PSN maintenance scheduled for Tuesday 25th June

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PSN maintenance scheduled for Tuesday 25th June

In order to continue bringing you the best online games experience on PSN, we will perform routine maintenance beginning the afternoon of Tuesday 25th June. This maintenance will start at approximately 5.30pm BST/6.30pm CET and will last until around midnight BST/1.00am CET. During the maintenance period, you may receive a maintenance notification when attempting to access PSN.

The PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home and Account Management will not be available during the maintenance period but you will be able to access online play and apps provided that you have signed in to the Network at some point between now and the time of the maintenance. So please be sure to sign in now if you wish to access the PlayStation Network during Tuesday’s maintenance window.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your support.

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3 Author Replies

  • Thanks for the heads up Fred. If this is the new update that was taken off then I think I may just stay off it for a little bit and wait and see if others say its safe. lol. Got to stay on the safe side so I can continue The Last of Us. Not far from my platinum now

  • Hi Fred!
    I know this isn’t related to your post but I still wanted to ask you this…
    I have already downloaded all the E3 Trailers from the PS Store and they look so much better than on Youtube, so I was wondering if you could maybe upload the gameplay videos that are on the Playstation Youtube channel?
    I know you usually don’t upload gameplay videos to the Playstation Store, but I would really love to see the Infamous Second Son gameplay video in its full beauty on my TV without the Youtube compression.
    Please let me know if it’s possible. Thanks.

  • Cheers, Fred… Will make sure I log in tomorrow morning on the off chance I get time to play online tomorrow night.

  • Preparations for Singstar free FW?

  • Welp, strange to see a Maintainance notice on the Blog. Thanks for the Heads Up Fred :)

  • There’s no denying these maintenance down times are a bit of a pain.

    Is the infrastructure of psn changing enough for ps4 that these can be a thing of the past?

  • @1 safe DONT TALK RUBISH oh & GTAV will make sure last of us suks WORST GAME EVER gta is way better

  • @ hayzink You still can game but you are right, the Sony online architecture is very much outdated. I can’t believe they still have this. Their bread and butter (the store) is horrible. Last night I was kicked out 4 times, when you are in it’s very slow and when you buy something it’s even slower. And during maintenance you can’t get in at all. You can’t buy games or access your content.
    Please Sony, make your network and online services next gen.

  • I second that Nicko_McBrain. I would like to see this appear on the store or at least on the Sony Press Websites.

  • hayzink 7 @
    jes on ps4 maintenace neet to be in the background
    so u always are abel to play ore to buy/ rent tings

  • Hi Fred, do you know if we will be able to grab Tiny Tina’s assault on dragons keep for Borderlands 2 before the store goes down? Thanks.

  • @OttoT

    The big issue i have been having with the store has been going on close to 2 month for me.

    Any time i select something from plus to download it does not start, i then go to my download list on store and its always empty.
    When I buy stuff its in my basket all the way to checkout and i pay, the next page should show me what I just bought to download but its always empty, again store dl list empty.
    I then have to go to my download list via account management tab and go in and out (thats what she said) refreshing the list and after several attempts my populated download list will show and i can get what I need.

    This does not happen on my USA account so its not my ps3.
    The only reason i don’t phone cs is i figured it must be a known issue as theres no way I’m the only one getting this and with a bit of messing about i do get to do my stuff.

  • Sounds like you’ve done all you can to make is as unintrusive as possible. No complaints from me!

    One thing though, could we please have the option to move or delete the Singstar Icon from the XMB? It’s never used and just gets in the way. That and I had to explain to a friend who swears by a certain rival console why the icon was there in the first place.

    She didn’t believe me, and now has me down as a secret Karaokeman. honestly chaps, it’s like buying a new car in black and being forced to have an “I <3 Justine Bieber" sticker on the back.

  • @hayzink I have the same problem like you mention. At least at games I played a demo of first. Now I download demo’s from the US store and games from the Dutch store. That helped somewhat.
    I’m also disjointed about the fact they don’t include a sort function in your downloaded content list. How hard can that be?
    Anyway it’s far from perfect.

  • Thanks for replying, I’m a day ahead of myself and thought it was Tuesday today lol.

  • @OttoT

    Its not just happening with games that there are trials with.

    It happens with plus games like hitman etc
    Unlock keys for games
    Literally everything i have to jump through hoops to download, i have no issues buying them i just have to take the above steps to dl them.

  • Yea things like this, the broken store and constant small issues better be a thing of the past on ps4, considering it’ll be a paid for service. How about atleast adressing those things first of all? There have been so much comments on the Singstar spam and the broken store since redesign, but Sony hasn’t even acknowledged this, let alone bring hope of it changing for the better. Are they just going to leave this broken on ps3 and get it right on ps4 or what? We just don’t know.. The ps4 UI (that looks remarkably like the current store design) doesn’t exactly get me hopeful..

  • @hayzink that seems to happen me even with stuff I purchase and I’m like… hey dude where’s my game? And yeah like you say it doesn’t happen with my US account at all, just my UK one. Quite annoying. The Download list is terribly inefficient as it is without it having times of not being able to find any of my owned content at all.

    Regarding the Singstar icon a couple people mention. I would be quite happy to have it moved to Music menu or at least able to go into a folder. I actually do play Singstar from time to time but I also like a tidy Game menu on my XMB.

  • Will this finally get rid of the stupid singstar option from my xmb that I neither asked for or want?

  • What a load of rubbish, I sign in every day without fail and I can guarantee come Tuesday I won’t be able to sign in or will get signed out, meanwhile friends that don’t log on every day will be sending me text msgs saying they haven’t had a problem getting on, happens every maintenance period.

  • Don’t know what people are complaining about i never have any problems with the PSN at all, the store included.

  • Hope this fixes this annoying missing blank icons bug on the Vita store. If not, I would be seriously annoyed if it isn’t since the Store team just completely ignores that glitch like. I mean come on, one little problem that can easily be solved by fixing the missing icons on the Plus and PSP sale sections on the Vita Store? I report an annoying, I get ignored. -_-

  • *I report a bug, I get ingored

    • All bug reports are logged and investigated. I promise you’re not being ignored – we just can’t personally respond to every single bit of feedback we get.

      I’ll stress that the donwtime advertised above is for PSN maintenance – not a new firmware update. The next one of those will be on Thursday to address the issues with last week’s 4.45 update.

  • Hi Fred, For the next update, Do you know if they’re gonna add new features or something, Or is it going to just be a patch?

  • Does this mean I have to leave my PS3 turned on over night just to process PSN update, can someone help me get through all this and over done with and some help of support, cheers.

  • @fred

    Just so i know is posting on here enough when we report a bug like my download list error or is there another channel to do this instead .

    I was going to post it in the forum but the subject came up in this thread.

  • I hope it won’t last more than it supposed to last.

  • @hayzink: Depends on the issue. If it was something like “My Download List has just stopped working altogether”, they *might* take the comment from here and take a look for the bigger picture. The same goes with general issues (ie. content mispriced on the Store).

    If it is something like: “I purchased this and it’s not showing as purchased”, you’d have to call them.

  • @set316

    This isn’t an update, this is maintenance. You don’t need to keep your PS3 on, all the work will be done on their distant servers.

  • is the maintenance only in the countries bellow the title?

  • I’ve had my entire download list in the store disappear – the “fix” seems to be searching for an item I’ve bought and downloading it again. Only then does my download list reappear

    I would also like to add that there are issues with the vita store – it’s acting the way the old store did with missing items (blank spaces). Please fix this

  • Another maintenance session on PSN. Will this stop when everyone has to pay for the service?

  • @30 normally when there down time its world wide and i have no issues with this heads up.

  • Thanks for the nod re maintenance .
    While im here though, I would like to mention the probs involved in downloading content,both from the store and my d/load list. It can take seven or eight goes to get the list to populate,phoned support 4 days ago and they said they werent aware of any probs,but its a nightmare.

  • @Copper Slip

    The CS has actually lied to you as I called them over 6 weeks ago in regards to items not appearing in the download list. A supervisor even called me back in regards to this. 4 phone calls to CS – 2 return calls from managers and the issues are still NOT resolved.

  • This maintenance, does it has anything to do with ratchet gladiator/deadlocked comming to EU? I asked for a release date of this game in earlier blogs but I still haven’t got a message back. If this maintenance doesn’t have anything to do with ratchet gladiator/deadlocked comming to Europe then can I know a release date when it’s comming. Please answer because you’re leaving all gladiator/deadlocked fans in the dark and it’s not like we like it.

  • @blessedkid9

    PSN maintenance is for network infastructure, not the release of games.

    Have a little more patience. Ratchet Gladiator will get here when it gets here.


    I agree. The current Store is far from next gen. There was absolutley nothing wrong with the previous version. It was colourful, fast and didn’t require a password confirmation everytime I downloaded a demo.

    They’ve made it an actual application hence the slow interface browsing, primitive searching and total lag fest. It’s designed for the modern generation of smartphone toting kids who have no idea of intuitive design and grow up with a simplified everything in a minamalist style.

    The more confusing these things get, the more easily they’ll break.

  • Hi, I just started downloading a 38GB game from PS+ store this morning before I left for work. Will the update cancel the whole download and I have to restart the download again?


    Maintenance won’t affect downloads in progress. It will just continue on as normal.

  • Really not happy about the Borderlands 2 DLC. The release date clearly states 25th June not 26th June.
    Black Ops 2: Uprising’s release date was 16th May and that is the day it went on the store, we didn’t have to wait until the next day or the next store update.

  • @36 we all waiting for that game to have a date. Might be the reason for down time, might not be but we find out Wednesday anyway

  • is this maintenance happening in CAT time as well? please advise?

  • Can’t we get an early update as well like US PSN so we could grab Hotline Miami before the maintenance?

  • PSN/SEN is awesome and it will be alot better on next gen just wait guys

  • Hey Fred,
    Im Kelvin and I really need a copy of the last of us or assasins creed 3 and ik broke my parents dont wanna buy me the games soo please help me out bro! Reach me on Facebook @Kevnificent Rodriguez or MY EMAIL @

  • thanks for the heads up

  • @45 – Save up your pennies. Also, you just publicly posted your e-mail address.

  • i think we might be ok on the EU store update day @43 so just wait on the EU blog as per normal Wednesday to see wants coming out for us

  • hi when will poker be fixed over 2wks now lol

  • when will poker be fixed

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