Tearaway Release Date

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Tearaway Release Date

Here at Media Molecule we love to make new things on new platforms. To us, making games is a real labour of love. Our very blood, sweat and tears are poured into every pixel, every line of code, every note in every song, and every little post it note we use to plan our lives.

Tearaway Lead Image

Tearaway is our first handheld game, set in a totally new world, with characters on a new adventure. Throughout development we have constantly explored all the ways we could think of to create the most fun and enjoyable experiences possible on a PS Vita, whilst also learning how to make a 3D creative platformer! We are really proud of the work we are doing, and are really excited to share it with you!

We are now in the final stages of development, and have come to the realisation that we need a little more time than we anticipated to finish the game; to tie all of the mechanics, story and amazing visuals together into the adventure that we want you to play. To give us that time, we’ve decided to move the release date by one month, from mid-October, to November 22nd.

We’re really, really sorry for the minor delay, we promise you hand on heart that the wait will be worthwhile! Thanks for being patient, please don’t be too cross with us, lots of love, Mm xxxx

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  • Well if yous put it like that, that’s fine then ^_^

  • Damn this was gunna be my holiday game I go away on the 29th Oct, but I trust you guys and if you think the game needs a little more time then it just means I’ll have to pine for it a little longer

  • Fair play… As long as the game doesn’t release bug ridden we’ll accept the slight delay. These things happen.

  • A little update goes a long way around these parts. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  • I’d much rather see this game receive the love and attention it deserves than be rushed out the door, so I am perfectly alright with the delay.

  • You gone done messed it up god dammit! Now the game comes out on same day as Watch dogs sigh was hoping to have a month to play this in between the releases of Diablo 3 GTAV and COD ghosts and watch dogs :(

  • Well, having references from your previous titles I know you guys will put the effort in the game. Thanks for updating us, Tearaway is looking really good and I know this means it will be even better :)

  • I have high expectations for your Ps4 project at gamescom next month.

  • At least Media Molecule shows the Vita some love (can’t say the same for SSM and ND who refuse to make games for it, even though the studios are huge). Take your time to create a wonderful title and show them that games aren’t just about pretty cinematics.

    The Vita would do a lot better if more first party studios would create killer titles for the system, just like Nintendo did with the 3DS. If I ever get one down the line after memory card price cuts, I’ll definitely pick this charming game up.

  • Well there goes buying it on release :(. The October release was perfect as PS4 will most likely release in November. But I guess if a game aint ready there is no need to release it. Don’t want all the patches eating up my memory card like LBPVITA.

  • At least we got told with plenty of time to spare. No issue with the delay for me

  • New release date sounds fine with me. Just got my Vita and I have a lot of PS PLUS games to catch up on before I can buy anything else. Getting Tearaway is a given, though.

  • The wait for this game has been too long and now i have to wait a little longer.. well, i guess its time to play the waiting game. Oh wait – i was already playing it. What a weight on my shoulders for all his waiting. I should be super fit by now.

  • It’s great you guys take your time to make this game the best you can but the release time is troublesome to say the least. With the new consoles and an avalanche of new and amazing games will dawn upon us. Although the Vita is lacking mayor titles and Tearaway is sure to kick but I’m afraid it won’t cause a ripple.
    I’m still going to get the game but it’ll probably be next year after the huge wallet drain in October and November.

  • well take ur time, :D we deserve a quality game

  • I don’t mind that they are dong this, in fact I am glad they are doing this because I really want this game to be phenomenal and the Best vita game to date. The only problem is the release day, I think this comes out a day after or the same day as the PS4 launches.
    This is only a guess of mine & I think it’s a strong guess because Watch_Dogs launches on this day and they may want to launch the new Franchise with a new generation of gaming.
    We will see at gamescom if my prediction is right and i really can’t wait to play Tearaway, it’s looking to be one of (hopefully) many amazing vita titles coming out within the coming years! :D

  • No biggie MM, a minor delay makes a better game and as long as it doesn’t suffer like the Vita version of Q-Force which it won’t, then I’ll accept your apology. Besides, GTAV and KillZone Mercenaries will keep me busy. Also, Nov 22nd is kinda late don’t you think?

  • How can I be mad at you guys? :) Take your time, I can’t wait to play your quirky game but I’ll tide myself over somehow. Also Guildford, yay!

  • I’ve noticed that my PS Vita has been able to hold its battery life for the past three months that it’s been solidly off for. This is a positive design feature, I guess.

    Tearaway, I’m fervently hoping, will serve to inject some life into my PS Vita (#irony). I am looking forward to it. Hopefully, it will serve to awaken the sleeping powerhouse that is my handheld console.

  • The only worthy original game confirmed to be released for the Vita this year, now even further away.

    I have no doubt that the game will be great, but poor Vita always getting the short end of the stick.


    I was looking forward to play Tearaway before PS4 would release in November this year, but now it seems PS4 will be out just before Tearaway is here… I gotta find the time to play it all…

    But that is all, take your time. I trust Media Molecule to deliver a perfect experience, I bought and enjoyed all LBP games, LBP1&2 on PS3 (even bought a PS3 just for LBP in a bundle!), LBP PSP, LBPVita… But I’m ready for a new IP from MM’s hands!

    Make a Collectors Edition please though, with those foldable books with the Tearaway world, the books we had a lot of in our youth. I’d pay a lot extra for such a collectors edition. The way MM wants to have the digital world and the real world coming closer together with printable stuff, I love too. CAN’T WAIT FOR NOVEMBER!!!

  • Cheers for the update – it is refreshing to hear about delays before they happen.

    I’m not too bothered about the delay as I’ll have rayman legends, killzone mercenaries, batman origins, valhalla knights 3 (imported) and possibly dragon’s crown to keep me going before then. Not to mention needing to get muramasa rebirth finished. And that’s ignoring any psn games that may be due out (lone survivor, terreria, rainbow moon, worms)

    I’m forever surprised when people say there are no decent vita games coming out :)

  • I have one question
    I want to buy this game digital
    will I get the pre-order bonuses through PSN?
    (I’m sick of physical copies)

    • I’ve been told that if you buy the game digitally on the day of release, then you will get the pre-order bonus content. :)

  • TheMart wrote: “Make a Collectors Edition please though, with those foldable books with the Tearaway world, the books we had a lot of in our youth. I’d pay a lot extra for such a collectors edition. The way MM wants to have the digital world and the real world coming closer together with printable stuff, I love too.”

    That’s an excellent idea! Vita boxes aren’t shipped with manuals anyway (cheapskates), why not put some beautiful paper crafting material in there as well?

  • Take your time, I’m sure it’s worth the wait =)

  • Eh, I’ve been looking forward to this. I really hope it works out in the end. I don’t think I can take anymore Vita failures, especially not from Sony who’s handles the Vita in the worst possible way. I can’t actually come up with a scenario where Sony could handle the Vita worse than what we’ve seen so far.

    So few proper games coming up and now we have to wait even more for… a hopefully great game.

    Do NOT disappoint.

  • I cannot wait for this game! I hope that mm will bring out a version for the ps4 and utilise the controllers new features!

  • @fm_chilled

    Yeah, take one the very few desirable, exclusive Vita games and put it on the PS4. How brilliant…

  • it looks great but I wish it was on the ps3

  • I second the Tearaway pop up book idea, I’d be straight on that.

    And those calling on a port…you do know that this game is built around Vita’s unique features, right? Port it and you’d lose half the game.

  • It’s least its still coming before Toukiden ^_^

    It’s really a shame that Tearaway wasn’t a release title because it seems to be the only game that will make use of all the vita’s features and do it very well.

    I’ve had mine on pre-order for quite awhile and waiting another month isn’t so bad because at least we know.

    For people saying they wish this was on the PS3 then they must never have seen the trailer for it as there is absolutely no way this game could ever be a PS3 title. If it was then it wouldn’t be Tearaway. If you can blow on your PS3 controller and it has a touch pad that enables you to break the fifth wall in a video game then just wow because mine only has six-axis and dualshock

  • ‘I second the Tearaway pop up book idea, I’d be straight on that.”

    w00t w00t I am not the only one that wants that :-)

    Also, Media Molecule, if you could add a doll of Iota to that Collectors Edition, similar as I got with my LBP2 USA Collectors Edition (imported which only cost me 89 USD, converted to Euro and shipment costs it was around 95 Euro if I remember right) with the Sackboy (also the book/gameholders back then in the package, so awesome)…

    You’d make my day. No, my year!

  • TheGrimReaper001

    That sucks, but just as I said with Naughty Dog’s delay on The Last of Us: I trust you people.
    You think you need more time? Go ahead
    I already know this and killzone are gonna be part of my library by the end of the year

  • wow, that great news can’t wait for the game.

    Borderlands 2

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