Dare To Fly takes to the skies on PS3 this week

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Do you have what it takes to fly? This week, Gameshastra brings you the ultimate flying adventure: Dare to Fly exclusively for PlayStation Move.

We’ve always wanted to make a game about flying. The idea of using two Move controllers to spread your arms and flap had already occurred to us, but we were never sure of how to portray it. Eventually we struck upon the idea of flightless birds waging war against their flying counterparts.

The idea was the expression of achieving the impossible, and that’s when the subject of flightless birds struggling to fly came to us. Soon one thing led to another, and now we are proud to present to you – Dare to Fly.


So arm yourselves with Move controllers, spread your arms and join our daredevils to win the right to fly.

Dare to Fly (priced £3.99/€4.99) brings together four flightless birds on a mission to save their young ones as well as defend their right to the skies in a fight against frightful avian predators. Join a foolhardy ostrich, an adventurous penguin, a reckless rooster and a fearless kiwi; armed with prosthetic wings; as they fly through treacherous worlds to prove those villainous birds wrong and take back what is rightfully theirs.

Flap your wings across dangerous and breathtaking locations like the exotic sanctuaries of Africa, ice cold wilderness of the Arctic, gaze-worthy gorges of the Grand Canyon and many more. Play as Zulu, Frosty, Rodriguez and Zericho as you carve your way into the lair of the evil bird king.


Fly through golden hoops, dash through billboards in light of your anti-ad campaign and rescue stranded baby birds to earn more points. Use flying machines like unicopters, gliders, umbrellas and many others to dodge hungry predators and exploding volcanoes to finally land on the bulls eye which marks the end of every level.

Play through an innovative and adventurous story mode and test your FFQ (Flying Fitness Quotient) in the all-exclusive time trial mode. Play using both the PS Move and Six-axis controllers to reach for the skies as Dare to Fly brings you the thrills of flying into your very own personal space.

But the question still remains; do you have what it takes?

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  • Sorry, but… WUT??
    I personally don’t see myself flapping my arms with Move controllers, but the Dualshock (Sixaxis is really oldfashioned) is a good alternative :-)

    The screens look quite pretty, and with that price, you can’t really do wrong. Still, some ingame moving footage would have been nice. Is there any video around somewhere?

    • Hey Chris

      Thanks for the view here – we are going to be revealing the teaser and game play very shortly !


  • Looks pretty nice and good you can control it with move or the normal controller. I also would like some video footage tho , nothing on YT yet :)

  • Actually a really cool idea. Move controllers would give some great precision for controlling gliding in a realistic fashion. Not sure how realistic you guys dared to go though … ;) But the potential is definitely there for some cool bird-simulation.

  • Oh, will there be a package deal, together with Kite Flight? That would be really great!

  • Well I sold my solitary Move controller last week (just don’t have the room for motion controller games and I’m happier with a joypad) but this looks like it might be quite enjoyable.

  • Kudos to you guys for trying something different but I’d be surprised if it sells much. The bird theme and flapping don’t appeal to me. I guess I’d have to see a demo of the gameplay. Hope I’m wrong and you guys have lots of success though.

    Maybe try doing a Move based first person sword fighting game based on Indian mythology, that would be cool and unique and have a lot of appeal.

    • Thanks Matt

      We are revealing the game play shortly! This idea was one of the hand picked ones when we were ideating several concepts. I hope you have fun with this title !

      Indian mythology is always tempting for us !

  • @7 nothing to do with this game so stay on topic.

    The only flight game i was really a fan of was pilot wings and that was because it was fun and not a serious flyer, this looks like it could tick the fun box, but I’d play controller only as I’m not into motion controls

    • Thanks buddy !

      We have really worked hard in balancing the experience on both move and six axis.

  • @CoolRichy008UK

    I’m gay and have never touched an xbox.

    This game seems interesting, there seems to be a lack of Move supported games, so i’m oping the indie ideas come flooding in.

    The Vita is actually getting more indie support than the Move, let’s hope that changes with PS4 on the horizon.

  • @CoolRichy008UK Please think before you type something. There are a lot of gay people making the games you play, work hard at Sony to give you the best gaming experience possible and a lot of gay gamers. Putting a smiley in your comment doesn’t make it funny, it’s rude.

    On topic: I’m sure a lot of kids will have a blast flapping their arms. Look fun!

  • @OttoT

    No point in even trying to reason with him mate we have all tried and he never changes.

  • CoolRichy008UK played too much xbox, poor guy. Just look what it did to him.

  • @cowbanana

    Mate i think you just crossed a line there.

    What did the Xbox do to you to make you say such bad things about it.


  • Well this seems interesting but for whatever reason I can’t get my head around flying games. I just nosedive into the ground. If its flying like in Flower then I’m okay anything else and seemingly my brain turns to mush

  • Great to see there are more Move exclusives coming. I’ll definitely try it out.

    Anyone beside me thinks PS Move lacks Star Wars Move? :)

  • Is there a thermals dynamic in this? I’d love to be able to hit a thermal and glide. Also is there a multiplayer mode? This really seems like the kind of game the other half would be interested in and it’d be good to compete for scores or something along those lines.

  • Oh.. This game sounds so cool. Looks like a family entertainer to me! I bet there are no casual flying games out there now. Definitely a new genre created.

  • FINR IL JUST SHUT UP AND KEEP OF THE BLOG YOU LOT INT WORTH IT and cowbanana i never had a xbox so shut up im putting all you lot who replyed to me on block GOODBYE

    and im blocking this website as well

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