First Destiny gameplay trailer from E3

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First Destiny gameplay trailer from E3

Hey everybody!

We’re incredibly excited to be at E3 this year to reveal Destiny gameplay for the first time. We hope you like what you see. If you want more, check out the official Destiny gameplay trailer, and stay tuned for more information in the weeks and months to come!

Thanks for watching!

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  • game looks fantastic good job

  • It’s looking rather overwhelming, for humanity i mean. How can one last ‘city’ defeat a foe that’s taken ‘every planet in our solar system’ ?. am all for escaping reality in gaming, but, Anyway i Do like the trailer and look of the game, like a mash up of all my fav fps/other sci-fi/action/horror games, atm.. No doubt when more footage is released i will get to form a more individual, unique maybe idea of what it’s all about, defo like look of it, and thinking about it, i guess all of my fav-list games ‘look imposible’, can’t wait to learn more, i did read someone’s comment other day complaining about it’s always online requirements, but didn’t agree with their reason, ie it’ll affect experience like some mp cod/halo games suffer from, on very few occasions.. frame-rate issues and such.. suppose it will always happen now and again. but most people can accept them times.

  • Congrats Bungie!! I was waiting for some gameplay to see what it would be like compared to Halo and must say you have impressed me!!!! Altho it kind of does look a little bit like Halo :( in parts, it still looks to be a much better game. Day one purchase from me!

  • most surreal E3 in a while. Insomniac on MS stage, Bungie at Sony’s.

    I’m still not sure every things real after watching the Quantic Dream tech demo.

  • The game looked cool;) It’s just a shame you can’t play it split-screen with 3 mates in the same room & online at the same time so other people can join in to like that bit near the end of the gameplay Bungie was doing at the SONY’s E3 show :( Hmm maybe someone could do that for the PS4??? ;)

  • I knew this was gonna be great, but after seeing gameplay I’m just blown away. I’m a huge fan of co op and the scale, atmosphere and AAA sauce just top it off perfectly. Probably the biggest and best surprise of the conference imo, which is weird because I expected a lot more exclusives to be announced, apart from the ones we already saw.

  • The Gameplay trailer does this game less justice, than E3 presentation did.

    The E3 presentation made me decided to pre order this game, while the trailer… Just another shot zzz

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