PSone sale starts today – what are your favourite #PlayStationMemories?

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Hi everyone! I hope that you are all as excited as we are after E3 for the rapidly approaching launch of PlayStation 4. Duly, we thought this would be the ideal time to take a look back at the history of PlayStation.

For the next eight weeks we’re going to take a trip down memory lane as we remember the consoles, the games and the experiences that have shaped nearly 20 years of classic console gaming.

This is your opportunity to share some of your best gaming moments with us and your fellow gamers. Make sure you check out PlayStation Blog, PlayStation forums and our Twitter and Facebook pages to get involved! Not only that, but also make sure you visit the PlayStation Store and grab some great discounts on some classic titles.

We will start our journey by spending the next two weeks taking a look back at the original PlayStation – a console so popular it went on to become the first platform to sell over 100 million units worldwide.

One of my earliest memories was playing the original Worms on my friends PlayStation. I wasn’t allowed one as my dad thought I wouldn’t leave my room, so at any available opportunity I was straight over to my friend Richard’s place to test my missile launching skills on his unsuspecting (well, very suspecting) worms. That was it for me – I was hooked!

Please share your stories below or utilise our favourite hashtag #PlayStationMemories to share them with the rest of the world. Make sure you also check out the PlayStation forums to take part in the PlayStation Video Game War. Finally, as promised, please see below for a selection of discounted classic titles to whet your appetite. All deals have an additional 10% saving for PS Plus members and will run until 10th July 2013.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Was €9.99/£7.99, now €4.99/£3.99

Command & Conquer: Red Alert
Was €4.99/£3.99, now €2.99/£1.99

Crash Bandicoot
Was €4.99/£3.99, now €2.49/£1.99

CTR: Crash Team Racing
Was €4.99/£3.99, now €2.49/£1.99

Destruction Derby
Was €4.99/£3.99, now €2.49/£1.99

Fear Effect
Was €6.99/£5.49, now €2.49/£1.99

Guilty Gear
Was €4.99/£3.99, now €2.49/£1.99

Jumping Flash
Was €4.99/£3.99, now €2.49/£1.99

Was €4.99/£3.99, now €2.49/£1.99

Metal Gear Solid
Was €9.99/£7.99, now €4.99/£3.99

Mickey’s Wild Adventure
Was €5.99/£4.79, now €2.99/£2.39

Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus
Was €4.99/£3.99, now €2.49/£1.99

Was €4.99/£3.99, now €2.49/£1.99

Rayman 2
Was €4.99/£3.99, now €2.49/£1.99

Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3 Bundle
Was €14.99/£11.99, now €7.99/£6.49

Silent Hill
Was €6.99/£5.49, now €4.99/£3.99

Spyro The Dragon Trilogy
Was €9.99/£7.99, now €4.99/£3.99

Spyro The Dragon
Was €4.99/£3.99 , now €2.49/£1.99

Syphon Filter
Was €4.99/£3.99, now €2.49/£1.99

Tekken 2
Was €4.99/£3.99, now €2.49/£1.99

Tomb Raider
Was €5.99/£4.79, now €2.99/£2.39

Tomb Raider 2
Was €5.99/£4.79, now €2.99/£2.39

Twisted Metal
Was €4.99/£3.99, now €2.49/£1.99

Was €4.99/£3.99, now €2.49/£1.99

Was €4.99/£3.99, now €2.49/£1.99

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  • Great sale. Very nice games.

    And please bring BLACK from ps2 at some day. Its the best videogame ever.

  • Great news and some great games in there, would’ve liked to see some Final Fantasy titles though.

  • @Chris
    Nice sale ;) i might get castlevania and medievel
    Btw any chance we can get new game trials for plus?

  • Wouldn’t mind Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012 or the Vigilante-series added though.

  • Saw Parappa in the header image and thought we were finally getting Parappa the Rapper ;(

  • Where is Chrono Cross, come on!

    My favourite so far were all present in PS Plus: Kula World, Crash Bandicoot games and Silent Hill.

  • So the next weeks are going to be console based? As in, PSOne Sale, PS2 sale, PS3 sale and PSP/Vita sale?

    That’s a good one. And those prices are just too good to pass on them — I was precisely waiting for my chance at grabbing back CTR and the original Crash as well as the Spyro Trilogy.

    My earliest memory from PlayStation comes from playing Abe’s Oddysey on his PSX, and Crash Bandicoot 3. I loved the last one. So when I finally got my first PlayStation (Disney’s Tarzan bundle, good memories in that game) it was just a matter of time to get more Bandicoot action. Then MediEvil followed, and Tekken 3 (oh, let’s not get started on this one. Loved that game so much. So many good times playing with my friends, be it a match or Tekken Ball), and then I got a PS2…

  • No Wild Arms or Grandia sale? or any straight PS1 RPG

  • Hell yes!

    Chrono Cross was never released in Europe. It’s not easy to bring such titles to our store. I’d love to have Chrono Cross and Parasite Eve as well, but what can you do?

  • Also when are we getting Legend of Dragoon, the US has had it for AGES

  • I still play wipeout to this day.

    Was the first thing I played on demo disc. Stunning.

    Just so good, stands the test of time. Shame that 2097 and 3 are not on the store really.

    pmf (obsessed much?)

  • Nice sale, might get Metal Gear, SotN and even play the older Spyro titles, only got in the franchise when it released on the PS2. By the way any chance of a Vita Sale, or any plans for a Disgaea 3 (Vita version) discount I have it on PS3 but I think these kind of games lend themselves to portable consoles.

  • Cheers Chris. I’ll be picking up a third of these :D
    Hopefully it leads to more EU/AU PAL releases.

  • Damnit Playstation, I just spend like £13 on you yesterday and now you tempt me with Castlevania too? =P

  • Hell Yeaa ! im thinking about getting tekken 2 !

  • Nice sale, although you just made me think I would be able to play some Parapa on my Vita :(

  • We need Wip3out Special Edition. DDR games. Legend of Dragoon. US RPG imports. Vib-Ribbon update (app rather than rom).

  • Rollcage is long overdue a comeback! Top quality futuristic racer…

  • Will there ever be a day when we can get the NTSC versions of these games? The PAL versions are absolutely awful, especially Metal Gear Solid.

  • I will check Red Alert on my psp :)

  • ‘Crash Bandicoot’ was my 1st ever PS1 game;) COOL sale.
    + Why isn’t ‘Gran Turismo’ 1 & 2 on PSN yet? :( They were 2 of the Best PS1 games i thought(well i can think of loads of best PS1 games really) :D
    + Will the PS1 & PS2 classics ever come to PS4 as well as downloadable games?
    Anyway – LONG LIVE PLAY(Station) ;)

  • i loved r type, chrono cross, you know games that for some unknown reason arent avaiable in the EU stores. Is there anyway we can get an explanation fr the same or if we’ll ever a have similar amounts of PSone classics as the US

  • Nice sale. Keep them coming.

  • I have too much Backlog in PS3 to do before PS4 is out, so i think i will take a skip here.

    Worms was my first PS game EVER!

    I think Resident Evil 2 is my greatest memory…. cause i only played the first hour…, before my mother gave the game away to my uncle for being “too scary”.

    Needless to say i got to play it again a few years later :)

  • My earliest memory with PS1 is with the T-Rex demo, that big fella was awesome. Then came the Tekkens, the GTAs, the Oddworlds, the Final Fantasies, The Tomb Raiders and all the numerous other games.

    There was always many games I wished to have played but never got an opportunity to due to living in the EU.

    Games the Store Needs ASAP

    Micro Machines V3!
    Heart of Darkness!
    Tekken 3!
    GTA 1 & 2 (and London)!
    Courier Crisis!

  • Any chance Persona 3 FES will come to the EU store? The US has had it for years, honestly feels unfair that America gets everything and we don’t.. Hell we even get our store update a day late too.

    Hopefully this all changes with the PS4, cause as of right now, it’s like we’re put second instead of treated equally :(

    But anyway, enough moaning, seems like a great sale, loved the PSP one last week cause I got Persona 3 Portable for about 10 quid!

  • Fear Effect, sold! Any chance of FE2 Retro Helix?

  • Reg: my last post.

    To be specific, the game was too scary, not my uncle :P

  • Thats some damn nice PSOne sales! Lots of games im gonna be picking up! Thanks for that!

    Since this is PSOne related, any chance we are ever gonna get Legend of the Dragoon, like US have? Or even get Suikoden 1 and 2?

  • Please can you clarify, Warhawk <<<<< ??? It's not on the store at the moment here in UK anyway…

  • Fantastic sale btw! Also Hotline Miami is excellent.

  • Crash 1,2,3 and CTR are there.

    Crash Bash is missing, make it happen!?

  • Nice selection, but I already have SotN, Metal Gear Solid, WipEout, MediEvil, Silent Hill and Destruction Derby. Maybe I should grab Tomb Raider or Spyro for some nostalgic retro gaming.

  • Some great prices here. I can FINALLY pick up resi 2&3 at a decent price. Already have resi 1 but at a litle over £3 each for the others, it’s a flippin’ bargain!

  • the first ps one game i ever got was monkey hero, was basically a zelda style game but it was great. Please bring it out if possible

  • My childhood memory called Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver isn’t here… Welll I have already bought it anyways

  • Will have to grab the Spyro bundle for that price. Also fav PS1 has to be FF7 and XenoGears (Still not on UK store which makes me sad, would throw all sorts of money to play through it again).

  • #PlayStationMemories?

    OPM Demo Disk 11,GTA 10 minute demo. The amount of time that a group of friends and I spent on that was insane.

  • Doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest. No doubt there are great games on sale here, but I’d rather have newer games on sale due to the PS1 classics being reasonably priced in the first place (in comparison to how overpriced newer games are on the store).

  • Destruction Derby 2, please. May well be grabbing Fear Effect tho. (edit: checked price, WILL be grabbing fear effect woo).

  • Is it too much to ask for a 60Hz/US version of Castlevania SOTN?
    It’s the only way I will buy it… not the 50Hz/PAL version.

  • Hi Chris,
    since you brought up the PS4 on a PS1 blog post :) , would you be able to confirm if the PS4 is going to be able to natively play PS1 and PS2 games that are in our Download Lists? That would be sweet.
    Even better if PS4 will still play the PS1 games off the discs like we could on PS1, PS2 and PS3 :)

  • I’ve always found it a shame that the Suikoden series wasn’t brought to EU as PS1 classics.

    I know the US store has them, but that’s too many hoops for me to get it playing on the Vita.

    To me, the Suikoden games are one of the best JRPG’s to date and I still look back with joy at playing them on the PS1 whenever I hear the soundtrack.

  • Would be cool if they added Trophy support to these titles, would added more replay value (:

  • @FallingStickman

    I know but we can spam Sony and Squeenix about it. In the end we’ll get it, the question’s when? They won’t miss a chance to earn some easy money (there isn’t even need to translate anything).

    But if it takes too long, I’m gonna buy an overpriced used copy and they’ll get nothing. It may be just a matter of getting distribution rights for Europe, then giving us ‘import’ and this would be it, I suppose.

  • Wouldn’t mind seeing Croc: Legend of the Gobbos in the PS1 section ;-)

  • Wow! I wasn’t expecting this at all! Brilliant sale, thank you Sony!

  • @18 I’ve been waiting to see Rollcage re-released myself.

    Nice sale. Got all the PS1 games I would want that are currently available already though. Nabbed Symphony of the Night from the US store way before it finally ended up on ours. Still one of the best games ever made that.

  • @ Chris

    This whole Playstation history promotion is fantastic!

    I presume we are talking about a sale regarding PS One, PS2, PSP, PS3, PS Vita games in the coming weeks?

  • @andrewsqual

    You’d think it would seeing that even PS3 is now emulating PS2. I’m hoping my God Hand and Fire Pro Returns will carry over. If not then I’ll probably skip all digital games that don’t come with PS4 plus. I’m not risking losing another digital library.

    Today’s release of Hotline Miami is the last digital only title I buy from PSN.

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