This week’s PlayStation Store indie deals

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This week’s PlayStation Store indie deals


Hello again everyone, I’m here to share with you the latest discounts on selected indie games on PlayStation Store!

The latest discounts are live now – you can pick up Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath HD, Burn Zombie Burn and Kung Fu LIVE at discounted prices until 3rd July! Check out more details on the games below, and come back soon to hear about our next round of indie deals.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD (Was €12.99, now €5.99)
With an ODD mix of first and third person gameplay, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD is a must for any Oddworld fan – and who isn’t one of those? If you still need convincing, PS Plus subscribers even get an additional 10% off! There’s really no excuse not to.

Burn Zombie Burn (Was €7.99, now €3.49)
Burn Zombie Burn is, at its core, a great score-chasing arcade game, with loads of different tactical options – what other game can you zap a horde of zombies with a dance ray gun, compelling them to perform an en-masse dance-routine, and follow-up by setting them on fire whilst planting a bunch of strategically-placed remote mines? Paint the town red, clear the screen and get million points in one hit. Just make sure you’ve not run out of ammo – the next wave will be even tougher!

Kung Fu LIVE (Was €13.99, now €5.99)
Kung-Fu LIVE will get your heart racing, providing a full-body cardio workout through the medium of kick ass entertainment. Any resulting six-packs are unintentional! You can even use props (such as toy weapons) and costumes for fighting – just be careful with your surroundings!

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  • LBP2 is apparently $10 on the US Store, will we get a LBP sale too? (Preferably LBP2 extra edition for ~£15) Thanks.

  • Hi Guy.
    Could yous also do a blog post for the Sports sale and the updated games on the PSP Sale also please? You didn’t posts for these and people may be missing out.

  • I bought KungFu Live day one. Could never get it to work properly. This just brings all the pain back.

  • Great to see Indies getting so much attention lately, both on the Store, and in the next-gen war.
    These games are excellent ones. If I hadn’t gotten Stranger’s Wrath through PS Plus already, I would buy it instantly at that price.
    Burn Zombie Burn has my interest, while Kung Fu live is a bit meh for me… Still, a good selection!

  • Stranger’s Wrath HD has been discounted many times in the past, still waiting for a discount on the Vita version

  • Is there any chance to see a discount on the Vita-version of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath anytime soon?

  • @5

    Snap to that. It’s one of the few Vita games that I consider worth buying. It was included in plus before I subscribed so missed out on it then but I’d buy it instantly on the Vita at this price. Would have made sense to discount both surely?

  • Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD is awesome. On both PS3 and Vita.

    The Vita version is particularly impressive compared to all the technically bankrupt, barely playable Vita stuff coming from Sony. R&C: FFA, Jak and Daxter trilogy and Epic Mickey 2 (pulished/ported by Sony) I am looking at you. Sony should be ashamed when a tiny outfit like JAW make playable games instead of the slide shows published by Sony. I wonder what’s up with Sony and their incredibly shoddy ports?

  • I’m tempted to grab it for the PS3 but I’ve got a huge backlog of games there already. My shiny paperweight of a Vita however………..

  • Are you guys going to actually promote these sales on the store? I had to actually try and look for the last round of indie sales, so I can’t imagine they did well. Considering how much indie developers have criticised Microsoft for not promoting their games, you guys really need to step up and make sure you’ve got these guys backs.

    Improve the indie section while you’re at it. It’s just a list right now, which is absurd. Make it like the PS+ section, where you’ve got a bunch of different sections available.

  • Think you need a very big and well lit room for Kung Fu Live. My living room wasn’t suitable and I got tired of having to move the couch everytime. Same goes for Move games too for the most part. I never quite got into the whole motion detection games. Nothing beats a PlayStation joypad except the next incarnation of it (the Dual Shock 4 does look nice).

  • Hotline Miami is out next week for the US for $9.99 cross buy.
    Is UK/EUR getting it too?

  • Already own the 2 i would have wanted.

    Buy burn zombie burn if you don’t have it , great twin stick shooter

  • UK getting hotline miami not usa its not aloud due to gun crimes lol

  • I got oddworld with plus, and kung Fu live already and its actually pretty good and a workout (must have decent lighting and room tho) you are the control.
    Burn zombie burn looks like fun

  • How about including some Vita Indie games in the sale.

  • When is the Psn store on the PS going to be fixed? Getting pretty annoying that I have to go to the store on the PC and then put the game into my download list from the pc. On a positive note its great that you can buy stuff from the website.

  • Burn Zombie Burn.
    Have spent hours on that one, since 09, i believe it’s one of the hardest ‘indie’ games i own, anyone say different ?.. great fun and major respect to anyone thats completed/100%ed it.
    The section is a little hard to find though, perhaps if the store done away with the idiotic layout people would actually Want to explore more, like the perfectly fine previous stores layout/freindly navigation encouraged, even ‘seemed’ to welcome us customers.. This new version though, it’s as though it is forcing us to Quickly find, buy and leave, as fast as possible, or before we overstay the (?) alloted time we are allowed.. It does get me thinking, Do people who enjoy (enjoyed) browsing the old layout actually cost money, for SCE, as IF so it’ll make some sense, the present structure etc, But if not, i really cannot fathom Why we (potential customers), are being punished by the ‘new store’
    Keep the bargains coming, Please.

  • Hey Aaron solider little big planet 2 extras edition was 8.99 last night in my local Sainsburys

  • That’s cool, would rather have it digital though

  • fix psn for The new Lego htx

  • Any chance we might see the DLC for Kingdoms of Amalur, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Prince of Persia (2008) go on sale in the future? £7.99 is a little pricey for content that lasts ~2 hours, in my opinion anyway.

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