New #DRIVECLUB video: Access goes hands-on with the PS4 racer

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New #DRIVECLUB video: Access goes hands-on with the PS4 racer

Hello PlayStation Blog! Life is brilliant at the moment, isn’t it? Andy Murray’s won Wimbledon, the weather is cracking, and it’s PS4 Week over on PlayStation Access. We’ve got loads of awesome PS4 content, including hands-on with the DualShock 4, a first look at the stunning PS4 discovery app, Playroom, and a meaty play-through of Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Today however, it’s all about #DRIVECLUB – the incredible PS4 launch title from Evolution Studios that pits you against your mates by seamlessly integrating single player and online multiplayer.

We’ve got an interview with #DRIVECLUB Community Manager Jamie Brayshaw, plus loads of brand new gameplay footage taken from last week’s PlayStation 4 Showcase in London.

Enjoy the video, and don’t forget to check back all this week on PlayStation Access, where we’ll have loads more PS4 content waiting for you.

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  • I have been hugely excited for this game since it was revealed and it keeps getting better. Evolution know how to make a fun full-on racer with great social elements so DRRIVECLUB should be fantastic.

    Some of the views when cresting a hill look beautiful so I will be stopping to do some sightseeing. I hope the shadow pop-up on the trees is eliminated from the final game though as it is currently a little distracting.

    Roll on launch day…

  • The game sure looks amazing.
    It would be nice to know what this Plus EDITION actually means. I need too save money for the PS4 (399), a Plus membership (49,99) that is about 450 euro so how much money do I need to add to it to get the complete Driveclub experience?

  • @OttoT

    It’s already been confirmed that the Plus Edition contains everything the retail version has. Nothing deducted or missing. The only thing different is the Plus title addition.

  • @MaxDiehard #3

    It was said previously by Evolution that PS+ Edition will be missing a few cars and possibly a couple of tracks. Bar that it is the same with all challenges and campaign fully intact.

    If that has changed I will stand corrected…

  • Ah, Access. I remember that. I used to watch it every week on my PS3, downloaded from PSN… until the awful store redesign left it buried god-knows-where. So I no longer bother trying to find it; it’s hard enough adding a simple piece of DLC to your shopping cart so I can never be bothered wading slowwwwly through the badly designed menu systems searching for Access. Navigating the PSN Store now is like making your way waste-high through a swamp blindfolded.

    In other words: Access is dying because the Store redesign is rubbish.

    Does anyone at Sony care about this? Or, anything other than heading to the pub at the end of the week after a job not-very-well-done?

    Will things improve by PS4? Because something has got to change. As a loyal Sony console fan, it frustrates me that SCEE don’t seem to hive a monkey’s about customer feedback and opinion.

  • “give” a monkey’s, sorry.

  • I understand the need to create some hype and all but lets be more careful with words. Incredible it is not. Especially if you compared it side by side to the new Forza in E3..
    I expected more!

  • @MaxDiehard Do you have a source for me?
    @Paul2007 That is what I have read but it doesn’t make sense. I guess they don’t want to give you the full version, something not often happens with Plus and would be a devaluation of the service if this becomes a standard. What will be missing and what can be bought to make it complete? I know ‘complete’ is in this day and age with all the DLC hardly possible but I want to know how close it is to the full game.

  • When is this coming out?

  • i’m so glad that this game has 1st person view

  • Do we know if Driveclub will support USB steering wheels?

  • @OttoT

    Forget what I said. I was going off information I heard at E3, then they decided to change their minds.

    PS+ Edition has all the same functionalities, but a limited amount of tracks and cars.

  • @trickydisco

    I assume it was designed for them. My Driving Force GT would be the obvious choice, being the Official PlayStation steering wheel.

  • So can’t wait for this game.

  • Will it be 60 fps? Will it support G2527 wheels?

  • Cann someone please translate, I don’t understand a word of his english accent.

  • @Jamie Brayshaw
    If you were reponsible for flooding our Twitter TLs during the E3, with dozens and dozens of “Driveclub is so great/awesome” tweets, I hope someone informed you meanwhile that this is NOT the best usage of Twitter. ;)

    Haha, Access is made for the British audience. But you don’t miss too much. Mostly standard stuff like how great Share functionality is etc. There isn’t any new information about the game.

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