Invizimals arrive on PS Vita and PS3 this October – see the new trailer

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Invizimals arrive on PS Vita and PS3 this October – see the new trailer

Hi everyone, I am pleased to announce that Invizimals: The Alliance (PS Vita) and Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom (PS3) will be released this October across the PAL region.

That’s right, those mysterious creatures are back and only your PS Vita can find them in Invizimals: The Alliance.

So get ready to hunt, capture and battle on your PS Vita in your mission to lead the Invizimals to a safe haven and protect them from an evil new foe.

Using cutting-edge augmented reality, you’ll be able to track Invizimals in your garden, on the bus or in the playground (Invizimals are everywhere!); capturing your favourites to build a collection of 150 Invizimals.


Vita Screenshot 3Vita Screenshot 1

Once you’ve found them in our world on your PS Vita, you can now explore the Invizimals’ world for the first time ever in an awesome new action adventure on PS3.

In Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom, you play as Hiro, a young explorer who discovers a magical portal that teleports you to The Lost Kingdom – a land under attack from a cruel rampaging robot army.

You’ll get to transform into 16 Invizimals (Metalmutt Max is a personal favourite of mine) and use their special powers and abilities to solve puzzles and battle against your enemies.


PS3 Screenshot 5Ps3 Screenshot 1

Plus, through Cross-Play, players of both games can link up online for epic four-player battles or to swap bonus game items.

And if that wasn’t enough we’re also working on new Invizimals trading cards and an app that brings the Invizimals to life on your PS Vita or mobile device.

I hope you’ll agree that there’s a lot to get excited about! To give you a taster of what’s in store, check out our latest trailer:

I hope you like it!

Be sure to check out to find out more about Invizimals: The Alliance and Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom.

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  • pretty cool!! thank you so much sony


  • I’d rather have The Lost Kingdom on Vita, rather than more AR.

  • Nothing wrong with more games available at retail for vita it gives the machine more of a store presence.

  • I’m sold on PS4, great E3 you stomped MS, well done.
    But where are all the Vita games that SCEE manager Ahmed or whatever his name is has been teasing for weeks?
    DOZENS of games he said, and BIG HUGE AMAZING title coming etc.

    Are they yet to be shown/announced at E3?

  • I think he means Shahid Kamal….but he has already stated the big Vita exclusive hasn’t been announced yet. They still have several days to make announcements, or they could wait for TGS to make a big announcement on the Vita. Perhaps a price cut in time for the holiday season. It seems they have geared E3 so heavily at PS4 to stomp Xbone and so the big announcements are out the bag and at TGS they could shift the focus more evenilly perhaps? I’m hoping for some more reveals later on this week before it’s over. GTA or GT Vita would be amazing.

  • O meu sobrinho já era fan do jogo quando o jogava na PSP, ele vai ficar a contar os minutos até chegar o momento de o poder desfrutar, visto que ele é fan do género, mais propriamente dos Digimons e sem comparações dos INVIZIMALS .

  • This game looks great. I know I’m too old for this but damn.. it looks fun. lol. There is after all still a little child in all of us so why not give a shot for old times. Just got to keep it secret from everyone around me and do the hunting at night. lol

  • That’s the guy, Shahid Kamal, he is either the biggest TROLL in gaming history or there are DOZENS (his words) of games still to be shown.
    You would think they would have shown them in the 60 seconds Vita got in the 90 minute conference!

    God of War collection? REALLY?
    Already finished it on PS2 and PS3 I won’t be buying it again.
    FFX/X-2HD I will buy as it’s my favourite game ever (X-2 not so much) but we knew about this last year.
    Really everyone I know with a Vita had high hopes for this E3 for Vita after last year’s E3 was so terrible for the handheld, and right now they are just being laughed at.

  • This actually looks fun in my opinion. :p

  • Can’t wait for PS4 & will probably buy a Vita in the mean time for the remote play when it arrives. Just really want to know if we’ll be able to rename our PSN accounts or possibly delete trophies? Wouldn’t mind a fresh start with a fresh name with the new console whilst still keeping some of my hard earned Platinum trophies, but whilst also getting rid of some of the ones that shame my account from my dark trophy OCD days (Hannah Montana anyone? haha). If not I’ll just set up a new ID, but I’d rather know now lol.

  • Game looks sweet and all, but could you really not afford two different renders of Tigershark for the covers? ;)

  • Oh, wow! A kiddie AR game for the Vita.

    Just today I was thinking to myself: “Gosh, cowbanana, I really hope that the Vita gets a boring, kiddie AR game. All my E3 hopes rest on this. I sure don’t hope that Sony got some sweet games like a Vita GTA lines up by lining some pockets with Yen. Nah, I hope for crappy AR games instead of system selling software that’ll defib the dead Vita.”

    Sony, never disappoints! Viva la Vita!

  • jep system seller = gone save psvita ( not )

    only saving in europe = price drop+-60 €
    +integrating of ps4 games
    – maps,controle drones , airstrike , controle rc-xd , dog controle ,tactical screen ….
    then play al ps4 games on the screen of vita when u are in bed vita = esy

    gta -minecraft-gt-( monsterhunter !!!! )

    also why 2 camera on vita when u mising licht to flash in dark space ?

  • when will it be available in the usa

  • its 11:07 june 11. not june 12 at 4:06

  • @MPG319
    You do know there is a time difference between here and the U.S? This is an EU blog so the time and date is correct. You will find your own time zone here:

  • So the USA won’t get a year later….lame

  • When do we get it in North America?

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