Music Unlimited gets amplified on PS4

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Music Unlimited

During E3, we mentioned that the Music Unlimited service would be available for PlayStation 4 at launch and today at gamescom we revealed some great features we think you’ll love.

The new Music Unlimited streaming service features a completely redesigned user interface that was specifically enhanced for PS4. It is faster, simple to use, and enables gamers to easily discover new artists and songs from the Music Unlimited global library of over 22 million songs.

Additionally, we added new features that many PlayStation gamers have requested. You will now be able to listen to music in the background while playing games and access Music Unlimited controls on the fly without completely exiting game play or other apps.

Simply press and hold the ‘PS’ button on the DUALSHOCK 4 to access a pop up menu that will enable you to quickly pause or skip tracks, and adjust the volume.

Look for the Music Unlimited app when the PS4 launches on 29 November 2013. Meanwhile, if you aren’t a subscriber, don’t miss the special Premium annual subscription offer available today for PlayStation Plus members and others. Music Unlimited Premium subscribers get full access to every feature of the cloud-based music service and entire catalog of more than 22 million songs that can be streamed across multiple devices, including PS4 (at launch!), PS3, PS Vita, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, Android smartphones and tablets, and more.

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  • Would appreciate a Spotify app too.

  • Any plans on releasing an iPad app for this?

    Great features btw!

  • Any chance that the service (and others like video store) will finally become available in Austria?

  • I’m also into Spotify, and I’m not changing any time soon. Hope Sony releases a Spotify-app for both PS Vita and PS3/PS4.

  • Still need high quality mode on the Vita. Also the last Vita FW update deleted all my offline music :(

    And why can’t I buy another yearly premium subscription at the sale price right now? Just because I have one? Don’t you want to keep me as a subscriber?

  • Any plans for a swiss release for music unlimited? :( I understand for not getting any tv service but at least some music… :(

  • Dear Sony! Please tell me that the music and video unlimited service will be available this year in Hungary. :)

    I still cannot use this feature on my lovely Xperia ZL phone just because our contry is not on the supported list. :(

  • Very welcome news. The lengthy startup time of the PS3 app made it a difficult sell because something as every-day(hour!) as listening to music shouldn’t have such a barrier to use.

    I’d rather buy and keep my music without a subscription though so that’d be a good future option. Also the ability to buy lossless, HD music.

  • Do you need music unlimited to listen to music in the background or will our own music collection (outside of the app) have this function too?

  • Will it finally work with subaccounts?

  • i am currently a music unlimited premium subscriber, and i purchased when a major sale of the subscription was on, i have loved the service very very much, i use it on my ps3, vita and mobile phone, but since i found out that i can NOT purchase more of the subscription when still under the current subscription, especially now when there is again a sale on music unlimited 1 year subscription, i can say i will not be re-purchasing a subscription from this service again, as the math must have been done, put it on sale for 1 year and before that year is over have another sale that people who have already purchased cannot continue there subscription purchasing at the reduced price. i have now started to look through and note down the music that i have been adding to my library and playlists, and getting ready to take my money somewhere else. unless things change, i will not come back to music unlimited (p.s i feel bad for some of my friends who i talked into also purchasing the subscription less that a year ago who can not pay and continue there subscription at the sale price)

  • Please bring this service to more countries :(

  • Can you play Music off the PS4’s hard drive while you play any game on the PS4??? I hope so ;)

  • Wondering if that service will finally come for Croatia? As we are now in EU, think maybe things should be easier to get Music Unlimited atleast on PS4.

  • I would also like to know if this will work with sub accounts. failing that, the ability to promote a sub account to being a full one would be fantastic and really needs to be implemented. it would also make purchases much easier. no more wallet top ups.

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