Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita: co-op gameplay detailed

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Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita

Hello PlayStation Blog readers! In our last post , we provided an overview of Destiny of Spirits, a PS Vita game launching later this year. Today, we’re back to share more details about its social aspects.

Destiny of Spirits is a free-to-play, location-based, social strategy game. Players from around the world work cooperatively in turn-based, RPG-style action to battle fierce Chaos spirits. The goal? Purify and save the world.

In Destiny of Spirits, friends will make your journey easier. Each day, The Destiny Engine — which is based on Western and Eastern astrology — will lead you to other players that the engine selects as compatible, based on a number of factors including birthday, name and location.

You’ll greet each day with new suggestions for allies across the world, and the more friends you have, the more benefits you can gain! The gameplay really opens up once you have friends. And working together with people across the world will affect how you strategically interact with Destiny of Spirits.

Trading Spirits
Spirits are unique to certain geographical locations around the globe. However, you can trade spirits with friends to grow and diversify your spirit collection, so the more friends you have increases the potential to gain more spirits — even those spirits you can’t obtain in your region. The distance between you and your friend on the map determines how long it will take to complete the trade.

Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita

Renting Spirits
By renting spirits, you can borrow a friend’s spirit to join you in battle. Borrow the right spirit and gain from its unique “supporter skills,” which include important buffs like damage modifiers. Renting spirits costs Destiny Points, but it can be the difference between victory and defeat!

Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita

Destiny Strike
During battle, a friend can trigger a “Destiny Strike,” a support attack for when you need it most. As you can see in the image below, a red dot will appear during battle to signal the Destiny Strike, which may be the final attack you need to take down a formidable opponent. The more friends you have, the better chance of it triggering.

Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita

Do you see a pattern emerging? With Destiny of Spirits, working collaboratively with gamers around the globe will not only enhance the overall experience, but help you succeed in battle.

There’s a lot more to come from the Destiny of Spirits universe, so check back for more updates soon!

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  • TargetFinderKing

    the visitors of this blog would prefer some answers to burning questions relating to the sale and other coming playstation titles, before you go on with your promotional material, please

  • It’s looking more and more likely that I’ll purchase a psvita before the ps4 launch. Keep the game titles coming.

  • looking forward to this game, i hope we can know a release date soon =)

  • @TargetFinderKing Wow. Way to stay on topic dude. Details of the sale are coming next week.

    I think this game is looking pretty good. Hope to see some more footage of it soon that shows us how to play it as well.

  • TargetFinderKing

    @bidbaldwolf86 they said this week

    and some sale were going 2 weeks but are now gone

    what is going on here????? stop the promotional posts here until we get answers!!! now!!!

  • @TargetFinderKing They said it’s been pushed back to next week. Check the replies on the weekly store update.

  • Is the game online only?

  • “free-to-play, location-based, social strategy game”


  • This seems interesting – looking forward to playing it

    however seeming images of Toro albeit someone’s avatar just kind of rubs it in that a similar meet friends, quest app featuring PSN mascot isn’t available in the EU

  • Seems quite fun will try this :)

  • “free-to-play, location-based, social strategy game”

    This… This is not the kind of Vita game I want. Even disregarding personal taste, this looks like a massive failure, an utterly boring failure. The words f2p and “social” make me cringe and laugh out loud at the same time.

  • What I don’t understand is while the concept could potentially be brilliant but how will this work with wifi/3G users? I have a wifi vita and as such does this mean I would be restricted in what I could find spirit wise? I can only sign in to psn at home. 3G users can sign in anywhere – wouldn’t this give 3G players an advantage?

  • Another crappy pay2win collectable card game cloning 100500 other games we already can play on smartphones ?

    No thanks.

  • Hate F2P. I’d rather pay a one off price for the full game.

  • Me too, would like to pay for a game with this concept, F2P makes me sceptical.

  • It’s so sad that Studio Japan are being wasted on this free2pay garbage. I hope there’s not more than 1 or 2 people working on this.

    Free2pay games is the last thing any Vita owner wants and it’s actually a massive insult from Sony that they think this is a release worthy of the Vita. I know this probably isn’t taking away from any proper titles but the two people from Studio Japan working on this could be doing something so much more creative and worthwhile.

    People will accept zero gameplay junk on mobile but on Vita? Are you serious?

    I hope every Vita owner boycotts this game to send Sony a message that free2pay games do NOT belong on console.

  • If you want to do F2P right, bring Phantasy Star Online 2 to Europe.

    Sometimes I think that SCEE is being run by saboteurs.

    Content gets delayed.
    Content never makes it.
    Content is always more expensive in Europe.
    Sales are delayed.
    Sales are not as good as the other regions’ most of the time.
    The Vita is overrun by indie games and IOS ports that cost 10 times more on the Vita Store.
    Gamers ask for specific PS1 and PSP Classics available in US all the time and nothing happens.

    Why don’t you rename the PSN to DSN – DelayStation Network?
    Seriously something needs to change!

  • @Panos_GRE:
    One small good thing about SCEE though, they offer us great games for IGC on Plus.

  • Looks decent but is it really free or will it have in app purchases making it pay to win?

    Where is Terraria Vita and Frozne Synapse Tactics?

    Also Shadowrun Returns came out yesterday for PC and Mac with Android and ios versiins coming soon. Why isn’t it on Vita? Would have been a perfect game for the platform.

    I hope Vita has a strong showing at gamescom next month as people are growing tired of waiting and only holding onto the systems for PS4 remote play.

  • @ThugETH

    Have a read on IGN people are going to have to pay to complete the game and It’ll no doubt be very costly as the developers are choosing not to say anything !

  • Anyone out there heard any whispers on Terraria hitting VITA?

  • Will this be a Pay2Win? (free2play)

  • @theodor70941

    Yes :)

  • I have this game on pre-order i don’t mind delays as long as its glitch free on release. Although the PS4 launch is in the same release window i’ll have to see what happens at Gamescom if PS4 is indeed launching in November then i’ll get the game next year sorry :(

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