Killzone Mercenary: new single-player & multiplayer details

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Single Player: Lightning Strike

Two years after the Helghast attack on Vekta, the ISA are taking the battle to Helghan, their fleet gathering above the capital Pyrrhus.

You are Arran Danner, a mercenary currently under contract to the ISA. Your mission is to infiltrate a battery of Arc cannons and direct their fire away from the ISA fleet, instead targeting the Helghast cruisers overhead and opening a way into the city. This is critical to enabling the invasion of Pyrrhus to begin in earnest.


The covert nature of your mission commences with a wing suit drop into the facility; the only way to avoid detection by Helghast surveillance. Once inside your objective is to locate and hack the systems controlling the Arc cannon battery and unleash its devastating power on the unsuspecting Helghast cruisers above.

This won’t be an easy ride, the battery is heavily guarded and the security protocols protecting the control systems will require you to interface directly with them using your VAN-Guard, right under the nose of the garrisoned troops.


How you approach this task is up to you; will you maintain your covert approach, avoiding direct encounters and choose instead to pick off patrols with silenced weapons and stealth melee attacks or go for a full frontal assault loading out with heavy weapons and explosives.

Whichever strategy you choose to employ, one thing is certain, this mission is going to be a good earner, the more of the Helghast and their equipment you destroy, the better the paycheck!

Multiplayer: Inlet

Corinth River; the bloody focus of the ISA invasion of Helghan. The beach around the jetties and sluice gates provides the backdrop to this epic encounter between the ISA and Helghast forces.

The terrain is pockmarked with craters, trenches and discarded cargo containers. This dangerous “no-man’s land” offers both cover and the fear of ambush in equal measure.


A huge bridge spans the river and beach provides a ferociously contested vantage point, control of this area giving a significant tactical advantage to whoever holds it.

Whether you decide to fight them on the beaches or rain down death from above, one thing is certain; both sides will fight to the last!

Key Features

  • An open and free form area, there are very few defined routes; considered, tactical movement is required to stay alive.
  • Extreme lines of sight open opportunities for snipers and other long range weapons to be highly effective.
  • The wide open terrain offers little in the way of cover from aerial VAN-Guard attacks, but a broad selection of hard cover points for on-foot engagements.
  • This war-torn landscape is perfect for setting traps, ambushes and flanking maneuvers.

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3 Author Replies

  • Is the beta coming at Europe? Please answer.

    • Hi Christos-34,

      There is a multiplayer beta trial for both the EU and the US. Unfortunately, I believe that the sign up for this particular trial has now ended.

      If you did manage to get a beta key, I hope you enjoy the game and please give us lots of feedback.

  • Will botzone be in this game, it would make sence since om on the go and doesn´t have wifi all the time?

  • My most anticipated Vita yet. I hope it’s the best first-person shooter on the Vita. Also cannot wait to play on Shadow Fall and will get it when the PS4.

    Btw, are you releasing a multiplayer beta?

  • Looks amazing.

    You guys should also make MediEvil 2 Resurrection for Vita and package in MediEvil Resurrection too. Amazing series wish it had more than 2 games.

    Love SCE Cambridge though, awesome developer.

  • Looking good. As a Dutchie I’ll support Guerilla for sure. Killzone on PSVita + Tearaway is enough for me in fall.

    And then, remote playing all my PS4 games + the free PS+ games for PSVita. I’m set for fall, no doubt.

  • I really wish there’s botzone…plz?

  • Hi Gareth,

    I saw the actual code being played on Gamespot.

    Its a lot of HUD and too much flashing data [ currency etc for every kill and every move] on the screen considering the vita is pretty small already.

    I want to play killzone for the adventure and awe and these flashing things and hud really takes away the feeling of being there in that beautiful world that you have created.

    Will we atleast have an option for people to turn the HUD off and all the currency and XP flashing.? or atleast reduce it to bare minimum based on user preference.

    Please make it happen.. Please Please.

    I really am looking forward to the game. Please do not ruin it like this.

    • Hi vikingbht,

      Glad to hear that you’re looking forward to the game!

      Regarding the HUD, we have included a settings menu where you will be able to fully customise which HUD elements are shown in game.

      Hope this answers your question!

  • This game is looking amazing, I can’t wait for it. Hopefully this will prove to everyone how good the Vita is and hit 9/10 scores.

  • 5 Rating for a game that should have been at VITA launch… Rating of 1 because it is too late with the what you shown for Vita at E3… I think Sony wants use to get a 3ds instead I mean why announce same titles that have been announced before or hd ports or yet below quality indie games… Heck at E3 you showed more new decent titles on ps4 more than what is available right now or in the near future for VITA… Do a recall, give everyone a full refund now as it is a major joke of a system

  • Gareth, If I may say a very important opinion that may increase the sales of Killzone Mercenary, it is that you should tell the developers to include Offline Multiplayer Map Bots for each game mode so we can game anywhere. This will likely increase the sales of the game by a steep amount. Please take this into consideration, you guys can also make it as free DLC if the space on the PS Vita cards are too small.

    I have started a group in which we want Killzone Mercenary Offline Multiplayer Bots:

    Please every one tweet at Killzone. Tweet this: Please include offline bots multiplayer into Killzone Mercenary. @killzone @offlinebotsMP @killzonemercenary

  • As everyone else says, bots would be a good idea to implement

  • yes +1 for bots they are the best thing in videogaming if you just wonna mess around or have bad internet.

  • Hello,
    Gareth Hughes from Guerrilla Cambridge here. I’m the Lead Designer on KILLZONE: MERCENARY.

    We really appreciate the amazing response we’ve had from E3; it’s given the whole team a real lift as we push on through the last few weeks of development.

    I’ve read through the comments posted on this blog and will endeavour to answer as many as possible and I’ll check back periodically to see if there are any new questions.

    I’m only here to discuss KILLZONE: MERCENARY so please don’t ask me about anything unrelated.


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