Gamescom 2013 is coming!

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In just a few short days we’ll be packing our bags and heading over to Cologne, Germany for the annual Gamescom extravaganza. PlayStation will of course have a major presence on the Koelnmesse show floor, with attendees able to get their hands on many of the biggest titles heading to PS3, PS Vita and PS4.

On Tuesday 20th August – the evening before the doors open – we’ll be holding our regular Gamescom press conference, where we’ll be showcasing the future of all things PlayStation. The show will be packed with news on both announced and unannounced titles – suffice to say, you won’t want to miss it.

You’ll be able to watch the conference in full right here on PlayStation Blog, on our dedicated Gamescom page, or in PlayStation Home from 6.00pm BST/7.00pm CET/3.00am (Wednesday) Sydney.

Shortly after the press conference, we’ll be holding a live panel discussion hosted by journalist and broadcaster Dan Maher, where some of the biggest names in PlayStation gaming, including Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, Beyond: Two Souls director David Cage and Assassin’s Creed writer Darby McDevitt will be sitting down to discuss the role of narrative and storytelling in games.

This too will be streamed live for your enjoyment, and what’s more we want you to get involved. Firstly, we’ll be inviting you to Tweet your question on the topic of ‘storytelling in games’ to @PlayStationEU using the #PlayStationGC hashtag.

Secondly, we also want you to help kick off their discussion. On Friday, I asked for your suggestions for your most emotional gaming moment ever. Duly, you kindly flooded the Blog with suggestions. Using that as a starting point, we’ve put together a poll of 10 classic sequences. We’re asking you to vote on which you believe has the greatest emotional impact. The winning selection will be the first topic of discussion next Tuesday evening and form the basis of the rest of the talk.

Please place your vote – we’ll be closing the poll on Monday 19th August.

Finally, please make sure you stay tuned to PlayStation Blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram throughout next week – we’ll be covering the show from every angle!

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5 Author Replies

  • Can’t vote, haven’t played any of these :P Looking forward to the live stream though! Can we view the stream on the Vita browser?

    • We’re still ironing out our plans, but I will keep you informed re. Vita compatibility as we get closer to the event.

  • Looking forward to this. Wishing for bucket loads of Vita announcements. I know @shahidkamal, @AntonyaClark and loads of other people have been working hard to get some great content for us all.

  • Wow, seriously guys. This moment, when you’re making me choose between Aerith’s death, The Last of Us’ prologue and Journey’s conclusion is an emotional dilemma..

  • Geez you keeping teasing with that sackboy!

  • i voted heavy rain as it was a curveball that did stir emotions.

    however i do think some of the trials were more emotional

  • Here we go then! I’ll make sure to tune in on Tuesday :)

    Just making this clear: The questions should be sent during the Live Panel, right? No point in starting 6 days earlier?

    Also, the poll options will all (should, I guess, since Live events and schedules don’t seem to go along :P) be touched upon, or just the first one?

    (Which reminds me as well I should pick up Red Dead back from the Download List…)

  • I’m already warming up my disappointment receptors. I expect them to overload when all is said and done concerning announcements of new retail Vita games. Gamescom is make or break. If there aren’t at least 3-4 completely new, major Vita announcements the system is as good as dead. Sony couldn’t have handled the system any worse at this point. It already looks completely dead from a western 3rd party perspective.

  • When i select the “Gamescom page” i’m redirected to PlayStation UK site… ?

    And can we expect some PS4 unnannounced titles ?

  • COOL:P Can’t wait for next weeks GamesCom. I really hope SONY show some really stunning PS4 Exclusives at the SONY/PS4 Show :P & give us a PS4 release date? + Show us more working PS4 features?(it seems the last few weeks every day Microsoft has been showing New features for their new Xbox ONE & SONY has sort of been silent since E3) COME ON SONY! Keep the PS4 hype/good News going PLZ) ;)

  • @#1 Haven’t played any of them, lol why do you have a PSN account then?
    Arghhhhh the list is impossible to choose only one. :)
    I will say somebody please contact Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas and show them this list. Its embarrassing the talk they did about games not being emotional the week that TLOU was launching and ex Microsoft man Don Mattress stood back and did nothing while they ripped into our passion.

  • The opening of TLoU. Hard decision though, a lot of good things to choose from. Looking forward to the anouncements Sony will make on the Gamescom! :)

  • I think the ending of the Walking Dead had me closest to tears…

  • Although Sony said to have a PS4 focus on Gamescom too…

    I hope Sony has some new AAA IP’s to announce for the PSVita at least for 2014 and not only some remote play for PS4.

    I love my PSVita, to me it is the best handheld ever made, but I hope it remains that way because with only Indie games… I dunno, it needs its Killzones and Tearaways in the future too.

    A good mix of known IP’s (God of War, port the PS3 GOW3 engine like Guerilla did with the KZ3 engine yes please?!?!?!), another Uncharted (this time with online MP too, port the UC3 engine like KZ3 engine to PS3 please for even better visuals!!!), a first Gran Turismo on PSVita (again, port the GT5/6 engine to PSVita…), first inFamous, maybe The Last of Us too (I mean if they’re porting the Naughty Dog UC3 engine…), oh and port the Motorstorm 2 engine and make me a Motorstorm game for on the go as I didn’t like where MS3 was heading and DriveClub on PS4 will be fine but it is no Motorstorm fix for me :-)

    Then on top of that bring new PSVita exclusive IP’s ok?!

    As I am buying the Sony Pulse headset for my PSVita, PS3 and PS4, I’d like The Last of Us on my PSVita too headset on brrrr that would be awesome!

  • When is the dedicated PlayStation gamescom page up?

  • I do really hope Sony announce PS4 release date!cause I want to book a week off work!

  • I voted mgs4 only because mgs3’s ending isnt on the list…mgs4 isnt really that emotion for me though, but mgs3 easily tops everything else on the list.

  • the 2 things i want from gamescon is a ps4 sale date and more info on drive club plus edition

  • I’ve been waiting for Gamescom for a while now. I’m really hoping for Vita announcements (especially AAA game announcements), as this wonderful device should get much more lovin’.

    (i.e. proper FIFA 14 on the Vita)

  • Where in Home do you go if you want to watch it, the cinema place? It’s been a while since i’ve used it. Is that the only place to watch it on the PS3?

  • Definitely the ending scene of Red Dead Redemption.
    The accompanying music made it all the more impactful, too.

  • @Fred Dutton

    i have a question for david cage if it could be asked on the night.

    with games like heavy rain and beyond having hollywood actors acting out such emotional and tense scenes in your games do you see a time where voting panels such as the oscars would recognise these performances like they currently do with animated movies?

  • Great! I’ll be expecting some AAA Vita titles, I love my Vita and its great.

  • Fred, I won’t be able to watch it live. It will be available later, if possible in that day, right?

  • @Fred. Will they discuss the prices for Ps4 games at Gamescom?

  • I can narrow it down to 5, but I’m having a tough time deciding between “The opening of The Last of Us”, “The ending of The Walking Dead”, “Shadow of the Colossus’ final scenes”, “Journey’s final scenes”, and “The ending of ICO”…

    I haven’t played Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock Infinite or Metal Gear Solid IV, so I don’t really have an opinion on them. I played Final Fantasy VII recently, and it was emotional, but not as much as other games on this list. I love Heavy Rain, but mostly like The Last Of Us, the experience itself left a bigger impact on me than any single “moment”. If this was about the most emotional games, Heavy Rain would definately be in my top 5, if not top 3.

    I can’t really explain exactly why, but I think I’ll go with the ending of ICO. It might have something to do with the song playing in the background (“You Were There”)… Without givning anything away, it was just really emotional.

  • hopefully its better than e3,i have a few questions are you doing a ps4 and vita bundle for 500 euro and at launch,what is happening to our digital games and instant games collection on ps3 is there any plans to get our games dlc on to ps4,will you demo gaiaki,if i have ps3 psn credit does it work on ps4,are you doing any tv app deals with sky or freeview or both idealy,the ps4 controller looks to big for me(its bigger than xbox pad) can you get the dualshock 3 working on the ps4,also what is the ps camera is it like kinect in that you dont need the move controller and can get full body tracking to play sports games and such without a controller will it have voice controls like on xbox(tell the ai what to do and other things like we can do on kinect)

  • Also, I hope we see what Naughty Dogs first development team has been up to lately (the one that didn’t work on The Last of Us), since their last game was Uncharted 3 back in 2011, they might have something to show… Maybe they’ve been working on something for PS4? o.o

    Also, I would really love to see Gravity Rush 2 announced, since Keichiro Toyama, after receiving a Game of The Year award, stated: “I’ll do my best on the sequel”. So while it has been indicated that there will be a sequel, I would like to have it officially confirmed.

  • Whoa, I didn’t participate in the weekend debate, so I’m very glad to see some of my favourite moments in that poll.
    In the end I had to vote for Journey, simply because those last few minutes are amazing, one of the best soundtracks in gaming (imo) and a beautiful atmosphere.
    Shadow of the colossus, MGS4 and Walking dead are my runner-ups.
    I loved Heavy Rain, but there are some plot flaws that make the big reveal feel a little odd.

    @FRED: Can we ask a question here? I don’t have a twitter.
    My question would be: How would developers be able to take everyday real-life problems like someone dealing with cancer, poverty, unemployment and translate that to an engaging and cohesive gameplay? I personally think that the best way to do it would be through the use of metaphors

  • Oh god, i was like FF7 Areis death is obviously the best, then i saw the opening to The Last of Us was a choice.

    This isnt going to be easy

  • Just announce Fez for vita or ps3 and ill be a happy man. One of my favourite indie games of all time!!… And before some child tells me I’m wrong for liking fez because fish offended you… Doors that way –>

  • I went with:
    Aeris’ final scene in Final Fantasy VII
    Because (spoiler):
    I lost a lot of good gear and wasted time grinding and levelling her up, then for her to just disappear like that, was a ‘what the hell!!!’ moment at the time :/ Wasn’t really sad, just annoyed!

  • “we’ll be showcasing the future of all things PlayStation” Is the PS Vita considered a “Playstation thing”? I probably won’t watch the event, just check up a quick recap of the announced Vita titles, optimistically assuming there are any.

  • True Next Gen only on PS4.

  • @hitman_stephen The saddest thing about Aeris’ death is not her death itself, but the fact that every time you go shopping for equipment you see her empty slot on the menu reminding you of her.

  • Anything DECENT for Vita being announced?

  • Aeris’ final scene in Final Fantasy VII

    ps vita games
    ps4 lounch date ( end okt ?)+games ( new excl .)
    2 abo types ps+ 25/50€
    download list revamp !!!!! ( folders please )

  • I think Sackboy should be the new mascot for PlayStation. I know they already have a mascot which is Toro but hey who doesn’t love this adorable and cute looking character.

    Also, can really make it watching the stream live this time. Hope to see more AAA titles for the Vita especially the white Vita bundle.

  • had chance to see dualshock4 in action a couple of fridays ago, apparently it was billed as ‘first live demo on UK shores’. The games being used were AC Black Flag and Watchdogs, however the shop (GAME) in Liverpool didn’t mention IF the controller was going to be connected to a PS4, i presumed it would Not, therefore am i now correct in assuming the DS4 is either backwards compatible or there’ll be some plug in device that’ll allow it ?… btw anyone else seen/heard of similar demo.. and more interestingly (for me) Why did Liverpool get this honor of being ‘first on UK shores’ ?..

    As above posts say, really hoping there’ll be more news on ‘real’ new vita games at Gamescon, otherwise i will Need to buy a PS4 just to get the main function (RP) from it i believed i was getting back in Feb12.

  • Can’t wait to see what games are getting shown. I too hope we get more AAA games for the Vita. So far it’s just Killzone Mercenary which is the only game I’m interested in for the Vita this year. If there was an inFamous announcement for it, add on another Vita game to my list. Or even if there was something brand new that for over 16s and 18s.

    p.s. Fred, Have you seem seen the last few comments in the Sunday Recap? Just thought I’d let you know I had a question on it in-case you haven’t seen it yet. Page 5 but forgot the comment number. Hope your able to answer. :)

  • Another chance to fail the vita. Just like e3 vita stream.

  • Ok seriously how am I sposed to pick!? Shed a tear for end of journey, Aeris’ death AND end of Ico and the reveal in heavy rain WAS heavy (pun intended)… picking between these games is not fair :( haha. May go with Aeris, mainly because 7 was my first proper game and even though I didnt like Aeris it still choked me up so its was powerful stuff. Close second is Ico. Really hope theres some news on Trico at gamescon!

  • hoping theres allot more Vita AAA titles announced at gamescom. If not its over

    If it was me I would set out the Playstation area
    60% About PS4
    30% About PS Vita
    10% About PS3

    PS3 needs to take a big step back now. Its been successful but now needs to leave it to the newer Playstations

  • Is Heavy Rain on this list, if so i would have to choose it, reason being i missed it’s ending as it kept freezing, eventually it infected my system and i chose to trade up before it destroyed it, heard a patch ‘helped’ the issues, but magic was well and truly gone, after that experience, may revisit one day, got to mad (crazy ?) joe’s garage… also the dlc i got was interesting but i hear they just canned the follow ups, heartbreaking indeed.. hope this beyond game doesn’t have ‘issues’..

  • Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch it because I only ever got a grey box from Ustream when I use the ‘featured’ section or when I try to watch embedded videos. It’s odd because when I use the other categories, it works. Is there a Youtube link or other sites that are streaming it?

  • I get the distinct feeling this will be another show that won’t be streamed to the Vita and it wont be confirmed we can;t stream it direct to it an hour before the show. Will just add to the misery for PSVita owners in Europe this year. So much for a glorious second year for Vita in Europe.

  • Adding to my previous comment I think its fair to say Sony hasn’t been supporting the Vita either. not just 3rd party.

    As how many studios does Sony own… like a dozen On top of how many franchises do they own… Loadssss.

    They could have easily made a Infamous, a new Gran Turismo, a new Patapon, a new Loco Roco… Or just like the psp series, a new ratchet and clank portable.

  • @mdogg91:
    We had a Ratchet and Clank game on the Vita called Q-Force but it was poorly handled and the campaign is too short. I mean we do two exclusives coming and these games are made in-house which are Guerrilla Cambridge and Media Molecule and yes. I think 1st-party companies should focus on PSVita games for once. ReadyatDawn could be my only hope but one problem, they are busy making a new IP for the PS4.

  • Dear Mr. Dutton please answer the following question. Will we be wowed by PlayStation Vita announcements? Please say yes.

  • hi playstation, its great to see you come out with things that always make us happy but my main concern is that you leave africa out of your promotions, am from ghana though and trust there a lot of great number of funs here for you…please dont leave us out for we say sony playstation for life!!!!!

  • does anyone knows how long it will last?

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