Jak & Daxter Trilogy arrives on PS Vita today

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Today the Jak and Daxter Trilogy launches on PlayStation Vita. Now, over a decade since the Jak and Daxter series originally premiered on PS2, we are so proud to see the legacy of Naughty Dog’s work brought together for users to enjoy anywhere their adventures take them.

The Jak and Daxter Trilogy brings three of your favorite Jak & Daxter adventures – Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II and Jak 3 – to life like never before. Mass Media has faithfully recreated the unique gameplay mechanics that you all know and love and added touch screen support for a selection of the mini games included, so get ready to catch those fish and hunt down that eco.

The Jak and Daxter Trilogy also features over 100 trophies (including three platinum) for you to unlock while you play through all three titles. These trophy sets are separate from the PS3 version so that means three more Platinum Trophies for you Trophy Hunters out there.

Jak TPL Screen 3

In addition to picking up the Jak and Daxter Trilogy at your local game retailer, you’ll be able to download the title via PSN. Starting today, the Jak and Daxter Trilogy will be available on the PlayStation Store for £19.99/€29.99. Be sure to grab the Jak and Daxter Trilogy today for a chance to experience the full evolution of the franchise. You’re in for some wild and funny adventures – enjoy!

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  • It’s coming as digital only or not?

  • #1 there is a retail box too.

  • The question is, when? Today another game I want will be released on PSN Store, and I am sure the time will go slow today, only because of that one game. :p

  • I’d love to see more PS2 games come to the Vita. I’ve already got the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Jet Set Radio (technically, from the Dreamcast), and am going to get Final Fantasy X and X-2.

    The ones I’d most like to see would be Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts, Okami, Ratchet & Clank, and Yakuza.

    God of War and ICO and Shadow of the Colossus work really well with remote play, so hopefully other PS2 games will implement it.

  • I have already bought the PS3 version, but I ‘d rather play the Jak & Daxter Trilogy on my PS Vita. Does it support Cross-Buy or not?

  • Forgot to mention Sonic Adventure 2. We’re long overdue for a portable Chao raising game, and maybe this time I’ll be able to get all 180 emblems.

  • Is there any plans to address the frame rate? I’ve read and seen bad things of jak 1 and 3.

  • Not buying unless patch for framerate issues is released.

    Why even release it in such awful state, doesn’t Sony run QA at all ?

  • Looks okay minus the issues. Cant wait for Sony to give it to me free on Playstation Plus ;)

  • How about some new games. Not old games, not ports, and certainly not ports of old games.

  • I was so looking forward to grabbing this for my Vita today, but now I’m not so sure!?

    Having released in NA 24hrs earlier, I’ve now read a good half-a-dozen reviews/impressions on the game – most disappointingly, each of which contained far more negatives and problems than I was expecting from this timeless trilogy. Apparently all three episodes are blighted with sub-standard, lo-fi graphics that have been described as ‘muddy’, ‘incredibly blurry’ and of ‘poor resolution’. Despite this, what concerns me most, are the reports of persistent, jarring framerate drops. From what I’ve read, these framerate issues are ‘severe’ in the first and third episodes, while substantially less so – and as a result, more tolerable – in Jak 3..

    While I’ve no doubt that Naughty Dog’s stellar 3D platforming and fan-favourite PS2-era gameplay still manages to shine through, but at the end of the day I suppose the question I have to ask myself is this: Am I prepared to pay £19.99 (or £24.99 at retail) for a trio of great, yet deeply flawed games..? Unfortunately, for the time being at least, my answer can’t be anything other than a categorical no! No, I’m afraid I’m not.

    continued on next post…

  • …continued from previous post…

    Having said all that, if, in the coming days and weeks, we A) – learn that the devs are working on an upcoming patch that will address/remedy these issues, or B) – hear news from trusted Blog readers stating that the framerate issues in particular, were blown way out of proportion and aren’t nearly as bad as first feared, then I’ll be only too happy to change my stance on the matter and grab the Jak and Daxter Trilogy after all.

    In the meantime,?I guess I’ll just have to sit tight and see what happens!

  • I got my copy now and I am happy :D but I really hope for Ratchet and Clank Trilogy for Vita soon !

  • How can anyone at Sony think that this is good enough, let alone expect people to pay for this?

    Bad frame rate and sub-native resolution for old PS2 games… You know, if you’re not going to put in an effort why even bother in the first place?

    This smells of “We have no Vita games, please, oh please take this quickly bashed together PS2 > PS3 > Vita port with muddy visuals and a frame rate so bad it mocks and destroys the beautiful 60 fps animation magic of the originals”.

    If you can’t do it right, don’t do it! The Vita runs circles around a PS2, but when you can’t spend the effort to re-code stuff and have to rely on horrible, horrible emulation – just don’t bother! A smooth, native resolution 30 fps would have been great. This is just something for the dung heap.

    Way to destroy art! I simply can’t fathom why Sony doesn’t respect their IP and their customers more than this. Disgraceful!

  • The framerate issues have been way over emphasised. It really isn’t that bad and never renders the game unplayable but it does fluctuate somewhat. A lot of review sites have compared this version to the Playstation 3 one which is obviously ridiculous given the disparity in horsepower between the two. I’m sure a patch will fix things but don’t let it stop anyone buying this fantastic trilogy at a fair price. The Vita Lounge review will be up in a couple of days and will fairly review the trilogy.

  • But, but… folks, please look past the horribly glaring quality issues. We haz teh trophyz for u!

    When your best bet to sell something is appealing to trophy-hoarders, you’ve already admitted defeat.

    I would have been more impressed if it was about how they’d lovingly hand-optimized the codebase to run smoothly on the Vita… but no… Trophies, just look at them and marvel at how we love our customers and take great pride in our gaming heritage! Only the best treatment for Jak & Daxter!

    I bet the creators are vomiting at the sight of this butchered abomination :(

  • First R&C: FFA (Q-Force) and now this. I see a pattern of not giving a damn here.

    Horrible porting is not something I expect from first party platform holders and their IPs. This treatment of Vita titles (and the original games) is abysmal and pathetic.

    If the God of War Collection for Vita is another subnative slideshow I am going to explode. It’s the one collection I really want. Don’t mess it up, Sony!

  • Loved this on PS2 and did buy it on PS3 but not got round to playing it yet.
    I would buy this again for my Vita but reports of frame rate and blurry graphics have out me off until I can learn more.
    I’m surprised that a ND game is anything but top notch, I hope it is a case of people getting carried away or that a simple developer patch can improve some of the issues??
    Suppose I will just have to wait and read the feedback.

  • So Friday for UK?

  • @FBZ1501

    Sure, this is originally a Naughty Dog game (top notch is expected), but on a technical level it is no longer a ND game on PS3 and Vita. This is ported by a different studio and ND has nothing to do with it. ND did some real code magic on the PS2 and the new guys are trying to emulate the code as best they can, and failing spectacularly at it.

    Which begs the question, if you don’t do it right and properly respect the original, but turn it into a subpar, blurry slideshow, why do it at all? You’re not providing the proper experience anymore.

    The original has lovingly crafted, smooth 60 fps animation. When it becomes a blurry and choppy mess, why do it? What’s the point? Easy money? Gamers gain nothing, that’s for sure!

  • People say its laggy :( maaaan that sucks

  • why do we have all those ps3 options ? like rumble the vita doesnt have those options so why leave it in the game ?

    if you took it out then there was room for other stuff

  • The game supports Cross-Buy according to the PS Store description, and I can verify that as I’m downloading the PSVita version at no extra cost (I have the disc version of the trilogy on PS3).

  • Its definitely a buy for me, will probably pick later tonight. I’ve missed those games on PS2, so its a nice chance to play them in Vita.

  • @patacama: did you do something to acrivate Cross-Buy?
    Still says it costs 29,99

  • Will wait for this to hit plus the reviews say the ports are terrible with Jak II being the only passible game out of the 3.
    I hope the God of War collection doesn’t suffer the same fate. Sony should get Bluepoint to do their ports.

  • Oh and most of EU got it free today except UK due to an error on the web store.
    I just bought OMG HD Zombies and it’s awesome!

  • @25: It just appeared free on my PS Store storefront. I didn’t have to activate anything.
    PS: That’s just odd, when I downloaded the game it was free, but now it isn’t. But the description still says that it’s Cross-Buy, so I don’t really know if it’s free for owners of the PS3 version or not.

  • @patacama (#23) and @xesf (#24) –

    Could you guys do us a small favour and report back here with some very brief impressions once you’ve had a chance to try the game(s) out? It’d be hugely appreciated fellas.

    + Are the graphics as bad as people are saying?
    + Which of the three looks best/worse?
    + How bad is the framerate really? As bad as some are saying? Is it manageable?
    + Finallt, would you still recommend this trilogy to non-PS3 owners?

    Thanks guys!

  • I cant describe how awful this port is , besides the crappy framerate, i’ve also encountered several bugs like not loading cutscenes, in jak 2, changing the fly height when into A vehicle sometimes work, the mission into the abandoned part of the city, the collapsing bridge just dissapear( also the stond blocks just A bit further in that level)

    Please Sony, Patch the problems we have with this port, we want to play these awesome games on our psvita!!

  • I haven’t tried Jak II/Jak 3 yet, but the frame rate in Jak and Daxter is not even borderline unplayable, it is completely unplayable :( What a piece of crap. Shame on Sony! What’s up with this? Did you really think that people would appreciate this?

  • Surely this isn’t cross buy if you have the disc PS3 version, I can’t see you getting the Vita version now as you’d need some code to have come with the ps3 disc??

    The bad reports of the port are shocking… I remember watching a video on the blog from the guys who did the ps3 port and they talked about how much effort had gone into the ps3 port.
    It sadens me to hear the vita port has been butchered!!?

  • Mass Media please make a Jak 4 !

  • Mass Media please make a Jak 4 !.

  • @Victor Harris

    I just downloaded Jak 2 and…I can’t even start the game! I press X over and over and over and nothing! What happened?!

  • Great, but no purchase until they fix the various issues plaguing the games.

  • Just tweeted Naughty Dog and SCEE chasing a patch. Who else handled the port?

  • FBZ1501:
    Wasn’t it Mass Media?

  • Mass Media…. Right I’ll google and tweet them now for what it’s worth?!

  • Yep never read the article properly at the start so missed Mass Media!
    Anyway I’ve sent them an email…. Not sure if I’ll get a reply but no harm in asking is there!
    Wish there was a demo so I could see for myself what Jak 1 is like?

  • Is this really that bad? As bad as qforce? (On Vita of course). Sly 4 was good how come these can’t follow suit?

  • wow.. so many complaints about these new ports.. [DELETED].. slow down, sony.. put some more care into what you are doing..

  • Thank you for making a really crap version of a good game Sony! What is the point of releasing this if it is crap anyway?

  • Really don’t see what people are complaining about.. The port is not that bad, Sure it could have been better but i have managed too play through the games just fine and enjoyed it just as much as i did whilst playing them on the ps3..

  • I am realky disappointed with getting this game in day 1. I only play the first sequence and it ruinned every nostalgic it could have. There are so much camera issues in the game, laggy sequence appreacence, even a vribration option on the options menu, circle button does the action as well on the menus, etc.. This makes me aware of all the next ports comming out…

  • A truly butchered port. Broken camera controls, dodgy framerate, stripped down detail… If I hadn’t already played Ratchet QForce on the Vita, I’d call this the worst Vita port of any game to date. Luckily for Mass Media, Ratchet QForce was so absurdly bad that I don’t think anything short of a full port of Big Rigs Over The Road Racing that runs at 2FPS can be worse.

    Strangely, for all the effort that was put into the PS3 versions, not a single damn was given to the Vita port. Hell, it even has an option for Vibration in the options! On a system that lacks vibration motors in every SKU!

    The Vita is a powerful machine. Stop letting developers ruin your system! Its practically corporate sabotage at this point!

  • I have to say that fortunately I got this game for free due to some glitch in the store, because otherwise for the very first time ever I would have asked for my money back for a PSN title. And I’ve bought a tonne, so that’s actually a compliment, but this … shouldn’t have made it out in this state.

    The PSP’s Daxter was a fantastic game (and still is), so if anyone needs a J&D fix, get that instead. I can only hope that the framerate can be fixed – upscale it from a quarter of native resolution for all I care, but this is unacceptable.

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