DRIVECLUB: Pre-order offers and cover art revealed

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DRIVECLUB: Pre-order offers and cover art revealed

The goal for DRIVECLUB is to build a strong, connected community of clubs and racers that will keep the game fresh, with new challenges. A key part of achieving this is how we let you get into the game: so I’m here to not only reveal the options you have, but also share our stylish box art and the three exclusive incentives on offer when you pre-order DRIVECLUB.

DRIVECLUB gives you immediate access to all the coolest cars, tracks and locations from around the world, the moment you slide the Bluray into your PS4. All of these combined give you unlimited opportunities to participate in and create challenges to showcase your skills to the world and your friends.

Today, we’re revealing the bonuses available when you pre-order DRIVECLUB through participating retailers. You’ll have your choice of one of three exclusive packs depending on which store you pre-order from. Each pack includes an exclusive livery design, instant access to a powerful supercar and a boost of fame to increase your driver level in the game and give you and your club a head start over the competition. Check out the packs below and visit to see the participating stores near you.

In addition to that, we have another surprise up our exhaust pipe! Purchase DRIVECLUB at retail or digitally via the PlayStation Store, and you’ll get a 50% discount voucher for a 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription. That’s equivalent to six months free and it ensures that you’ll get the most out of DRIVECLUB and your PS4 from the get-go.

But let’s not forget the incredible offer available to PlayStation Plus subscribers, allowing you to instantly become part of the DRIVECLUB community. Offered within the Instant Game Collection, with no need to pre-order, DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition gives you an exciting selection of cars across all five classes, beautiful locations and exciting race tracks featured that you can play in all game modes, but does not include all DRIVECLUB content unless you upgrade.

And for those of you who play the DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition, but want to extend your experience and get access to all the cars, locations, challenges, events and seasons DRIVECLUB has to offer, you can buy an upgrade to the full game – or just buy individual items as you go along. If you do decide to upgrade, everything you’ve earned so far will be carried over. Note that DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition (and any upgrades) is only available for use during the period of your PlayStation Plus membership.

We’re really proud to deliver a next-gen way to join the DRIVECLUB community and reward PlayStation’s most loyal fans – YOU! So if you are a racing fan and can’t wait to get behind the wheel of some of the world’s coolest cars, pre-order DRIVECLUB and get hold of one of the exclusive bonus packs to help give you and your Club a head-start over the competition when you get your PS4!

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  • Let Me Get It Guys. Is The PS plus Edition Like A demo or something ? . or it’s a full game but does not include Additional content ?

  • Pretty convoluted deals. If I upgrade from ps plus edition to the full game do I get the 50% off 12 month sub deal?

  • Nice to hear about the upgrade pack for PS+ subscribers! I may purchase retail version, but very happy to hear you are opening up multiple channels on getting hold of the game.

  • So what’s the difference between ps+ version and retail

  • Is that the final official PS4 boxart?

  • with this announcement i feel like the ps4 release date will be announced tonight

  • Nah, with the PS4 I’m going digital only. No more retails, Blu-ray Discs, etc. (unless they’re cool 3D movies).

  • How much will the upgrade cost?

  • If I play the PS+ version, can I upgrade by buying the physical copy? Or would I then have to start again

  • it not a full game it a strip down of a full game, it quite digusting really think as it as uncharted3 plus offering that too been water down without MP.

    so it not a great down but im not surprise as plus sub has not gone up same price but a increase of content something had to give. :|

  • Please clarify how Plus is going to work. Will the service morph into a “you get a glorified demo each month but you still have to fork out mayor cash” or do we still get free games?
    Then WHAT is the Plus edition of Driveclub? HOW MUCH will it cost me to get the complete edition OR am I better of pre ordering the game with the 6 month Plus (and have nothing free the first month on PS4)? I can’t make up my mind because I don’t know the prices.

  • @supersmith2500

    The title of the blog post clearly answers your question.


    Digital only isn’t the way to go long term. What happens when services shut down for good? Physical is the only way to make sure you don’t lose access.

    It’s the same with multiplayer games, they’re no good long term. Once the servers are down, that’s it, gone forever.

  • Great choice to add to PLUS. This is a game I wanted to get but wouldn’t be able to because of other launchgames. But to be honest, Sony’s way of doing business is getting dirtier by the minute. Not only do they force PLUS on us for online gaming now, but its content has been reduced to these “PLUS editions”.. PLUS is so popular now, are they really trying to downright ruin it? Because I’ve never seen much value in it as is, and apparently that will become even harder now. I miss Ken Kutaragi.. All these practices make me lose respect for Sony, something I would’ve previously considered impossible.

  • I bet now that everyone will have Plus, we’ll only get cut down versions of games for “free” because which companies can afford to give their game away to all PS4 owners?

  • seems like retail is the way to go if you think you will want full version.

    if upgrade is more than £10 then ill get retail as the plus edition is still tied to sub even after upgrade meaning it still falls into the rental bracket.

    pick up retail for around £45 and take advantage of the plus offer and it seems you will be far better off.

    as much as its cool to get aaa games for ps4 at launch i dont think id like watered down versions for the first year i think id rather just have indy titles until theres enough ps4 games to go into plus without being watered down.

  • Pretty ridiculous way of selling a game to be honest. I think most people will try the PS+ version first to see if it’s any good. If it’s poor no skin off our nose, if it’s decent I’m gonna wait until it drops to sub £20 and then upgrade. Why waste £50 on a game that may turn out to be bad. I hope it turns out good and gives me the old Project Gotham feeling but forking out £50 from day one, I’ll wait.

  • If I upgrade the PS+ edition to the full game will I also get 50% discount on a year of PS+?

    And what will this upgrade cost compared to buying the full game?

  • Is there anyway for PS+ Edition owners to get any of those 3 cars?

  • This will need a magical showing today otherwise I’ll probably skip the + version.

  • Xbox get fifa14 an we get a watered down driveclub. Phfttt still guna get ps4 but come on sony kick m$ in the balls again please

  • Should have been WipEout! :(

    Not interested in another lacklustre, generic driving game.

    A mind blowing, beautifully designed, next-gen WipEout would have me lined up day one for a PS4. But as it stands currently there’s nothing I really want at launch.

  • A little confused by the language used: If I was to upgrade to the full game from the PS+ version is the full version mine to keep even if my PS+ subscription expires? Cheers.

  • Does Driveclub have real online multiplayer racing (like GT) or is it just beating others times?

  • The look of the box is like the current vita ones. United look but annoying when browsing for games when they are so similar.

  • I’d also like to know whether progress can be carried across from the PS+ edition to the full retail edition.

  • “buy an upgrade to the full game” … “Note that DRIVECLUB PlayStation Plus Edition (and any upgrades) is only available for use during the period of your PlayStation Plus membership.”

    So.. despite upgrading to the full version, it won’t technically be owned by us, for that, we’d have to buy the full version, not an upgrade to the full version.. I dunno, the way you guys word stuff is really annoying :L

  • Sexy preorder bonus cars, and the XP boost!!
    I prefer the old transparent cases though, no more inner cover designs now / _ \

  • @Rhasget

    Clearly they’re going to be easily identifiable. PS Vita cases are blue and are quite small.

    PS4 cases are clear and are the same size as PS3 cases.

  • I must say…. major grey area here…

    I love what Sony is doing with PS+ and all, but PS+ Edition of a game is likely the worst idea ive seen for a while.
    Especially since PS+ was overhauled specificity that we dont get PSOne classics and Mini’s etc, so that we can get “full retail games” instead.

    Im not complaining, im glad to get to test the game out.

    Feels like its something that, in the following year, will become F2P, the model is already there, they just gotta rename it from PS+ Edition.

  • How is this game going to sell if you need a PLUS subscription for online gaming, and get the glorified demo of this with it?
    In either case, looks good but I would’ve prefered a new Motorstorm Apocalypse. Plenty of realistic looking semi-sim racers out there as it is.

  • @13 Maxdiehard Exactly. Not only that, but these heavy downloaders lag the place up in multiplayer. Physical copies ftw, always.

  • Just to clarify then I am already a PS+ subscriber so if I buy driveclub at retail can I use the 50% off code to get another year of PS+ for half price? or is the PS+ offer just for new subscribers?

  • @MaxDiehard
    It wasn’t the physical box I was addressing.
    I only use my phone to browse the web and it will be harder to distinguish if it’s a vita or ps4 game without zooming or actually tapping the icon of the game.
    It’s a ridiculous thing to gripe about but I’d say it’s a designflaw.

  • It would have been nice for the box design to be slightly different from the Vita design but I guess Sony want a uniform design.

    Shame SCEE are still using the generic font on the spine instead of the actual game logo.

  • How much does it cost to upgrade to the full edition and once you’ve upgraded, is that now yours to keep? Even if you PSPlus subscription ends?

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