PS Vita Mega Pack – 10 games and an 8GB Memory Card for €39.99

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PS Vita Mega Pack – 10 games and an 8GB Memory Card for €39.99


There’s a whole world of gaming to experience on PS Vita, so where do you start? Well, we have good news for you – we’re releasing the Mega Pack – 10 great games packaged on an 8GB memory card.

Available on 21st June, priced at €39.99 (RRP) it’s a great value way to download and enjoy a selection of 10 games straight away – and better yet, pick up an 8GB memory card for you to store them all on.

Get your game collection off to a flying start with top-rated titles including WipEout 2048, LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita, MotorStorm RC and loads more besides. All you need to do is get your PS Vita online, sign in to Sony Entertainment Network and head to PlayStation Store where you can begin downloading your 10 games.

The following titles are included:

  1. LittleBigPlanet PS Vita
  2. WipeOut 2048
  3. MotorStorm RC
  4. Little Deviants
  5. Frobisher Says! (with Fun Pack DLC)
  6. Ecolibrium (with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum game packs)
  7. Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters
  8. Lemmings
  9. Hungry Giraffe
  10. The HD Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character


The Mega Pack will also be available in some territories as part of a new Wi-Fi PS Vita hardware bundle, priced at €249.99 (RRP). Release dates for this pack vary slightly across Europe:

  • Out now: France, Spain, Portugal, Israel
  • 26th June: Austria, Switzerland, Germany
  • 28th June: UK

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  • A psp game?

    seriously? lol

  • A nice collection there. Fills up the 8GB nicely! Mostly targeted at children I guess. But still a good deal! Though I would suggest to do this as well with a 32GB memory card, with a few other games.

  • Awesome value, a great starter pack for those buying a Vita in the coming months to use for remote play with the PS4. As I already have a 8GB memory card I won’t be buying this as it would feel like a waste but good for others

  • Great idea.
    Any chance of lowering the prices of existing memory cards and adding bigger cards as well?

    You really need to release bigger memory cards, 64 & 128 gb, maybe even 256.
    If you see a digital future for the Vita it’s the only way forward.

  • A price reduction for all cards would be better…

  • Why not in Italy? é_è

  • Why it is not released in Italy? é_è

  • Will this console bundle be released in Australia and if so, when and how much? Cheers :-)

  • So these games are already installed on the card and once you start playing these games they go onto your download list? or are they lost forever once deleted?

  • I have most of these if i did not i would buy it in a shot as its a great deal.

    The American post says more packs are coming further down the line will this also be happening with us?

  • Oh ok sorry just read the last bit they appear on your download list once you sign in .Cool

  • @stu123

    You get a redemption code so all titles will be in your psn account download list.

    By the time you download the patches for lbp i don’t think they would all fit at the same time.

  • This isnt bad idea at all. Lots of family games it seems. Nice way to try to get some more Vita sold!

    But that being said, would still love to see some cheaper memory cards, and possibly some cards with more memory on them.

  • Please tell me that it’s Bertie in accounting who did the cover art for this, please for the love of [insert deity] don’t tell me that anyone who considers him/herself a graphics professional had ANYTHING to do with this atrocity. My eyes… they bleed. My aesthetic sense will take days to recover :(

    As for the bundle. Is SCEE completely clueless when it comes to the Vita? Everything surrounding this system screams incompetence.

    Want to sell the system? Create awesome, system selling games that people actually want. (Killzone and Tearaway seem to be a step in the right direction, but man are they late in the day and what happens after they release and indeed until then?)

  • The problem with this is the user experience for memory card switching is absolutely terrible. Buying a filled one is a recipe for frustration and rearranging your icons.

  • Forbisher Says and Ecolibrium is a waste. They are just Free to Play titles but with DLC. And an 8GB card will fill up with all these games anyways but still. A price cut and a new colour for Vita would be nice.

  • Why don’t you reduce the price of the memory cards? These games and an 8GB memory card ain’t worth £40

  • Cool idea, but with a PS+ subscription i’d really appreciate it if you lowered the price of the memory cards. They’re way too expensive right now and i’ve got no idea why a 32GB card can be £75 in some places.

    I want to play games on my Vita but this price barrier is making things difficult.

  • I already have 6 of those 10 games, and the 4 I don’t have are 4 I don’t want, and even if I did I could get them for really cheap. Great offer if you don’t own these games though.

  • Hi fred is there any plans to release these with bigger cards like 16gb, 32gb? I already have 8gb and tend to download everything i own, so i always run out of space lol

  • any chance of anything like this with a 32gb card?

  • Never mind if and when they release 16 or 32gb cards with the pack, when are we going to see the release of 64gb+ cards? You’re actually preventing me from buying anything more on the store because I don’t want to delete any of the other games I have on my device at present.

  • Thank you for ignoring all other European countries.
    What is next, no Gaikai, no Netflix. Thanks for not caring.

    • To clarify, the Mega Pack is available across Europe. It’s only the bundle that is launching in select territories.

  • Is this coming to Finland? I have been considering to get the vita and this peaked my interest even more… Well I might just get the version which costs 229€ and it comes with sly thieves in time, 4gb card and 3g + wifi vita…

    Please say are there any plans..

  • i already have this 2 weeks in holland so i dont know what your thinking sony saying that its not in other country’s we have it befor the other countie’s over here haha

  • Fred please, make some kind of PSP heritage sales, Patapons etc, or atleast include such titles in to PS+ for Vita.

  • Or rather than releasing the no doubt expensive 64gb cards, what’s the chances of Sony offering a new firmware update which addresses the folder resets that occur when switching memory cards? If I didn’t have to go through the process of rearranging my folders every time I inserted a new card, I’d immediately go for the pack.

  • All downloads? Whatever happened to physical copies? Oh well, not the best selection anyway.

  • £219.99 for the bundle is a bit steep. GAME have the Vita plus a game (LBP, Soul Sacrifice, or Uncharted) for £149.99. So you could then buy the card bundle for £34.99 and save youself almost enough to buy PS+ for a year, giving you one extra game on card plus all the PS+ games…

  • Nice idea, but you should make it more easy to use multiple memorycards for Vita. I think this 8 GB card will be full already after downloading those games. And I for one dont like to have to delete games, I rather buy a new card once in a while, fill it up with games, and then buying another one. But the Vita doesnt really support switching memorycards. If it did, this would be a great deal for people already having a memorycard full of games.

  • more peopel are awaiting next tings =
    -price drop vita needed soon 200€
    -ps4/vita bundel +- 600 €
    -biger mem cards + al cards cheaper !!!!! very urgent + use of more then 100 bubbels ( icone on vita)

    i can not even find 32 gb in store !!!4/8 gb jes

    luky i buy 16 gb one day 1 + other 32 gb

  • At chungles
    I change my memory card all the time and the folders don’t get reseted, they’re there where I left it.

  • So will all of that fit on a (GB card ;)

  • #cheapermemorycards

  • I love the idea, pity its only added at new users :(

    I would maybe pick it up, as its not a bad price for LBP with a Mem card, but thats all i get from it.

    I am a bit reluctant though, as i know Little Big Planet will be on PS+ very soon. (I mean seriously… its the only one we havent gotten yet on PS+)

  • Really genius to bundle a mere 8GB card with 10 games. After finishing downloading those games, you have to buy another card because you already ran out of space.

    Also drop the price on the 16/32GB cards.

  • @SwingerE11, Yeah? When I re-insert a memory card all my games are moved to a different page, why’s that?

  • also will there be a Digital bundle? (wishful thinking i know)

  • Yep. I’ve seen the bundle now at
    It’s only 10 euro more expensive, guess what I’m not going to buy.

  • Sony, the Vita is in MAJOR trouble.

    One very telling example is that Elgiganten, one of the biggest retailers and online electronics stores in Scandinavia has a whopping three games available to buy online. The stores I’ve been to have zero consoles and zero games. The Vita does not exist in the stores. Most other chains are like this as well, with very few exceptions. It’s practically dead :(

    How about some games that people (in general) actually want? I don’t think you can turn this around anymore. You need to buy some PROPER 3rd party support, not stuff like a half-baked ridiculously bad CoD game developed by a C-tier studio.

  • PSP games, freemium games, and an updated mini? What a relief, for a moment I thought Sony had released 10 worthy titles for the Vita in its lifetime and I had missed them all!

  • Hi great pack guys but i wanna ask something. on the US PSN they are having some discounts on vita games like assasins creed libration for 15$.
    are we geting that over here too?

  • Why everyone whines that price drop is needed for Vita… 200 euro is good enough for 3g + wifi version, imho… Or is Finland only country in EU where Vita 3g + wifi costs 199,90?

  • 8GB what a Joke. How about you lower the prices(ALOT) and release a 64GB and 128GB cards?

  • Seriously the 32gb Vita card need to be sat down in price now, it costs as much as a 2nd hand Vita now since people arent using them.

    im not buying a vita till theres a price drop on the 32gb card, the games on vita fills alot more and i already have enough trouble with my psp and 2 8gb to switch all the time let alone 3 psp batteries that deplete all the time too quick when its not even being used.

    #15 Like this guy says the Vita and its games are almost not sold anywhere in scandinavia, the only store that actually has them is Gamestop but most of the games are still launch titles, the few you find around at other stores are launch titles aswell. Looking for games locally is almost non existant for Vita in Denmark, it reminds me of the same thinbg with Nintendo DS, which is basically only Nintendos own games that are left at stores, the 3DS have a much wider and steadier release of good games.

  • I will buy a vita when its 99€ with a 32 GB Card to put all my Plus Vita titles on it :)

  • Bigger memory cards need to drop in price, they are a total rip off and a barrier for m My Vita hardly gets used as I can’t even be bothered using my plus subscription for it when I have to juggle all the games constantly. Just make the memory cards better value.

  • Hi Fred, will this be available in UK stores on the 21st then? I can’t see it listed on any UK retailer website except for Smyths. Will we just be able to stroll into Game or HMV and buy it?

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