Puppeteer demo is coming soon to PS3!

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We’re getting closer and closer to the release of Puppeteer! In preparation for release, I’m happy to announce that a playable demo demonstrating the essence of Puppeteer’s gameplay will be made available in Europe prior to launch. We plan on packing loads of content into the demo, and we hope it will give you a great idea of how the finished game will feel when it hits PlayStation 3 on 11th September.

While we’re on the topic of demos, maybe some of you have heard of Puppeteer’s ‘Rehearsal Edition’, which releases on Japan’s PlayStation Store this week. The Rehearsal Edition is not a traditional game demo but rather a uniquely regional way to introduce the world of Puppeteer.

The brief interactive stage specially designed for this concept gives Japanese gamers a peak behind the curtain at the cast of Puppeteer as they prepare for the ‘big show’. The characters can be seen busily rehearsing while the crew put together the elaborate set pieces to be used in the bunraku – or ‘puppet theatre’ – that serves as the game’s setting.


In order to let Japanese players fully soak in the atmosphere, the wide variety of gameplay actions available in the main game has been limited to just jumping and the scissors mechanic. However, the EU demo will offer a much deeper representation of everything you can expect from the game. Please look forward to it!

We’ll confirm a release date for the demo soon, but in the meantime, please take a look at our recent E3 trailer, offering a taste of the wild adventures that lie in wait for young Kutaro, the star of the show!

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