Award-winning adventure Proteus is coming to PS3 and PS Vita

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The team here at Curve takes great pleasure in announcing that Ed Key and David Kanaga’s award winning PC indie game, Proteus, will be arriving on both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in Autumn this year.

A lot of games get called ‘unique’, but we think there’s honestly nothing quite like Proteus. It’s a game all about exploration, mystery, colour and sound. Played in first person and set on an uninhabited island, it’s all about getting immersed in a dream like world.


Everything in Proteus is procedurally generated, which means the game is different each time you play. The game plays through all four seasons before the end, and it’s nearly impossible to see everything in the game with one play through.

The music and sounds in the game are what really make it special though, and everything you encounter as you explore has its own musical signature, so just like the island, the music changes depending on where you choose to go.

Here at Curve we’ve been working with Ed to make the PS Vita and PlayStation 3 versions even better than the PC original and over the next few months we’re going to have more information on how we’re using the power of the PS3 and Vita to bring the absolute best Proteus experience to you guys.


We’ve already had Proteus up on the big screens here in the office, and it’s looking like nothing the PlayStation has ever seen before, so if you’re into games that try something a little different, keep an eye on us over the coming months!

For now though, we can tell you that Proteus will be a Cross Buy game, and game designer Ed Key will be available in the comments to answer any questions you might have about the game.


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3 Author Replies

  • Wonderful game from a talented bunch. This is a great pickup for the Vita if the price point is sensible.

    Top stuff Ed.

  • Great news !

    I’m glad to see Curve bringing this and Lone Survivor to the PS3.

    The PC has many great original games and I hope Curve continue to bring them :-)

    • Thanks :) We have no plans to stop making Vita / PS3 titles any time soon, and we’re continuing to work on some of our own original stuff as well!

  • I was reading an interview of Eric Chahi (Another World, From Dust) this morning.
    He said that Proteus was the game that blew his mind recently. Never heard of it so I checked it in the internet. It really does look interesting and I wished that the game will come to PSVITA, I was even planning to send a tweet to Shahid about it, I guess it’s no longer necessary now.

    My wish is granted … QUICKLY!

  • Hi, when is the “indie” category coming to the EU PSN (I am using the Norwegian store) store on Vita? I know the US store got it.

    Also does this game have trophies?

  • I had the alpha release on my old pc before it died. Really stoked by this news. Love the indie push for all PS consoles. Hopeful that it will be on Ps4 too, just preordered mine =)

  • Picked up the PC version recently in a Humble Bundle and as a game it’s actually incredibly dull. It would make a decent screensaver though. Perhaps it should have been marketed as such.

  • Getting an LDS emulator(PS1) vibe from this only not freaky but very attracting to look at. Also, other dual sticks inputs, what can we expect for touch inputs like front and rear touch inputs.

  • As someone who reviewed PC version of Proteus for a gaming portal, I am very glad to see it jump over to Vita. Hope it pays off for David!

    I would, however, suggest adding some more features (something that has crossed your mind, obviously) and setting price tag very carefully – PC version, while a delightful experience, was also a tad on the short side, even counting in replayability potential. In its current state 3.99GBP or 4.99EUR is pretty much the maximum asking price for it, even in Cross Buy variant.

  • “Hope it pays off for David!”
    And for Ed, of course. Sorry for that slippage!

  • It’s good to see indie games coming to the PS3 but total frustration that there’s very little information or a release date. Even an acknowledgement of an attempt to release the game in the EU at the same time as other regions would be good. The whole indie scene with Sony is just an absolute frustration pit. Surely you can give a release date and a launch price? Can no one in the indie scene plan a project time line? You must have an idea of the price or cant you budget? What about a PS+ discount at launch? PS+ discount seem to be dirty words now with SCEE.

    • We can’t give a release date this early on because it’s much more frustrating for gamers if the launch slips for any reason. It’s not always something you can plan, either – if we find a major bug during QA, for example.

      As for PS+, we’re talking to SCEE about how that might work, but we’ve not come to an arrangement yet (It’s fairly early days to be talking about launch promotions).

  • Proteus is an amazing game that I will gladly buy again to have it on Vita. This is a game begging to be played in bed in the dark, when you’re comfy and free to get totally absorbed in it.

  • @4: Of course it does. God, it’s going to go on forever.

    *enter 2020*
    “Are their trophies in this game, on a device that always has trophies for games?”

  • wow. just read an artikel/interview last night on you guys. talkes on ps4 and new projects where mentiont with “wait and see”. today you come on the blog with a “new” game! hell yir.

    you have come into my good grace. that means i buy everything from you (until i get to somthing baaaaad). and thats because.
    1. bringing indies to ps3 AND vita
    2. thomas was alone, was way great.
    3. getting the right people to do it (longe ranger).
    4. they look and run great on vita
    5. crossbuy.

    until stealth bastard/Stealth Inc – A Clone in the Dark comes out. if the dlc is not included.. you will lose me. dont make that happen.

  • for some reason my first thought was LSD (the Japanese PSX game). It was a dream emulator if I recall.

    This seems very interesting and will be looking forward to playing this

  • Wow, I’m over the moon to learn that Proteus is headed to Vita. I love my indie games (and cult oddities), so the more awesome PC and console indies to make it to Vita, the better. Curve have a great track record and I have every faith that they’ll do a sterling job with Proteus. Stealth Inc. too for that matter!

    Rob, if you’re listening buddy, please, for all that is holy, find a way to work with Capybara/Superbrothers and bring sublime PC/Mac and iOS point & click masterpiece, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP to Vita. This properly gorgeous adventure – that has one of the best soundtracks in gaming history (yes, Jim Guthrie’s score really is THAT good) – is one of my favourite 10 games ever, and although I already have it on PC and iOS, I’d pay handsomely for the chance to play it on my beloved Vita too!


  • This is rather off-topic, but I was thinking: why not just create a PS4/Vita bundle and sell it for the same price as the Xbox One?

  • Ok, how much i have to pay, to get an Cross-Buy C64-Version of this Game? It looks absolutley Wonderful to me! Instant-Buy at Release. :-)

  • thats great news,its just another reassurance that it was a good idea buying my vita.

  • If you can add elements of music visualisation (beat recognition and such), that would be fantastic.

  • …or perhaps a separate app that is very much a cross between Proteus and Milkdrop/G-Force.

  • Great news, another fantastic cross-buy title for my vita/ps3, picked this up in the humble bundle a while ago :) Looking forward to exploring the island again! I gotta ask: Will you be adding any new things (assets/event triggers) to the island?

  • Yey! The Indie games category hit the Norwegian PS Store today. 2013 is in my opinion PS best year yet, you guys are just doing everything right now!

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