryears fads. Whoever green-lit the funding of the talking dogs thing needs to be tied down and facepalmed, a lot.

  • @34

    Not all devs… But the bigger ones do. Naughty Dog for example too. All 1st party Sony studios pretty much do. Aside of MM, Guerilla (they are working on something else than Killzone).

    Their old IP spinoff is handled by other devs, like LBPVita wasn’t done by MM themselves. Neither is Killzone Mercenary made by Guerilla Amsterdam, but another SOny studio that was renamed to Guerilla in UK. Uncharted for PSVita wasn’t made by Naughty Dog either etc.

  • Absolutely pathetic that we can’t watch on vita. What year is it?

  • Bend Studios > Naughty Dog! Not because of Golden Abyss, because of Resistance Retribution + Logan’s Shadow

    I can’t agree more. Vita is not a very powerful device but still for its price quite good. The games created or to be created are not the ones I would love by 100%, maybe except the Killzone: M which was great in beta even though I can’t get used to the controls (on most of the vita games) but it is only problem of small PSVs analogs and my clumsy fingers.

    In spite of that I love my PSV and I am satisfied with its arsenal of games although I bought it for more than my PSP library (ohhh, I enjoyed games more without trophies)

    Anyway, those complaining about the lack of vita games are totally wrong. There are so many of them and I think that normal ppl with normal life and job have only time for a few games each year (2-3 games per year suffice) which will take a lot of time to have 100% completion for each of them (take example of JRPGs). I hope gamescom will be nice addition to PS4s info we already have (mayhaps some PSV but its okay if not cause as I said there are multiple games to be played)

  • Thanks Fred for your reply Re. Vita! Will be watching on my PC then.

  • @41

    Resistance Retribution was bad yo… They did pretty good with Uncharted certainly for a launch game. Sorry, but Bend isn’t beating Naughty Dog by a long shot, Uncharted 1 to 3 on PS3 + The Last of Us, and not even forgetting what ND did in the past.

    They should be renamed to Naughty Gods…

  • @42

    “Vita is not a very powerful device but still for its price quite good.”

    Now tell me that again, when I’m looking at Killzone Mercenary and know it runs on a port of the PS3 Killzone 3 engine, and when the 3DS bad graphics make my eyes bleed.

    Haven’t seen a mobile device doing what the PSVita does. No, not on tablets or smartphones I can find game experiences like that with these graphics, effects etc.

  • So, Vita gets no live stream because… Vita gets no games? Amirite?

  • I read somewhere that naughty dog refused to make a vita game, only thing I have to say is “I’m sorry, WHAT!?”

    Last time I heard ND was bought by sony so they answer to them, why oh why haven’t sony said “dear nd, you WILL make a great Vita game to make , so good that will make other devs jump in the boat”.

    But no, when sony itself doesn’t force their own studios to make exclusive vita ip’s, of course 3rd parties couldn’t care less either.

    And this indie support crap is beyong my comprehension because all I see is crappy ios and android alike games being made for a console that can handle “little” games games like… umm… KILLZONE MERCENARY!?

    I haven’t bought a ps vita to play ports and/or mobile phone games.

  • @46

    Sounds like a poor attempt of trolling… Amirite?

    Anyways, I’ll see if the updated browser with new streaming video formats is able to run any of the streams tonight.

  • @TheMART

    Trolling? I am a Vita owner since day 1. A disappointed Vita owner.

  • cowbanana, TheMart was talking about Amirite LOL

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