PlayStation Plus in August: Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Mafia II, more!

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Hi everyone! The summer is upon us and the sun is shining, but that doesn’t mean we are going to kick back and relax! PlayStation Plus is the service that keeps on giving, and we’ve some great additions to the Instant Game Collection this month, alongside heaps of discounts!

We have another impressive line-up of titles for you to enjoy throughout next month. As usual, there are three new PS3 games and two new PS Vita titles to enjoy, as well as great titles such as Payday the Heist and Saints Row the Third that are already available.

New PlayStation 3 games:
First up, I am extremely happy to announce that your lead title for this month is the adrenaline-packed, open-world racing experience Need for Speed: Most Wanted!

Built by Criterion Studios, Need for Speed: Most Wanted was widely lauded as the best driving game of 2012. You’ll need to outrun the cops, outdrive friends, and outsmart your rivals. With a relentless police force gunning to take you down, you’ll need to make split second decisions and use the open world to your advantage.

Also, make sure you visit the PlayStation Store for some great savings on a huge amount of DLC from Need for Speed: Most Wanted, The Run and Hot Pursuit for one week only from 31st July.

Your next PS3 offering is Mafia II – a beautifully crafted look into a dark criminal underworld. You will take on the role of Vito, a poor Italian American immigrant who is trying to escape a life of poverty. A petty criminal his whole life, Vito, along with his childhood friend Joe, will descend into the world of organised crime in a bid to prove themselves to the mob.


Your final offering for this month is acclaimed shooter Spec Ops: The Line from our friends at 2K.

The game follows Captain Martin Walker as he is sent into a post-catastrophe Dubai with an elite Delta Force team on a reconnaissance mission. However, the situation escalates into a hunt for a rogue US officer, Colonel John Konrad. I won’t ruin the storyline but trust me when I say it’s intense and utterly gripping.


New PS Vita games
First up for PS Vita is Lego Lord of the Rings where you’ll journey through Peter Jackson’s original epic trilogy of films, with all the usual humor and creativity you’d expect from the Lego series.


And last but certainly not least we are very happy to announce that you will also be able to download the all-action adventure When Vikings Attack!

In summary
Leaving PS Plus in July/August:

Entering PS Plus in July/August:

If you are not currently a Plus member, visit our PlayStation Plus site  to find out more about the service. Here you’ll learn all you need to know about a one year subscription to the Instant Game Collection all for a one-off payment of just £39.99 / €49.99.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store. Get the most out of your PS3 and PS Vita with PS Plus’ Instant Game Collection!

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19 Author Replies

  • You just couldn’t get the Vita version of Need for Speed Most Wanted, right?

  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Mafia 2 = EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!111111


    I’m quite happy with those.

  • And my backlog keeps growing…
    Great update again :)

  • Damn it! The one month where you deviate away from the supposedly leaked schedule and it’s the only month where there’s a PS3 game that I wanted/didn’t already own. I was looking forward to getting hold of DMC.

    Spec Ops is a nice addition, but got everything else. :(

  • So, the spoiler was only partly right this time. Shame about DmC, but NFS: MW is a great game! Also very happy about Lego LotR. I just finished Lego Batman 2, so LotR will land quite nicely :-)

    For thos that didn’t play When Vikings.. yet: It’s terribly great fun!

    • When Vikings Attack certainly is a fun little game and because its Cross Buy you lucky people will be getting both the PS3 and PS VITA versions :)

  • Exellent selection, really interested in Spec Ops and Mafia 2.
    The vita stuff is a little weak but im willing to try my hand at some lego lotr.

  • Just wow. Thats a very nice month and enough reason to add 3 more months to plus :) Ty

  • Har har the rumors were false! Which is alright by me :3 The Vita line up is still great and the ps3 titles are tight, all games I don’t have and probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise ^^ thanks PlayStation!!

  • No DmC? That’s really, really lame.

    Also it’s fair to say you should keep around Ninja Gaiden an extra for week for New Zealnders after not giving it to us for the first week. Then there’s all the Unit 13 issues.

  • Great update – kudos guys.

  • Most Wanted is GREAT! My stats show 260 hours played (SP+MP)…Too bad i paid the full price for the dlc’s :(

  • Nice update! Really looking forward to playing Mafia II and Spec Ops!

  • Oh, now I think of it: When Vikings.. is cross-buy, isn’t it? So the PS3 version is included?

  • Very nice month for Plus!
    Yeah, discounts on Most Wanted DLCs. I will buy them all, if they will get a fair price. Thanks.

  • Wow, NFS Most Wanted! I didn’t expect that game, but I already own it.
    But thanks for Spec Ops: The Line, Lego Lord of the Rings and When Vikings Attack! :)

    Oh, can we expect DMC in September then?

  • Lego lord of the rings!! AWESOME!

  • First month in a long time there’s nothing for me on PS3 having already played all the titles but I’ll happily enjoy Lego LotR & Vikings on my Vita. Cracking month again for those who haven’t played Need for Speed and particularly Spec Ops, one of the best shooters out there I think, really enjoyed it when I played it on Xbox

  • WOW. A great month again for plus. For the last 6 months or so I’ve had to just pick one of two plus games to play as there are two many in my ‘to play’ pile.

    Great stuff.

  • Already completed Mafia 2 long, long ago but I think I would download it and try to get 100% on it

    Already owned Spec Ops and it’s pretty damn impressive and the story is brilliant, I would recommend it every time.

    Need for Speed? Count me in.

    Nice update!

  • awesome!!! So glad I didn’t buy NFS when it came out!! :-P

    More games to add to that backlog (and even more reason to remain a member, lol )

  • Another great month, already have lego lotr, but many thanks for mafia!

  • poor update, wanted to resub this month but I won’t, no Devil May Cry, NFS is ok but aAfia is too similar to what you offered before (Sleeping Dogs) and uhhh Lego games…yuck

  • I dont like to complain but two more shooters after july’s seems too much for me. Not that i wont try them of course, but a little mroe diversity is nice :)

  • Anyone think they changed the line up just to say you DIDNT know the line up.

    Gutted no little kings story, its so expensive to buy hope it comes to plus soon.

    Happy with Most Wanted and LLOTR tho

  • Thankyou, another great Plus month.

  • Awesome vita line up, as well as a good PS3 line up too. Good month!

  • Thanks Chris! Need for Speeed will be a great addition for my collection, and I see that you truly heard the LEGO voices :D

  • NFS, Fantastic!!

  • My backlog is huge and it’s just gotten bigger. Great update, heard great things for Spec Ops and NFS. And my PS+ ends in September so I’ve got to renew soon! Plus PS4 soon. D:

  • Was kinda excited to see Lego Lord of the Rings but then I noticed its the Vita version….Really? Don’t get me wrong I own a Vita and love it but I’ve heard nothing but bad things about the Vita port of lotr compared to the PS3 version, ah well the PS3 lineup is pretty good!

  • Excellent games, well done:)

  • Yet another solid line up, was just considering getting The Lord of The Rings of the store. Plenty for me to be playing in August.

  • Can I make some wishes for some older games like Mirror’s Edge, Heavy Rain, GTA IV and Dead Space! Also Bethesda Games (Skyrim, Fallout 3), Max Payne 3, Dead Space 3, DmC: Devil May Cry, Crysis 3 and PS All-Stars!

    • Mirror’s Edge is a good shout
      Heavy Rain is only available in a few countries
      GTA IV – could be waiting some tiiiiime!
      Dead Space 2 has already been in the IGC

  • Is there any chance of the Lego Lord Of The Rings game being the PS3 release too? I don’t yet have a vita but love to go through some of the Lego games.

  • Unbelievably good month but gutted that I have already got most wanted and mafia 2, oh well spec ops the line seems to be fantastic as well as LOTR thanks Plus.

  • Epic update! I’m going to download Mafia 2 en spec ops for sure. Any chance for Lego LOTR ps3 version for Plus in the future?

  • PS3 stuff is alright.

    But the PSVita game…

    Score 5.4 out of 10

    Why give such a crap poo poo game away? Has SCEE gone through all games that are decent, good or great yet for PSVita that aren’t brand new? Can’t be.

    That is utter, utter crap, I won’t even spend the time on downloading it. And don’t say it has an audience that likes it, kids buy a 3DS, PSVita is bought by mostly grown up gamers. Months up till now were pretty good on PSVita in PS+ for the free games. The sales for PSVita suck constantly compared to USA, but if even the free games turn into a pile of crap that no one wants to play…

  • Just to know guys, nfs most wanted multiplayer is broken.It is required for you to buy the car dlc in order to be good,since most of the people online have it.Its the fastest car in the game by far

  • And to make thing clear – I do not blame Capcom – i would have done the same.

    And this is , fellow gamers, how leaks can harm all of us.
    Some things are meant to be be kept secret.

  • Strong PS3 lineup. Not too bad a Vita lineup but not particularly good. What are the chances of NFS Vita on Plus in the near future?

  • Overall a good month, but to provide some “real” feedback I’ll cover what comes to my mind:

    * When the people asked for a Lego game I somehow doubt that most of them had the Vita as the platform in mind.
    While the PS3 versions are actually considered good, this surely isn’t the case for the Vita versions. Last month already offered 2 Vita games the 6x% range and now we got this with 54%?

    * Mafia 2 is a bit disappointing. It’s old and hasn’t the the best quality. L.A. Noire would have been a far better candidate.

    But that we got NFS Most Wanted is wonderful and Spec Ops as well. Those 2 make it a really good month.

    But please take more care for the Vita in future, I’d be hugely disappointed if that was my only system.
    My humble suggestion: Some RPG for the Vita, as we had none for that system yet. At the very least I’d require a good Persona 4 Golden sale.

  • great update lego is amazing we are waiting for resistance vita (any chance?) thanks chris

  • Has it occurred to anyone that SCEE may have taken DMC off this months update because they’re sick to death of people leaking their surprises?

  • oh… i was hoping for New Little King’s story =( maybe you guys could do a good sale for it this summer? not a big fan of Lego games but I’ll check that out.
    I guess the hype of the rumoured titles kind of killed the actual offers for me.

  • Yeah, Lego lotr Vita has a holds a rating of 54 on Metacritic. Weren’t all IGC games supposed to be “top-rated”, meaning a 70+ rating on Metacritic?

  • WHAT! I mean seriously just yesterday I was remembering how awsone mafia 2 was and I was gona buy it Friday, uncanny seriously!

  • I just bought Mafia 2 ;/

  • #38: the most broken car is in the base game anyway, the Bugatti Veyron.

    Anyway the game is not broken because of that, but it’s because of damn glitches. Since the v1.03 update and the triple DLC pack, some features are no longer working properly (like total mileage when you boot the game) and Concours still give problems (it was never ever fixed since release), they silently dropped support on this game and moved to Rivals. Also the Autolog site cannot be used anymore. Isn’t it illegal to offer games with faulty features?

  • @38 You are so wrong… You can easily beat Hennesey or other Ultimate Speed dlc cars with Veyron or with Agera… If you keep crashing that is not the car’s fault…

  • Unfortunatly for me i already have (and finished) Mafia 2 and Spec Ops (2 great games of this generation), but Most wanted was on my list of PSN Plus “most wanted games”.
    I hoping for DMC like it was rumored…i can still wait one more month…

    Here’s my list of Most Wanted Games for PSN PLUS PS3 (i hope my list of games of plus can be playable in my future PS4 by Gaikai)

    – Ni No Kuni
    – Metal Gear Rising
    – War/Fall of Cybertron
    – DMC
    – Mirror’s Edge
    – Binary Domain
    – Darksiders 2
    – Rayman Origins
    – Sly Cooper: thieves in time
    – Portal 2
    – Borderlands 2
    – Metal gear solid HD colection

    Maybe later…
    – Ramember me
    – Call of Duty Black Ops 2
    – Grid 2
    – Fuse
    – Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

    Thanks a lot and great job for all you guys at EU Blog Playstation and PSN Plus great service. This is one of the best reasons to continue to be your customer with the PS4.

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