DICE makes it easy for Battlefield 4 players to upgrade to PS4

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Battlefield 4 on PS3 and PS4

This holiday, DICE will unwrap the next generation of all-out warfare with Battlefield 4. That means best-in-class multiplayer is coming to PlayStation 4 with huge 64-player battles running at a smooth 60 frames-per-second.

Even if you start playing on PlayStation 3, we want to make your transition to PlayStation 4 easy. That’s why we’re notifying the devoted Battlefield and PlayStation communities that all of the time and effort you spend building up your Battlefield 4 stats will carry over when you upgrade to PlayStation 4.

That way, on 1st November, you can get in the game without any worries that you’ll have to start ranking up all over again when PlayStation 4 launches. We got your back.

Today we also wanted to inform the community that DICE is promising to keep the action going all year long with the return of Premium membership for Battlefield 4. With membership, players can expect themed digital expansion packs, new weekly content, and personalization options. And just as your stats, unlocks, and rank will be transferable from PS3 to PS4, so too will Battlefield 4 Premium membership.

Tune into EA’s 2013 gamescom press conference on 20 August at 3:00pm BST/4:00pm CET for the first look at Battlefield 4 Premium content. You’ll also get the scoop on an all-new Battlefield 4 multiplayer mode and map.

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  • I thought we might hear something about a free upgrade from the PS3 to PS4 version here. That account data remains intact seems pretty much natural to me.

    Well, still good news I guess. And Kudos to EA for the amazing Humble Bundle! :)

  • Well I was going to skip the PS3 one and wait for the PS4 version, but you had to go and do something like this.

  • Awesome news!! Would hate to start all over again. Only thing I don’t like about bf3 is people paying for servers and making their own rules then kick me out for looking to just have fun. I liked the old way when bf3 first came out as it had all the maps I wanted and everything. Ever since it all changed it wasn’t as fun anymore. If I wana take a chopper down with rockets them damn-it that’s what I’m gonna do!! lol. Don’t like them rules people make up like having rockets forbidden.

  • i never thought the day would come i agree to golwar :D

    yes thank you for BF3 in plus, even tho i never got into bf3 much, its appreciated to have it in plus and it actually gave you a chance i might buy bf4. But really, do we need to buy every game two times now with the ps4, especially digitally? When you can just give us both versions easily for one price.

  • Hmm this sounds like the PS4 won’t be out before November the 1st then? + I would rather wait & buy the PS4 version really because for me FPS this Gen look all the same now & i want to see/play a Next Gen FPS :P

  • call of duty ghost gives the players who buy X360 version of the game a free X1 copy , meaning a 60$ payment will be sufficient . but here in BF4, I guess , one have to pay 60$ for PS3 version and then 60$ for PS4 version , really embarrassing . but transferring stats is still a good job , I thank you guys for that .

  • Battlefield 4 (PS3)-€55
    Battlefield 4 (PS4)-€60 (maybe more)
    Battlefield Premium-€50 (probably)

    So all this will cost me €165, at least, for one game.
    I’m actually impressed at how they made it seem like a good idea.

    I’ll just buy it on PS4 thanks, as well as two entire other PS4 games I could buy with that money.

  • At #6

    Where did you get that stupid information from? BF4 is doing the same as COD:G. The stats get transfered, they haven’t stated at all the COD:G will be Cross Buy on any console. Get the facts right first mate.

  • might be a dumb question but on multiplayer can those with ps3 play with those with a ps4 version.

  • At #9

    No announced cross generation play im afraid.


    Golwar was referring to the HUmble Bundle for PC in which BF3 was available for just under $5.

    But yea, it was good to have it on PS+ too.

  • So it’s not the same account but a transfer.

    I get to lvl 40 on PS3 then transfer to PS4 and if I ever play the PS3 again it’ll still be lvl 40.

    Also do you lose the premium on the PS3, I’ll still have the game and suddenly all the DLC won’t work after the transfer.

  • Does that mean PS4 launches on November 1st????????

  • Can you split the MP and SP into two separate products. I’ve no interest in what was shown of SP and I’m not willing to pay the next gen tax for a MP mode.

    Also I got BF3 with + so thanks. However I’ve noticed that it’s very common for players to bunnyhop around and to avoid shots. I’ve sat there and watched players steam through fire taking people out as they go along.
    It just seems odd with the style of the game, and sort of killed any immersion I get when playing it.

  • @MaxDiehard
    to be honest i didnt read that part , referred to buying a game one time and getting it for both gens.
    Yesterday was announced actually the season passes will transfer over of a ton of the bigger publishers like EA so you can still use your DLC on ps4, i dont see why the same wont go for the digital versions of games.

    Gta 5 and being forced to pay for plus even if you wonna take a 6 month break from gaming, and having to buy games two times are good reason to stay on ps3 i guess and before i buy bf4 two times i rather buy it 0 times, thought they had a new CEO and thing will get better now? ;)

  • “That way, on 1st November, you can get in the game without any worries that you’ll have to start ranking up all over again when PlayStation 4 launches. We got your back.”

    So is this the ps4 release date reveal???????

  • Battlefield will always be my favorite shooter series. 2142 one of my all time favorite games in general and 3 is still one of my favorite console shooters. Keep up that high standard and thank you for all the wonderful Battlefield games over the years!
    I truly hope I live to see the day I get to play a 2142 type of sequel (on console too), get it done guys! Titans included please :p

  • Oh and is the PS3 version releasing much sooner than the PS4 version or what? Other than the smaller installbase and risk of having some ‘next gen hitches’, I don’t really see the point in getting both. Unless the PS3 version releases earlier..
    Definitely getting premium again too, some of the best DLC I’ve gotten this whole gen, and kept me going back to the game after months and even years. New weapons to grind with and unlock stuff for always gets me :p Although my local retailer doesn’t have a BF4+premium pre order for PS4 yet..

  • You could also buy the superior PC version and only pay for the game once.

    I had a massive attack of the funnies when I read this laughable marketing blurb.
    “Hai guyz! Plz! Buy our game twice, it’s such a good idea, plz!” lol.

  • 64 players and 60 FPS… AWESOME!

  • So the PS4 will launch much after Nov 1?

  • I’ll wait for BF4 Premium edition, since EA stupidly released a BF3 Premium edition before all the map packs were even out, robbing digital Premium buyers of the value of Premium (getting stuff first in exchange for paying more).

  • hola ps tengo una duda, se podra pasar algo de la cuenta de bt3 a bt4???

  • there will be some transfer bt3 account to btf4 account ??????

  • Will there be cross-Buy for BF4?
    I mean if you buy BF4 on PS-store on PS3,you can download BF4 for PS4?

  • i think if you buy bt4 to ps3 and you wanted to ps4 you must buy again, im not very sure

  • This is a very annoying buisness strategi to make hardcore battlefield fans (like myself) pay twice for the same game because we ofc. dont wanna be behind on the leaderboard once the game launches…. AAARGGH

  • I can only imagine a few people taking advantage of this.
    If the ps4 is coming out near November then early adopters won’t bother buying BF4 for ps3 for a few weeks worth.

    Those who aren’t getting a ps4 for a while might get bored of the game if they’ve played it to death on PS3, save for the better graphics and increased player count.

  • And how about the CD if bought for PS3 ? Is it work on PS4?

  • Finally I found a trustworthy source for the releas of BF4 to PS4:
    2013-11-29, the same as the PS4 console.
    I started talking to a guy working on MediaMarkt regarding the date and he was pretty sure it was that date since http://www.discshop.se has it announced there. Pre-order is available on their site from that date and according to him, Discshop is often very accurate.

    So let us all hold our fingers crossed!!! :)

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