Slick new CounterSpy trailer emerges from the shadows

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Hey people! So, E3 was a crazy blur for us at Dynamighty. Thanks to the good folks at PlayStation we were able to show CounterSpy to lots of people in their booth. While we were not showing on the main floor we still had a great presence with lots of buzz and even an award nomination! (Thanks Hardcore Gamer!) What’s more, we also released our first trailer for the game!

At the show, we were sandwiched between two absolutely beautiful games, Puppeteer, which looks gorgeous, and Beyond: Two Souls, which I swear people were mistaking for a PS4 title, it looked that good. It was humbling but also inspiring to see the company we were in.

John and I were running between two locations, as the game was being shown in two areas, plus we did some interviews. This live interview with Gamespot was a particular highlight.


It was our first EVER live interview talking about our game and as John was demoing the game, the controller stopped working! I can only imagine they have crazy microwave frequencies bouncing around in the LA Convention Center during E3. I can tell you at the time it felt like it lasted for ever. Fortunately they fixed everything and hopefully we didn’t appear too much like a deer in headlights.

The indie love from PlayStation was really palpable and it was great to see so many awesome titles from small teams next to the big budget stuff. The two highlights for me personally were Hohokum, which is a fantastic game with such attention to craft. The game just feels beautiful in your hands. And Transistor from SuperGiant Games. I was a huge fan of Bastion with its clever narrative approach and the game is so beautifully polished already. I’m in awe of what the SuperGiant team are doing with such a small group.


The other highlight was going for dinner with our Sony friends and Greg Johnson, of Toejam & Earl fame. One of the things that I love about games is how many people whose games I grew up playing are still out there doing it. Greg is making a game called Doki Doki Universe, which is being published by the same PlayStation group as us. Greg was the sweetest, nicest guy and pulled out a card game over dinner that he had designed for getting to know people.

So that’s it, now we are back at Dynamighty HQ and hunkered down for our big production push. We got some great feedback from seeing people play the game at the show. We’re busy implementing it all!

Oh yes, and also, the point of this blog post was to share with you THIS! During E3 we released an announcement trailer. We are super excited to be able to show a bit of the actual game and give you a bit of the flavour of the tone we are going for. It sets the scene for the world we’re creating and your role in it. If you haven’t seen it yet check it out!

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  • This looks great when is it out?

  • Very impressive, I love the cold war feel and art style. Best of Luck!

  • Instant Buy :) it reminds me so much of Killer7 + Stealth! awesome!

  • I already expressed how much I love the art and that the gameplay follows classics as Another World, the last time.
    After watching the trailer (and especially listening to the music) I got some No One Lives Forever vibe too. So far I only miss that the character isn’t Cate Archer! ;)

  • I actually caught a glimpse of this game on a different video and immediately jumped to my vita and didn’t find it, now I know why XD

    Looking forward to this.

  • Just a quick message to Fred you said that my last ofus problem would be resolved today is this sorted now? I have not been able to play this game since the weekend. Please update! Still waiting on Naughty Dog to update something.


  • Love the whole stylization of this game.

    I’m also lovin’ the music that was used for the trailer. Will this be used in game?

    Oh and why can’t people go through the proper channels of customer service if they have a problem, instead of constantly spamming every blog post with their irrelevant babble?

  • I am excited about this game and will pick it up day one, it looks great.

    That said, I’m disappointed that it is coming to iOS as well. I was hoping it would be a timed exclusive for Vita & PS3 at least. If it’s sold there for half the price or even less than on PSN it will be a real kick in the teeth for the company that has supported you in bringing the game to market.

    I cannot wait to play it though, when is it roughly due?

  • Why do some of you find yourselves hi-jacking other news posts with unrelated issues? It’s something I am getting quite frustrated with as are others and no doubt the individuals making the news pieces.

    On Topic – This looks really interesting. Loving the setting and the art style. Can’t wait to find out more and get my hands on this.

  • Kind of reminds me of Rolling Thunder I used to play in the arcade. If you dont know it, youtube it. It’s the long legs that do it.

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