Handsome platformer Teslagrad set to charm on PS3 this year

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Handsome platformer Teslagrad set to charm on PS3 this year

Lead image teslagrad wallpaper

Hello there! This is Peter Wingaard Meldahl, co-founder of Rain Games and lead developer on Teslagrad, the great adventure we are creating in our small headquarters at Bergen, Norway.

We at Rain Games are another example of the new wave of Scandinavian indie developers, proudly following the likes of Trine, Limbo, Minecraft, Magicka and Amnesia. We emerged from a cooperative of local artists and talented programmers who wanted, above all, to make super-awesome games. And after a good time of development, Teslagrad will be the first game we’ve ever published.

So now you know us, the team behind Teslagrad. But what about the game? What makes our game special? We have put all of our heart, passion and effort into Teslagrad. And I can guarantee you that the results will be unforgettable. In a nutshell, Teslagrad is a hand-drawn 2D sidescrolling puzzle game with action elements, where magnetism and other electromagnetic powers are the key to progressing through the game, and thereby discover the secrets kept in the long abandoned Tesla Tower.


Solomons chamberTeslagradScreens3

You play as a young boy who suddenly finds himself embroiled in a long-forgotten conspiracy, involving the despotic king who has ruled the nation with an iron fist for several years.

The nation, an apparently decadent and oppressed land called Elektropia, is a kind of steampunk vision of old Europe, with a dystopic touch. The protagonist, a child descendant from the ancient Teslamancer cast, has to master the power of Teslamancy and magnetism in order to overcome the hundreds of puzzles and challenges awaiting for him into the treacherous tower.

The whole game is entirely visual, featuring a speechless storytelling mainly supported on what you see (and often, on what you don’t see…).


Despite the fact that Teslagrad is our first big work, we are eager to show you all. The immensely positive feedback that we have received thanks to the alpha, and the thousands of fans acclaiming the game have given us infinite strength, and we hope you enjoy the game when it’s released this autumn.


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  • Please can this come to PS Vita too!

  • I’ll never get tired of hand drawn games, judging from the screenshots you’d think you were looking at concept artwork. I know it’s early, but any idea what the price will be or if it’ll get a PS+ discount?

  • This looks like a day one buy for me. Nice to be able to support Norwegian indie developers! :)

    Would’ve been extra nice if this was released on PS Vita also :)

  • I don’t understand why companies don’t just make these games for both systems from the get go. This looks more like a handheld game than a console game.

  • Should be on PS VITA instead of PS3. Or at least both

  • Can you please bring this for psp? It has better grip than the vita and it sold way more than the vita ever will. Since the vita is dead now i am looking forward to more psp games.

  • @bidbaldwolf86:

    The Vita doesn’t really have a big install base, and it still takes extra resources to port the game. If the Vita sold 30+ million like the 3DS, guaranteed that they would port it with cherry on top.

    *shrug* If I could get a Vita and a beefy memory card for €225, I’d buy it without hesitation. =/

  • This looks pretty neat. I would definitely buy a Vita version. I have no interest in playing it on PS3 though.

    Ever since I bought the Vita it has become my favored platform for playing these types of games. I have no interest in playing them on PS3 anymore.

    Rocketbirds, Guacamelee!, Hotline Miami, Rayman Origins etc. So awesome on the Vita. Soon we’ll have Spelunky and even more indie goodness.

  • @zalwelgoedgaan

    You know what’s funny (and cool)? Some games, including Hotline Miami, sell better on the Vita store than on PS3.

    Software attach rates on the Vita are really good. It’s a pretty good platform to publish on for smaller studios.

  • @cowbanana

    Yeah, I think I heard the same thing with Guacamelee. There does seem to be a very dedicated fanbase which is nice to have, but the audience really needs to expand. If Sony wants people to download games, then the memory card prices need to be slashed ASAP to give them the incentive to do so.

    Btw, I’m not expecting the Vita to do 3DS levels of sales, but there needs to be a time when Sony has to eat the costs of the system (memory cards are cheap to produce and the price is just absurd compared to the competition) and compensate it with digital sales if they want to keep moving on.

    Maybe they are waiting for the Vita to enter its second phase when it becomes a Remote Play machine for the PS4, who knows? =|

  • Amazing art style, can’t wait to play this game. :)

  • Looks great, please get it ported to the Vita, looks prefect for it. Bet sony can help out with that if you don’t have the compacitiy. Pretty please :)

  • @zalwelgoedgaan

    Yep, memory cards (prices) is just one of the many stupid decisions Sony have made with the Vita. I still bought a 32 Gb card, but I fully understand why people think the prices are crazy :/

    The last thing I want to use my Vita for is remote play on PS4. If/when I buy a PS4 a year or so after launch it will not be to play the games on a small screen. If Sony wants to bank on Remote Play primarily for the Vita in the future they deserve to drop out of the handheld market entirely and leave it to people who care about portable gaming.

  • Why you release a game like this on PS3. It’s perfect for Vita. I know the vita isn’t exactly lighting the charts on fire, but still…

  • Som games actually sell a lot on the Vita. Retro City Rampage sold more on the Vita than PS3.

    But yeah, developers see the, in comparison to PS3, small install base =/

    But thats where Sony should step up and help developers port games to Vita. The problem is, as was very apparent at E3, Sony doesn’t really care about the Vita anymore.

  • It looks really good , Vita Version ? Please ?

  • Vita or not just take my damn money!!

  • Give us a vita version and you will have my money :D

  • I agree with almost everybody here and wanted to add: EVERY cross-buy game I own – which is quite a lot already – I almost exclusively play on my Vita, although I own both systems. It’s just so easy to wake up my Vita, play a level, and put it down again.. And games like Hardboiled, Guacamelee, Thomas was Alone and the like are easily more enjoyable on Vita… it just feels more at home, dunno why :D

    So Vita, maybe :D I’d buy it the day it drops! :D

  • Please everyone buy this so that they port it to the Vita, hopefully with Cross-buy. I would buy the hell out of it if it was on Vita.

  • @Gaj76 “Please everyone buy this so that they port it to the Vita, hopefully with Cross-buy. I would buy the hell out of it if it was on Vita.” Totally agree, better with cross-buy it’s like the Guacamlee so it fits better con Vita not in ps3 U_u’.

    And Soul Saga goes Vita!!!! It seams Sony is putting some efforts on Vita system so we can have more games and fun. Thanks, and please don’t stop.

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