20 things you didn’t know about PS4

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20 things you didn’t know about PS4

Happy Friday everyone! Before the weekend rolls in and we all get down to some serious gaming, don’t forget to check out PS4 Week on PlayStation Access . Over the last seven days we’ve made a bunch of ace PS4 videos, covering hands-on with the DualShock 4, awesome PS4 launch titles Killzone: Shadow Fall and #DRIVECLUB and a first look at PS4’s incredible discovery app, The Playroom.

Rounding off PS4 Week, we’ve got one last video that takes a look at some of the more elusive facts about Sony’s awmazing new console. For instance, did you know PS4 comes with a built-in cookie dispenser? Okay, I might have made that one up, but our ’20 Things You Didn’t Know About PS4′ video is full of tasty factual nuggets that might have escaped your notice post E3.

So give it a watch, and while you’re at it check out the videos across the rest of our channel – it’s full of PlayStation goodness. Then draw the curtains, block out that nasty sun, and have a great weekend of awesome gaming.

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  • Promise: 20 things we didn’t know about the PS4.
    Actually new information: Zero.

    You can attract watchers AND remain honest at the same time!

  • Excellent video(makes me want the PS4 even more now) :P
    + The only downer is the PS1/PS2&PS3 Game streaming service not being ready on day 1 when the PS4 comes out :( + the USA 1st next year?!?! :-/ (i HATE slow rollouts)
    Even if it was say 5 PS1 & 5 PS2 & 5 PS3 games that could be streamed on day 1 would of been cool. It’s not a big deal i suppose because i am mainly getting the PS4 for PS4 games i guess;)

  • Extremely doubt I’ll get a response to this (considering the ongoing radio silence from SCEE about the roll-out of the Video Store to new regions) but … here goes:

    “On PS4 Video Unlimited will stream movies for the first time on PlayStation.”

    In what countries? Just the usual “important” ones like the UK, US, France and Germany etc.?

    Go on … shock us all by announcing that Video Unlimited is not actually limited.

    • Hey there Brodiesan. Details for Video Store on PS4 have not been fully confirmed yet. We’ll likely update you nearer launch.

  • can i use my dualshock 3 on the ps4 for muliplayer?

  • I have one of the official PlayStation headsets with 7.1 virtual surround sound, not the Pulse one, the official PS3 one.

    Will that work with PlayStation 4? I don’t really need a new one so I wouldn’t like to have a buy a new one if not necessary.

    It might also be worthwhile confirming if the Pulse headsets will work also for those who own one.

    Thank you!

  • Wow…. so I learnt nothing from that

  • What I know is that I’ll get the absolute minimum level of service, compared to the likes of the UK. Just like with PS3 and Vita. Stay classy SCEE!

    Please let us know if you have plans to change this sorry state of affairs. I’m sure people here will listen to important news concerning this matter. It is 2013 after all.

    Not the joyful, happy reply you expected? Well, too bad. Change is needed.

  • 21. Video Unlimited will be available only in few countries.

    22. Gaikai streaming service will give you access to PS3 titles only if you buy them AGAIN.

  • suspend mode on ps3 at 2:40 lol

  • can we have a ps4 Q&A? ps4 looks so good. when i look online about some specifics though so much noise it’s hard to know what”s fact or fiction.

    Q&A please??

    also “the last of us” so good ending though…okay not my choice also new ratchet and clank yay :)

    • We can certainly look into that a little nearer launch. Full details on all aspects of the system have not yet been 100% announced – when that process is complete, we can do a Q&A, for sure.

  • Yeah, not one reply … there’s a shock …

  • Brodiesan, do i need to remind you that the PS4 will be region-free?

  • mist 1 vital thing no Gaikai for europe 2014 and will only be released in U.K and select few countries like always.

  • Cross game chat.
    Great news, but we still need to know if it is restricted to 1 v 1 or can we have party chat cross game?

  • @ killer3-G

    So what? The Video Store is blocked via IP filtering. I have a US and a UK account. I can not buy video content off either of these stores as it checks where I’m connecting from and blocks it.

    Hence, the PS4’s region free nature will have no impact on Video Unlimited. If SCEE don’t manage to get their finger out and sign the contracts with the content producers for countries such as Ireland and Greece, we won’t get it. Just like we don’t get the video content now.

  • This and the even briefer earlier explanation reported by OPM from the Develop conference aren’t really the clearest way to explain the new PSN content activation system. You’re going to get a lot of speculation about how exactly it works until clearly explained.

    It sounds like you now have 1 activated “home” console (down from 2 on PS3) which gives any user of that PS4 access to everything already downloaded offline. All of an active PlayStation Plus account holder’s content and the ability to play all games online are shared by all users of this PS4.

    Now, instead of a second activated PS4 like you have on PS3, you instead have the ability to sign-in with your PSN account on any PS4 and access all your content and PS+ perks, but only as long as you’re online and signed in with your own account.

    What’s not clear is if you can still immediately deactivate/activate your 1 “home” PS4 to make another PS4 the “home” PS4 that lets everyone access everything. If you have multiple PS4’s at home, this is something you’re likely to want to do, and ideally more quickly and easily than the account management process on PS3.

  • @15 KRadiation: Party chat on PS Vita lets 8 friends voice chat simultaneously so you should at least expect that.

  • So the PS4 will be region free just like the PS3 then?

    That’s nice I guess, but rendered fairly pointless when you don’t make the public aware of any differences between the different regions’ versions up front.

    How many of you knew that The Last of Us’ multiplayer mode is heavily censored in the EU? And how many of you would have simply imported the North American version if you’d known this in advance?

    Oh but neither Sony nor Naughty Dog are even acknowledging that the EU has a ‘lite’ version, let alone commenting on it – so why would they make it public beforehand?!?!

    *rolls eyes*

    Since when did blanket censorship for an entire region based on the whims of one country (Germany) suddenly become acceptable to gamers?

    Come on guys let’s make ourselves heard, it’s a matter of principle this time round but how long before decisions like this are affecting single player too, or mechanics which affect how a game plays?

    And an official response to this really would be nice…

  • User interface is absolutely ugly as hell. The XMB was a complete win with its simple and modern design, I have no idea why they would want to get rid of that. This looks much more “Xbox’ish” and too Western in my opinion. It also looks more of a drag to browse through, like the current store.

    PLUS : more for the same amount of money? How can you justify saying that when they integrated general online gaming into this?

    And then there is the Dualshock 4, which still looks like a beast, but is just not the Dualshock 3..

    All in all, very excited as always for a new Playstation console, but not so much as I was for ps2 and ps3. The news about having to pay for online gaming ruined it mostly for me, on top of the “subtle” controller changes. I’m gonna miss my ps3 with its free online, XMB and DS3, that much is for sure..

  • Few questions
    1. can you extend the HDD space with an external HDD?

    2. is there an SDK for voice recognition? because games like Battlefield 4 will have them on Kinect but they haven’t announced it for PS4 leaving me to believe that there is no SDK or that there is not enough awareness to the fact that the PS4 can do it also

    3. the DS4 will support four LED’s but how many bluetooth devices can you hook up, and can you only have four DS4 controllers?

  • oh and
    4. does it support Miracast?

  • Hi,

    i just have one question !! Can we use the tablets/phones apps on the vita ?? i ask this already but no one answer, i think is a plus for the vita, anyone??

  • I just hate these snippet thingies, they don’t explain anything.
    For instance the user interface, will it have advertising? Will the store team be different because SCEE is horrible.
    When (if ever) will Gai kai come to my country. I need the exact date so I know when to buy my PS4.
    Will the light on the controller reflect in the screen because mine is at the exact same level as the tv?
    Will PS3 Plus stuff be available on Gai Kai on PS4 to be played by me?
    Can I use my keyboard and mouse on PS4 like I did with PS3.
    Will DLC be region locked and what idiot ordered that for PS3? I don’t buy DLC for most of my imported game (=all my games) because of that.
    Can we buy a PS3 with no HD. I think it’s a shame to buy one, take out the 500gb drive and replace it with a 3 terabyte one? Can it hold a 3 terabyte drive?

  • Do you know what the PS4 is missing??
    Dual HDMI output!!
    It would’ve been awesome to have that as an alternative to split-screen…

  • So the PSVita is made for PS4, could we please get some more real information about that?
    A release date is very useful, you know, for the console and stuff?
    When everyone can be a publisher on the PS4, and expenses for indies are cut, does that mean prices for regular publishers are lowered so prices will be closer to PC games (and Steam sales)?
    Will Plus have more benefits on PS4 except for 1 game a month and online gaming?
    I don’t care for sharing, can I turn that service off in a menu so my console doesn’t need to do all that work for nothing?
    Will the blue line on the console change colour like the controller does?
    How do I regulate the speaker in the controller? Do I need to change the sounds on my tv and controller separate?
    Does the headphone jack in the controller give me 7.1 surround sound in my headphone or do I need to put it in my console (if possible)?

  • Usually not a fan of these kinds of promotional videos; however this one had a great blend of humor and subtlety! Great Job, liked and subscribed.

    Also, is this true, you know what I’m talking about… Is it true? Well? WELL!

    Are you really adding content to the already enormous collection in PS+? There should be prizes awarded for the PS+ service, never in all my days have I seen something as amazingly competent and generous as the PS+ Offerings!

    Like on my last auto-subscription (Of a year) I never realized I kept access to all my previously downloaded PS+ content from the previously paid cycle! It is just truly amazing. Being a Dad I can seldom afford games, but even my wife can’t argue with £80 for almost three maybe more years of content (This includes the incentive months and time lost PS hack months) Amazing Sony, you’ve done so much right! Keep it up!

  • ugh.. cross game chat… no thanks. Bad enough when people try and talk during an online game I’m in and I have to waste time going through menus trying to find how to mute them. I’d just like an option to have muted everyone by default from the console’s firmware so I haven’t got keep muting them (something I constantly have to do during Uncharted 3 matches and it’s very irritating).

    The main thing I like about PS4 is the whole idea of cutting waiting times. Not having to sit about because something cannot do a background download. The PS3 eventually got automatic downloads which is nice but doesn’t always prevent waits (such as when you’ve just downloaded a game and it has patches needed already).

    Problem for me though is the lack of any games that really appeal to me. inFamous series has entertained me plenty so I wouldn’t mind having a go at the new one but very little else I’ve seen has done much for me and the lack of backwards compatiblity with my large PS3 downloaded collection is something that puts me off wanting to buy a new console. A new Uncharted would tempt me…

  • Also I hope the Download List management is heavily improved cos on PS3 it’s always been an absolute nightmare to use when you’ve bought a new machine or hard drive and are trying to redownload all your games, DLC, avatars, whatevers…

  • I’m going to pre-order my ps4 next Thursday, but I’m confuse I’m reading over the net, I watch E3 what andy house said, & watch that vid above what you posted Fred.

    I’m getting conflicting messages andy said at E3 that cloud gaming will roll out ps3 1st then vita & ps4 so like ps3 console and tablets (iPad) but the websites says ps3 games on ps4 via cloud even that vid above.

    1 other site said the ps3 will have a limited use of cloud because of the ps3.

    So what is then? when Sony announce it say all devices is that still true? :|

    20 quid I have to pre- order from game :)

  • Request: Keyboard and Mouse support for first person shooters! You will swallow up a market your missing. I suppose there is an arguement about fairness but guess what a simple server selection setting can separate that if need be. Keep supporting the sharp shooter peripheral also.

    Dual hdmi does sound really nice for 2 large screen tv events.

    Somebody bring back R-Type and a Decent Contra game….. @_@

    oh and buy out nintendo, sega and neo geo

  • Exactly what Shin-ra (#18) said.

    I have 2 PS3s which I keep in sync – same PS3 game data, PSN games, PS+ content etc. I have my own PSN account as do my wife and 2 kids.

    If I did the same with PS4, are you telling me they couldn’t play games downloaded on my account on the 2nd console if I was logged into the ‘home’ PS4 ?

    You certainly kept that quiet Sony :(

  • Any idea if PS Home will be on PS4???

  • I will love you forever if you please confirm/clarify something that was said in that video.

    “You can nominate one PS4 as your home machine and your content is always available on that device, even to other users. That includes Playstation Plus membership.”

    Now does this mean that myself and my wife (who obviously share a home console but have separate SEN accounts) can both play online multiplayer on our own profiles whilst only paying for one Plus membership?

    If so, then Sony is even more brilliant than I already think they are.

  • Agree with all those #18 #33 and others.

    1 home console and 1 active while signed in is fine for single/younger people without families but for some of us it’s terrible.

    Why can’t you leave it the way it is, with 2 activated consoles. This is not helpful to those of us with families going into the future where we’ll likely have more than one PS4 at some point.

  • I just want to know if we can play our own music at anytime while playing any games.

    Feature was awesome in online titles such as Warhawk.

  • My husband and I both plan on having ps4’s in our house the question is will I be able to link my account to both ps4’s. So either 1 of us can play our digital purchases.

    We can do it now with our ps3’s

  • @38

    if you buy the game on your account then you set 1 PS4 as the “home” console and you play on the other one which needs to be online, and then you husband plays on the “home” console. If he tries to play the game on his account on the first PS4 it won’t work, and in all cases 1 PS4 has to be always online for it to work.

    Now if say if you had any kids, well tuff as only the “home” PS4 can play the game and unless you let the kids use one of your account (I wouldn’t as mine are young and I wouldn’t want them able to play any mature games on my account).

    Sony have just copied the 360 system which is far more restrictive than the current PS3 setup, I’ve no intention of buying any more digital games with this. I’d been spending €60-70 on games from PSN now I’ll get the physical games as that as it’s far cheaper.

  • This is what I get for using a phone, “tough”.

  • still annoyed that all my games from PS3 digital, psone digital, psn are not transferable to the ps4, whats wrong Sony cant make a emulator to play them on the ps4? pretty sure if they asked some geek/hacker someone would make one for free

  • Will everyone be Folding at Home again?

  • @20

    There is a very important thing you have to keep in mind regarding importing “region free” games for Playstation: if you buy a game from a different region, you can only buy DLC from that same region. I worked in the US for 3 years and got tons of games while I was there. Killzone 2, Portal 2 and many others, I had to purchase the DLC with my American account. Unless I find a way to purchase PSN cards in the US and have the codes sent to me, I can’t purchase DLC for those region 1 games… that’s super sad considering that Portal 2 is getting the co op Move DLC content now.

    It’s already like that. For any content that you purchase in your account, it becomes available to other user accounts on that console, as long the owner account is still there.
    Even if you have multiple consoles… though there’s a limit of 5 consoles per game.

  • Point 4 is terrible I have 2 ps3’s with 5 different accounts.

    My main eu account for purchasing psn games ps+ music unlimited,online gaming,trophies friends ect.

    A US account for the content not on eu store and cheaper games.

    A gran turismo league account

    And 2 more accounts for my son and wife to play everything I have bought.

    I have no interest in playing my games somewhere else on a different ps4, I wish the same system as used on ps3 would remain. The limited accounts on vita has been a real pain.

    Guess Sony only wants me to buy 1 ps4 and less games ?

  • @Fred
    Ah, hard to please? I don’t think so. ;)
    The video title was just misleading. It is quite natural that we want as much information as possible about the Next Generation. All the worse if someone makes the impression as if they’d have a lot to share with you, while there is nothing at the end. :(

    You are wrong. Your home console will always be able to play any content that is from any account that registered this system as their home console.
    It doesn’t matter if the owner of the game is online elsewhere at the same time. And you don’t have to be online.

    The only difference to the current system is that there isn’t a pre-registered second system. But it is granting you the freedom to play your content with your ID whereever it pleases you on the fly. But yeah, you have to be online thatfor.

    That’s at least how I understood their new system.

    Two consoles, not 5. Those 5 activiations have been revoked for some years now.

  • @ Golwar

    Yes the home console is like that, but if you have 2 PS4 at home then 1 has to be the home console and can be used by any account (offline) while the other needs to be signed into by the purchasing account and online.

    PS4 A; Home console, all account, offline.
    PS4 B; signed in console, the purchasing account, online.

  • I mean that the home console can be online/offline, the other console being online does not affect that.

  • Also the 5 avtivation is not revoked, any content bought before the change from 5 to 2PS3 & 2 PSP will still be 5.

  • @Dreadaxe
    You still see an issue where none is.

    PS4 A – the “Home” console – can be either online or offline
    PS4 B – must be online

    They can both be online at the same time. Do you have any facts or statements that claim anything else? This video for sure doesn’t.

    And that you can still use old purchases on 5 systems doesn’t change anything at all about the fact that the 5 activation system is part of the past and thus Brunno’s claim in that regard was false.

  • I know both can be online at the same time, I said as much in #47.

    My problem is that the non-home console must be online and that it’ll need to use the purchasing account to play the games. If my kids want to play with each other 1 needs to play on the home console as their account and the other will need to play on my account on the non-home PS4 which causes parental control issues.

    it’s gone from 2 console activations to 1 console and 1 account.

  • Ah, I thought your statement in #47 was what you demanded. ;)

    Yeah, you are right about that. When Person A is the owner and B and C want to play the game against each other, that specific constellation would represent a loss compared to now.
    Still I don’t consider it such a dramatic change, as it also has advantages. And far more people will benefit from those, than people will be affected by your constellation of 2 non-owners wanting to play at the same time.

    Either purchase twice or teach them to share. Hasn’t been any different in our youth. ;)

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