New DRIVECLUB PS4 video – behind the scenes at Evolution Studios

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New DRIVECLUB PS4 video – behind the scenes at Evolution Studios

Hi everyone, I’m proud to represent the very talented team here at Evolution Studios, and to introduce this video, which shows some of our key team members involved in the brilliant “Conversations with CreatorsPS4 video series.

It’s been our ambition for nearly 10 years to create a powerfully connected racer that lets you have fun in the world’s best cars, on the world’s fastest roads, sharing the experience with your friends in a Club. A racer that keeps you constantly connected with the community – a connected community of clubs that’s not about posting status updates at every opportunity, but about sending and playing challenges and always racing together to achieve more.

You can keep up to speed with DRIVECLUB right here on PlayStation Blog, but you should like the official Facebook page and follow DRIVECLUB on Twitter  to make sure you never miss an update about the game. Especially with E3 coming up quickly – you won’t want to miss a thing!

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  • Framerate will determine my interest in this. 30 and I’ll probably pass on it until much later, 60 and it’s day one

  • Drive Club was the part of the PS4 presentation, that settled it for me. I had to get a PS4!

    Sounds great that this shall be a racing game for everyone, though I wonder how you’ll try to achieve that everyone is satisfied at the end.

  • colour me interested.

  • After watching that video my excitement level went through the roof.
    Keep up the good work guys, looking forward to it.

    I love these behind the scenes videos :D

  • @ Evolution

    Whatever you do or don’t do with Driveclub PLEASE for the love of GOD sort out the server issues that PLAGUE Motorstorm Apocalypse!?
    Especially seeing how on that game you gave us a betting mechanic and we could then bet our winnings from previous races onto the next race only to lose it because the game cant be made due to a server error!

    I cant tell you how INSANELY annoying it is becoming now!!!!

  • Great Video!!!!! Love it!! I asked this question to the GT team a while back on their post so will ask you the same question. As I said to them that I only want to get one racing game so the choice is between this and GT6. The better game gets bought. My question is, why should we choose this over GT6? :D

    Also I already posted these questions this morning in another post and got no reply there and may not get one so just copying and pasting in here seeing its the right post for it but no worries if you cant answer them. The questions was:

    What kind of team races would the game have? Like would it be race together or does one player do a lap then the next player does a lap and so on?

    Can we create something like clan? If yes does it keep a level up system or something for that clan similar to what Call of Duty Elite does and unlocks things as it levels up?

    Also can we race for pink slips?

    Is the game more like GT but as a team or is it a whole new kind of racing game? Maybe similar to Need for Speed but in the GT way?

  • Nice.. Looking forward to driving that RS4 and that TT RS :)
    Will it only have recent cars, or will there also be older classics?
    (I’m not looking for 1000+ cars here, but a few oldies would be so much fun)

  • I so can’t wait for this game. This is guaranteed title I will be buying with my PS4.

  • The graphics look very beautiful but all I hear about the game is the equivalent of the contract mode in Hitman Absolution combined with the latest need for speed. That for sure sounds fun but I hope it’s a nice add on and not the whole game. I hope there is a story or campaign mode in there somewhere.

  • uvidime co a jak,tesim se na to:)

  • Please Jamie, confirm right now if the game runs at 60fps. The internet will go on fire and it will all start from here. :)

  • Can they show some actual game play? No offence to Evolution but they did show prerendered video of Motor Storm on the PS3 launch that turned out to be nothing like the game. It’s hard to believe anything they say now. It’s something Sony need to sort out quickly for the PS4 launch.

  • I wonder how the game will be from a single player perspective. I don’t really have any interest in the social aspect.

  • Holy [DELETED] those graphics are amazeballs, best looking next-gen game by far!!!!

  • Holy mother of jaysus those graphics are amazeballs,best looking next-gen game by far!!!

  • That in-car view near the end of the video looked AMAZING :P Shame MotorStorm never had in-car view :-( Maybe a PS4 MotorStorm could be made in the future to & include it because that would be amazing to??? :-P

  • Oh MY God!!! Those graphics were fricking awesome.

  • Hi Jamie, I agree with a couple of comments here is it 60 fps or what ? At least give us some feedback on it. Leaving it unanswered will make sound like 30 from start, and more disappointing.

  • This game looks awesome. My god all these PS4 games look great, how am I going to afford all of these at the launch!

  • @ Jamie Brayshaw: You say Very Talented, I say you’re right. (Just a heads up,, don’t come round the corner hauling a 30fps’er at us…)

  • This is a great looking game, it will nice to see some hands on play to see if it gives an idea of the handling.

    I worry about the constant use of the word social this gen, i really hope that games don’t take on the Facebook model of get x number of friends to help u continue, can’t see that in a paid game like this but the rise of FTP games on ps4 hopefully won’t use that model……..ever.

  • Racing games almost always lack of those really long straights where you can reach the top speed and enjoy that for more than a few seconds.

    You know crazy. I have played Motorstorm. Why not also include a loop?

    I have missed driving in a big loop for 20 years now. Realistic landscape is awesome, but one experiment track built just for fun?

    I would trade 60fps for driving in the night with heavy rain and wind that make those trees come alive.

    And a super realistic mode where a car that goes out in the terrain and hits a tree is out of the race. Elimination style. :)

  • BUY BUY BUY il get a ps4 if its 250 or less NOT 500 quid if at E3 They say ps4 online will be free il deffo get 1

  • Looks great but I prefer Motorstorm. I mean, there are just so many of these realistic looking racers already. I’m much more likely to go with Gran Turismo for this type of racing. Motorstorm is so unique and different from all those typical racers and Apocalypse was the pinnacle of awesomeness with the destruction of the environment during races, the cool new vehicle types and multiplayer that was actually addictive for a change. Probably my favorite racegame ever.. So was really hoping to see more of that.

  • Meh… all I wanted was WipEout on the PS4. Not another generic dude-racer :(

    I guess I have no reason to pick up a PS4 at launch. Especially not if Sony goes with some stupid DRM scheme, which I think they will given the silence on the issue. Statements on the matter were really wishy-washy and without real substance.

  • Completely off topic so really sorry driveclub looks awsome btw. sadly i cant pick up my last of us ellie ed next friday so Can someone help me with pre ordering.
    Just a few question I’m super sorry if I come of as dumb as hell.

    1. Which version do I ready to download? Live in wales and want English language.

    2. When does it start downloading, midnight?

    3. It’s 35gb, that’s fine I have a 30mb connection but how long do these big files take to install? I have a 500GB super slim with 250+ GB space remaining.

    4. If I leave my console download it when I’m in work will it also instal on its own?.

  • @ Hexahedronaut

    I’m in a similar situation. As far as I know SCEE have had an issue with the digital pre order ಠ_ಠ
    It was supposed to go up last Wednesday? and we’ve heard nothing since.
    All I need is the price so I can put the cash on the store ready.

    “2. When does it start downloading, midnight?”

    If I remember correctly PSASBR gave me the option to dl the extras and Vita version 6 or so days before launch. Not sure if I could play then, have no Vita. Ps3 version was done a day or so before it released in the UK.

  • “4. If I leave my console download it when I’m in work will it also instal on its own?.”

    This ties in with my above answer, and unless I’ve got the info wrong (media blackout) The digital version of TLOU is handled differently.

    What Plus will download is a client. That client will then give you access to Naughty Dogs servers were you’ll download the game. This is because you can play the game while it’s downloading.

    I really hope we get info before tomorrow otherwise it’s looking like I’ll have to skip. Been a year without footage and screens, and I wont be happy if this has basically ruined my chances of getting the game when I want it.

    Just a confirmed price SCEE,why is that so difficult with a first party game?

  • The graphics look good but still just another racing game , still no real open road driving game . For me when someone will come with a game with the graphics and physics of gt 5 , combined with a free open road just driving ,racing if you want then you will have a DRIVING GAME ,for now driveclub his just another racing game like all the others. This game will not make me run out and buy a ps4 .

  • love it already, fresh competition for the like of Gran Turismo, NFS and Grid. bring it on!!!

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