Everybody’s Golf tees off on PS3 next week

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Everybody’s Golf tees off on PS3 next week

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Calling all golf fans! We’re excited to announce that the latest instalment in the Everybody’s Golf franchise (which has just celebrated its 15th year anniversary) for the PlayStation 3 will be winging its way onto the PSN on 24th July, priced €14.99/£11.99.

This version offers everybody’s favourite local multiplayer as well as new features such as Real Feel Shot where you can swing your way through courses with your PlayStation Move motion controller.

What’s more, for those of you that own the PlayStation Vita version, all of your downloadable content is Cross-Buy and will be unlocked in the PlayStation 3 version!

What we think is one of the most exciting features is that both PS Vita players and those on PlayStation 3 can compete against each other online. And with such a vast array of online tournaments available, you’ll never be short of brand new online rivalries!


In true Everybody’s Golf tradition, there will be a vast amount of tournaments, loads of equipment and unique characters. And of course we will be providing new content and tournaments through our regular updates.



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  • Do players who have the Vita version get the PS3 version for free because of the Cross-Buy or is it just for the DLC? Thanks!

  • Looks like this is a port FROM the vita to ps3. Good news but I’m happy to stick to the vita version.

  • One of my favourite Vita games and one I keep going back to to try to hit that elusive double eagle for my last trophy. That platinum will be mine…….one day…….probably.

  • Not sure this is the right place to post but I’m a little disappointed the Naughty Dog sale in the PS store has already ended. I planned to purchase the games today and when I logged on to do so found they were back at normal price. It had clearly been stated that the promo ran for a week (and thus until today). However it’s still the 19th and the games are no longer discounted for some reason…

  • Really hope you guys got a PS4 version in the works. Because this game looked amazing on the Vita and I heard Kat or Toro is in it as a DLC characters I’m I right? Hope to see a Everybody’s Golf game as a PS4 launch title.

  • Hey, it will be only psn version or box version will be too?

  • I guess this was the PSVita version of Everybody’s Golf coming to the PS3 now?(with some new features) COOL!:P (if it has Trophies that is, which it should have if it is the PSVita version) I love Everybody’s Golf games(still got the PS1 & PS2 games in my PS Collection):P

    + Could you add more PlayStation characters to the game in the future? I LOVED the old games when you could unlock Ratchet & Clank & a few other PS characters:P

  • One reason less to justify the cost of a PS Vita.

  • Good PS+ discount with this one… oh wait!!

  • Is there going to be a special bundle deal? Both games and all DLC in one insanely affordable price? That would be amazing!

  • Yeah, take the few exclusives you have away from the Vita. Sony couldn’t care less about the Vita if they tried.

    I bet that once the PS4 ships there will be no new content from Sony at all. Zero. They will just say “lololol Vita owners, buy a PS4 and enjoy your remote play periperal”. That’s not what I bought my Vita for!

  • It’s great news that the game is coming to Europe on PlayStation 3, but is there going to be a Blu-ray Disc-release of this game? I love collecting games, and I noticed that Japan did get a disc-based release for this title…

    Hopefully a physical version will be released. I’d happily pay more for something I can actually own instead of a digital game that I only rent.

    Hoping for a reply! Thanks in advance. :)

  • I’ve both the Vita version twice (once accidentally) and last PS3 version twice (disc version then complete download version) and this looks more like DLC than a new game, is there a DLC addon version or do I have to pay full wack?

    If so what about a PS+ discount? ;)

  • May be clueless here but is this a very different version that was on sale recently (which i snapped up)?

  • Will you guys be selling Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza as a DLC in Europe? Cause I saw he’s avaliable to purchase in the Japanese version and I’d love to play as him.

    @SOCO69 this is a port of the PS Vita version which has different characters, courses and new shot types to Everybody’s Golf World Tour for PS3.

  • OK so this is a great game and a welcome addition on the PS3.

    However, I installed the game yesterday and have so far not been able to move my golfer on the tee. Has anyone else experienced this? or is it just something I am doing wrong.

    I know that the controller is working as it will move the hand around if I move the camera down the course.

    I have been playing the Japanese version of the game also and it works on there???

  • is this a new ps3 version or the world tour version i have on disk already ?

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