Mark Cerny discusses the “Road to the PS4” live at Gamelab 2013

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Mark Cerny discusses the “Road to the PS4” live at Gamelab 2013

The annual Gamelab conference got underway yesterday in Barcelona, Spain – bringing together some of the biggest names in game development to share ideas and discuss the future of the industry.

Among the speakers is PlayStation 4 system architect and Knack creator Mark Cerny (see yesterday’s interview if you’re unfamiliar with the name). We’re happy to be able to livestream his presentation, titled “Road to the PS4” right here, starting at 11.00am BST/12.00pm CET.

He’s one of the smartest thinkers in the business and his talk should be full of fascinating insight into our brand new console. Please enjoy, and if you miss it, fear not – we’ll have the video available on YouTube later this week.

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  • Great stuff, will watch.

  • I could listen to Mark Cerny read the phonebook.

    I loved his presentation at the Playstation Meeting explaining the PS4 that had enough technical talk not to confuse the layman and wasn’t too simple either to condescend people.

    Will watch this when you stick it on youtube.

  • I’ll definately be watching

    I love listening to Mark Cerny talk. He’s very enthusiastic, which is a joy to listen to. :)

  • Cerny is great to listen to, would like to see Sony put him on stage more often (that is if he likes the spotlight!).

  • Oh, thank you! I’m at work right now so I can’t listen to it, but I definitely will when you put it on Youtube.

  • Is anything Vita-related going to happen?

  • Looking forward to it.

    I must say i was pleased to learn he was behind the PS4 concept. I find it quite reassuring to give this kind of responsability to someone “from the inside”.

  • What’s the hold up?

  • Is the stream not working or has the event not started yet?

  • This is SOOOOO interesting to listen to!!

    I wish I could speak to an audience with such confidence and a relaxed, amiable manner as Mark does. Definitely a unique identity.

  • Very interesting talk… I’d like to see some PSVITA conferencion like in Japan as well

  • That was AMAZING!!

    So informative. Top marks Mark!!

  • Very humble and inspiring person Mark Cerny is. Though I won’t come close to what an amazing programmer he is, I would love to have 1% of 1% of the talent embedded in him.

  • Really enjoy listening to Mark Cerny talk, there was some really interesting history stuff in there and how it has built towards making the PS4.

  • Really interesting presentation. I would like to see more presentations like this streamed on the blog as I think the hardcore playstation audience will be very interested in finding out more about the systems they put so much time into. A bit more notice would be nice for any future events as I almost missed It.

  • Really EXCELLENT/FASCINATING that was;)
    I LOOOOOOOOVE hearing about the PlayStation’s past :P & from someone who was there & not from stupid gaming sites that make things up :D

  • Although Sony have kind of aluded to this in the past I like the fact he came on stage and pretty much said we messed up in the early days of the ps3 and made a ton of mistakes but we are trying our best to change to give the playstation gamers the best possible experience. That is something that I can really respect.

  • Fascinating! I could listen to him speak all day.

    Thanks for posting it, EU blog team!

  • Caught it 20 minutes after it started. But got to hear most of it, so we’re good to go.

    Before commenting, I agree with TheLegendofMart: Cerny is a really great speaker, his voice and that natural attitude he has when talking are charming.

    Cerny’s got an impressive record, I see. Nintendo, Crystal Dinamics, Universal and SCE.

    But perhaps, what I’ve enjoyed the most, is how he’s explained the evolution of the capabilities of the 4 main PlayStation consoles, specially with PS3. Love how he’s aware that a powerful but too difficult system isn’t of much help.

    So yeah. Loved every single bit of it.

    PS: Now I want that pic of Cerny, Shu and Andrew House in a retro painting :P

  • Please upload this today, was really enjoying it, but it cut out in the last 10 minutes. Love being able to hear this great man speak. True visionary.

  • Well i had a hunch that PS4 was somewhat a real “bet” for sony.

    It’s nice to see such huge company aknowledge what seem so obvious when you say it “listen to feedback” “think about praticality” and so on.

    I’m really looking forward to this next generation, i do believe it will be one we’ll remember as a “great one”

  • I CAN”T BELIEVE THAT I MISSED IT! Please tell me it’ll be posted somewhere so us latecomers can listen to what this remarkable Mark had to say! :)

  • What do I do, its says I should upgrade my browsers to watch the live stream

  • i love stuff like this and what a true genius mark is man that guy has a voice of silk lol

    Sony you guys need to listen to this guy an keep him around for as long as you can he truly is one of the industry greats!!

    and TBH i haven’t enjoyed platform games since the days of crash and spyro but im really stoked for Knack it looks very “pixarish” but i know its going to be a very deep and satisfying game with hours of replay, and have it pre ordered along with drive club and of course killzone SF.

    so thanks for putting up the livestream and hope there will be more keynotes from mark in the future bravo blog team bravo!!

  • That was a really interesting watch. I can’t say I planned to but I’m really glad I did.

  • I liked it a lot. I liked how he explained why they didn’t go the same route with the memory like MS did. It’s also nice to see a company saying they kind off messed up on PS3 and learned from that mistake.
    Now if we could get an open and honest video about why stuff takes ages to get on the store, why the store is slow and broken and why the store team is messing up every single week and what you guys are going to do to fix that, that would be reassuring because this is the worse store in the world.

  • Please upload it soon!! I so want to see this!!!

  • Please upload it soon on youtube or wherever!!

  • fredddd where is the video for gaf?

    u promised… hit the apply button on youtube plz

  • Hurry up and upload it on either the psblog or youtube please.

    Mark cerny is the steve jobs of sony,and I can listen to him all day. He really impressed me at the playstation meeting back in february with his speech I was under his spell,seriously.

  • Mr. Cerny, is there any chance you could adopt me? ;-)
    Bravo, bravo! I have only been this impressed once before and that was by Jeff Lynne of E.L.O when talking about his life as a songwriter/producer, you both Rock!!!

  • The video is up on youtube. I watched it and I must say, the way Playstation 4 was built makes a lot of sense after watching this, I would have love to have him explain the decision behind dedicated chips for various features, it’s most certainly for performance, but was also done to take account for it’s flexibility or something else?

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