Rainbow Skies Exclusive to PlayStation in 2014

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Rainbow Skies on PS3

Hi RPG and indie fans! We’re excited to announce that Rainbow Skies is coming exclusively to PS3 and PS Vita in 2014.

Rainbow Skies is an indirect sequel to last year’s role-playing game Rainbow Moon, which was nominated as the “Best Indie Game” in the PSN Gamers’ Choice Awards 2013.

Rainbow Skies on PS3Rainbow Skies on PS3

Taking a lot of fan feedback into consideration, we’ve been working on Rainbow Skies for nearly a year and are now eager to tell you more about it. First, Rainbow Skies is a new game that takes place in a new world, with new characters, new monsters, and a story that isn’t linked to its predecessor. The world of Rainbow Skies stretches over two parallel worlds, with strong visual variety and 50 dedicated background music tracks.

Rainbow Skies is more than just a sequel. We’ll be introducing many new features, including monster taming, an advanced battle system with new combo attacks, new dungeon action elements, a new dialogue and emoticon system, new treasure hunt quests, an improved side quest system, explorable buildings, and new mini games.

Rainbow Skies on PS3Rainbow Skies on PS3

Apart from providing the new content and features, we’re absolutely staying true to our roots. Fans of traditional gameplay can once again look forward to turn-based battles, free world and dungeon exploration, extensive character development, and lots of optional goodies. Including the ability to play across both PS3 and PS Vita.

I hope that I’ve sparked your interest in Rainbow Skies! If you have any questions, post them into the comments and I’ll get back to you. For updates, make sure to check out Rainbow Skies’ official website, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for all your amazing support!


Rainbow Skies on PS3Rainbow Skies on PS3

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11 Author Replies

  • Vita aswell? You have my attention!

  • Excellent! Can’t wait, really loved Rainbow Moon!

  • When is the First Rainbow game releasing for psvita :/ ?

    • Hi kivi,

      it’s already completely playable and in the final testing phase. Submission will still take several months though, but the game will be definitely this year in the store.

  • Nice to see more games on the Vita.

    When will Rainbow Moon be available on Vita? No news on your webpage for a long time.

  • Rainbow Moon was awesome. Can’t wait to try this. Very happy to see it on Vita as well.

  • loved Rainbow Moon a massive amount, was a super awesome game (and long too!). cant wait to see all the new bits and pieces in Rainbow Skies, looks like the same, but lots more! 8)

    its coming on PS3 and PSVita… maybe we’ll see it on PS4 aswell? :D

  • Great news! Now if you had a release date for Rainbow Moon on Vita I’m sold!

  • I hope you can pool upgrade stones in this one instead of needing the killer blow with the guy you want to upgrade!

  • That artwork is stunning. Cannot wait to be able to play this game on my Vita :)

  • Absolutely loved Rainbow moon, and definitely picking this up, but only the vita version as i will be replacing my PS3 with a PS4 on launch day. Will the game be as long as the first game? I hope its a much longer game :)

    • Hi Witcher70,

      yes, the game will contain tons of content too. The only difference is, that we move the focus a little bit more on optional content this time. So, the main story will be slightly tightened (It won’t be short by no means) but there is even more optional content and stuff to explore. You can easily put hundreds of hours into the game, if you want to:)

  • As much as i loved Rainbow Moon, i’m deeply sorry i will not be able to buy Raindow Skies. It’s a protest to ignorant and insulting SCEE behaviour about forced Singstar thing in our XMBs. I made statement that i’m not buing anything from PSN Store until SCEE give me option to delete it. I’m really, really sorry.

  • Completely off-topic, but it seems the PS Blog isn’t going to make a post on this:

    Journey is currently on sale for £5.19 (or £4.67 for Plus members) as part of the Summer Sale

    Be quick, it’s not going to last long.

  • Hundreds of hours you say…..I’m so in !!! can’t wait.

  • Cross play… Also Cross-buy?

    • Hi MART,

      for Rainbow Skies, nothing has been decided about Cross-Buy so far. For Rainbow Moon Vita we’re aiming for a discount for the people who already have the PS3 version.

  • Sounds exactly like what I’d want for my Vita now. Besides a P4G sale. ;)

    I hope we’ll see more variety in RS. The ever same battle mechanics and limited opponent diversity sadly bored me somewhen, so that I never finished RM.

  • Will definitely get this for the vita, looking forward to it :-)

  • Wow, this is great news! A little unexpected for me, though. Didn’t see this coming at all! I’m ashamed to admit that I bought Rainbow Moon when it launched, but still haven’t played it all that much…

    Doesn’t mean I’m not interested in Rainbow Skies, though, because I definitely am! I wonder, though… is there any chance we’ll see Rainbow Moon and Rainbow Skies together on a single Blu-ray Disc for the PlayStation 3? I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

    Thanks in advance for any replies. :)

    • Hi RemyX,

      digital distribution has many advantages for us as an indie developer, so a blu-ray bundle is very unlikely at the moment.

      A PSN bundle on the other hand is abolutely possible, but usually these bundles are released after both games are on the market for some time, so I wouldn’t expect any bundle before 2015/2016.

  • Hope to see rainbow moon on psn plus soon please :-)

  • loved the first! looking forward to both the next chapter, but the vita version of moon aswell

  • Great news! I hope Raphael Dyll is working on the soundtrack this time as well. Can’t wait for both games on the Vita! :D

  • I’m interested. I really enjoyed Rainbow Moon. It was a long grind to Platinum but I really didn’t mind. There’s still lots to do in the game, I’ve just moved onto other things for the time being. Rainbow Skies is definitely one I’ll consider. I’d like more info before I make a final decision. I look forward to your next post about it.

    @11 Podyman

    Are you SERIOUS? You’re going to deprive yourself of a potentially awesome game just because of some silly little icon? I mean, I want it gone too, but it’s not harming you. Just ignore it.

    Not trying to be disrespectful, just saying.

  • Yep, getting for the PS VITA! Just thought i’d highlight that :)

  • Yay, getting Rainbow Moon for the vita and Rainbow Skies. I’m looking forward to playing these on the vita. :)

  • Great news that it’s coming to the vita and can’t wait for Rainbow Moon to come out too. The vita really needs more rpgs.

  • Podyman is funny as hell. Reminds me of people complaining when Sony removed the Playstation chime before the games and when they put the Store icon on the games section of the XMB. People sure need to get a life!

  • Nice – Looking forward to Rainbow Moon & Skies on the Vita!

  • Very nice. This will look fantastic on the Vita screen. Looking forward to playing!

  • I hope to see the Rainbow series continue on the PS4 in the future. I know theres a lot of vita lovers on here, i do like the vita for short games, due to the battery life being somewhat short ! but i prefer to play on a bigger screen, looks prettier in my opinion !

  • Vita you say, you have my money already!

  • You can take my money now

  • Please make sure the text is big enough to read on the Vita screen. You can’t use the same fonts on PS3 with 40 inch plasma and Vita with only 5 inch screen.


    • Hi Tyringe,

      thanks for your feedback.

      We’ve already discussed this too. However, the font we used on PS3 was really quite big compared to many other games. So it’s still very well readable on the Vita.

      Resizing the main font would result in a complete re-design of the user interface and because it’s a port, that’s something we want avoid.

      Hope that helps.

  • Vita you say? Now I am interested.
    The attach rate for Vita game I imagine is quite high.

  • count me in on the vita version the ps3 is dead to me becouse i sell it to get the ps4

    so go vita yeah

  • “Submission will still take several months though”.

    Now this one scares me. I don’t know who’s fault this is but something has to change drastically. So many games flying around in SCEE submisson-limbo for months these days.

    Don’t worry though, when I become president of SCEE you will see steam-level of quality in the store! ^^

    • Yes, you have my vote for president:O)

      Seriously, I think it’s just normal for such big companies like Sony, to have a lot of hirarchies and structures.

      The submission process on XBox can even take longer and you have to wait up to several months for a store slot in some cases.

  • @Marcus P

    Yeah I guess alot of it is beyond my understanding.
    But one can hope it will be a faster process in the future, right? ^^

    Looking forward to the game btw!

  • I really enjoyed Rainbow Moon, it’s nice to hear there will be a discount for the vita version for those who bought the PS3 version of Rainbow Moon. I bought it on release ^_^

    Hoping there is a cross save function between the vita and PS3 version

  • A reason to buy a vita. You got my attention.

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