Behind the scenes with Blacklight: Retribution on PS4 – exclusive video

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Greetings PlayStation Blog. The last couple of months have been amazing for Zombie Studios, and bringing Blacklight: Retribution to the PlayStation 4 makes it even more exciting. Before E3 we were contacted by Sony representatives who wanted to come to our offices and interview us for Conversations with Creators. After getting answers to a few questions and learning about the other groups involved, we were thrilled and humbled to be included.

If you’ve been following our progress then you know we’ve had an awesome first half of the year (especially with our new coffee machine). You know that we’d been working to get Blacklight: Retribution ready for E3 and, after attending and having thousands of people play it, we’re happy to report all those long nights were worth it.

We still remember when our PlayStation 4 development kits arrived and the excitement it created within the office. Being involved with a platform launch is a special badge of honor and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. Our goal with Blacklight: Retribution is to make the best free-to-play first person shooter and the PlayStation 4 is allowing us to do just that.

As we get closer to launch keep your eyes out for future updates about Blacklight: Retribution on PlayStation Blog, and for the latest news on Blacklight: Retribution and Daylight be sure to check out our Zombie Studios page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter so you never miss an update.

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  • game looks mighty fine and brutal

  • looks like a psn game…

  • #2, Thats ok since it will only be available on the PSN. So yeah, it is a PSN game. A good thing bout PSN full retail titles gets released on it, and also these Awesome F2P games.

    Can’t wait, Blacklight is one of the best F2P games on PC.

  • Sorry to say this but it looks like a PS3 game.

  • Pretty interesting interview, nice how Sony is actively pursuing devs to get them to ps3 and now ps4.

    So maybe that dayZ creator was not wrong, afte all. Will definately check out Blacklight.

    Its nice some people at sony work hard while the EU store team currently has 3 or 4 games on the front page of the store that are currency scams in one case the game in USA is 30$ and in europe its 50€. For the exact same download. Even Last of Us is STILL a currency scam of 13€ for €-Zone compared to US and UK. Does Sony think rest of europe is dumb ? Or do some of the eu store team secretly work for microsoft and are out to hurt sony ? Sony management is looking into this.

  • It doesn’t look next-gen graphically.

    But, I suppose we can’t complain as it’s free.

  • I still harbor deep hate towards Zombie Studios because when they released this game on PC they made it unavailable in Russia. Funny how I’ve almost decided against buying PS4 because of it…
    Of course, I’ll actually get PS4 at launch because of Killzone. Speaking of which, we have Killzone Shadow Fall, which also has proper campaign.
    F2P is usually garbage. People keep forgetting that there’s such thing as free time. Which is limited for most people.

  • F2P is usually garbage no it isnt dont make me chuck water on you gremlin lol

  • #4 You do know this game is nearly a year old (probably more than a year) on PC. Games are not about graphics far from it. I have played this on the PC a few times and I really enjoy it. I don’t consider this to be a P2W game at all. Very well balanced from what I have played of it. This game should/will interest the COD people. Can’t wait to play this on PS4.

  • Bland futuristic design? Check
    F2p? Check
    Not looking remotely next gen ? Check

    Whats the point of adding this to the ps4 library when it could easily be running on current gen without problems? are they just hoping the interest will be slightly higher for it since people will see it as a launch/early title on nextgen and that it might elevate it further from the bland/generic state its currently in ?

  • I don’t think console-players crowd really understand what means next-gen, as most of them isn’t even aware ps3 can’t render complex visuals at 1080p.
    Next-gen doesn’t mean ‘more blue bloom’ right now. Polygon counts already doesn’t matter. Good looking games are built by artists right now – look at Last of us – it is pretty bland blurry game technologically, but devs made so much effort to bring life to this pixels and texels, so it looks like heaven.
    Next generation will just fix the bottleneck. You may launch any PC game and look at your next-gen.

    Next-gen means all the same visuals but with glorious 1080p and 60fps (yeap, all this difference in performance between PS3 and PS4 goes in these little numbers).
    That’s what nextgen means, that’s what they were saying on E3. And that’s hell lot of difference. You’ll love it, trust me.

    Blacklight is awesome shooter. A bit bland in design (that’s why it doesn’t look ‘next-geney’, but it is very balanced. Not Tribes-like balanced, but still good.

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