Worms Revolution Extreme explodes onto PS Vita soon

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Hi PlayStation Blog readers! Here at Team17 Towers we have some really exciting news to share first with you guys. Since the launch of the PlayStation Vita fans have been vocal with their requests for a PS Vita version of Worms and we’re pleased to announce today that that version is Worms Revolution Extreme and it is on its way!

Worms Revolution Extreme features an extensive single player campaign spanning 47 missions and 25 puzzles to beat and complete. Missions are set amongst a variety of different environment themes including: Sewer, Farmyard, Spooky, Beach, Mars, Funfair or Medieval!


Worms has always been great with friends, or enemies! With Worms Revolution Extreme that’s no different as you’re able to take part in local or online multiplayer battles for up to four players! Choose from one of three game modes: Deathmatch, Forts and Classic and getting firing those Bazookas!

New for PS Vita (and PS3) is the cool Cross-Gifting feature, Treasure Mode! This all new mode enables you to link up with your friends who have a PS3 system (or vice versa). You can help each other unlock 10 special gifts using a lock and key system. Meet the requirements in either offline Versus or online battles to receive a key and connect to a friend’s PlayStation 3 system with the corresponding chest to unlock the treasure!


We’ve also utilised the PS Vita’s touch screen controls and added in the ability to use the front touch screen to select items and zoom the camera and the back touch screen to aim your weapons. And with Worms Revolution Extreme you’re able to keep your worms close and mobile using Cross-Platform Continuation Play! This allows players to carry on their PlayStation 3 save game progress on their PS Vita, or vice versa.

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Worms Revolution Extreme is due for a Q3 2013 release and will be available for PS Vita via the Sony Entertainment Network Store. Keep watching PlayStation Blog for more news from us!

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3 Author Replies

  • One word: Awesome!

  • I really cannot wait for this. My favourite memories as a kid were shouting in joy when a unlikely grenade throw would take out my friends team in one fell swoop. Now being able to do that on my Vita is a dream come true.

    Any word on price?

  • Awesome, is q3 our q3 or financial q3?
    cant wait been waiting on news on this for sometime.
    vita worms team17 thank you

  • Yay Worms for the Vita.

  • no issues here bar the Q3 date (for those asking, around the next few weeks if i go by the Q3 as we are in Q3)

  • Looks awesome T17! Is Superfrog to due to released 31st July for Europe?

  • Worms on the Vita? Do want.

  • Hi Bethany,
    As much as i love the idea of Worms on Vita, i have 1 big problem.

    I am unhappy about the frame-rate on the PS3 version… its as if it was not made for the PS3 as a platform in mind at all, and then ported it very poorly. Although, this doesn’t effect gameplay to much, being a worms game, however, its really bad when panning the screen.

    Now, i dont want that to be seen Negative, cause it never stopped me from liking the game, however, if we can expect the same performance on PS Vita, its a deal breaker for me.

  • Good to see SOMEONE supporting the PS Vita. I’m excited for Superfrog HD too.

  • Great news – is the PS3 version you refer to here a new release, or just a patch for the existing Revolution game?

    • Hi Josh,

      Thanks for your question.

      We’ll be releasing a patch for Worms Revolution on the PlayStation 3 in order for it to work in conjunction with Worms Revolution Extreme on the PlayStation Vita.

      Hope that helps!

  • I’m getting a creepy feeling that this is the “something awesome, you’ll be hooked for hours”-game. Let’s hope not.

    Other than that, this is great news! Hope the transition won’t be sub-optimal (like Jak & Daxter).

  • so many good games for vita, now i need only infamous for vita :D

  • Give me Hogs of War over Worms any day…

  • terrible terrible terrible game do not buy this boring game its not even worth 1p. it’s the most dull worms game i have ever played.they should have made worms reloaded 2 instead of this crap.

  • Seriously? I haven’t played reloaded but I’ve played all the other Worms games on PSN (and back in the 90s). Is it really a bad Worms game? I’ll be getting SuperFrog HD but hopefully if this is a disappointment they’ll be making another one for the Vita.

    @14 Come on lol I played Hogs of War a LOT back in the day and recently bought and played through the game off the US PSN, but it’s nowhere near as addictive as Worms online, even if it did have online. t does beat the 3D Worms games though so if those are the only Worms games you’ve played I agree.

    Worms 2D > Hogs of War >>> Worms 3D

  • Awesome news. As long as it’s a good port I’ll look forward to this. I was top 100 on Worms Open Warfare 2 so hopefully my skills will transition to this game!

    Is it going to be a PSN or retail release?

    Thanks for supporting the Vita – I look forward to buying Superfrog HD on release day!

    • Hi aros2011,

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      Worms Revolution Extreme will be available to download for the PlayStation Vita via the Sony Entertainment Network Store.

      Hope that helps and we’re glad to hear you’re looking forward to both Worms Revolution Extreme and Superfrog HD :)

  • this sounds brill

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