inFAMOUS: Second Son video shows off groundbreaking mo-cap tech

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inFAMOUS Second Son on PS4

E3 is almost upon us! It seems like only yesterday that we revealed inFAMOUS: Second Son to the world. Since the announce event in New York, everyone here at Sucker Punch has been hard at work in order to show you more of Delsin Rowe, our new protagonist, in action.

BTW, if you want more info on Second Son and if you haven’t seen the June cover of GameInformer, you might want to check it out! GameInformer created a hub to visit featuring multiple stories that bring Second Son to life on PlayStation 4.

Today, as part of our lead up to E3, we’re happy to share a sneak peek into our development process bringing the “E” into Emotion Capture (yep… took us ALL week to come up with that one) in the first installment of inSIDE Sucker Punch!

The team is really excited with the possibilities this kind of advancement brings to the table with Second Son. The truly exciting part of our complex facial and motion capture pipeline and all the hard work everyone is putting into new technology is that at the end of the day, it’s the actor’s raw performance showing up on the screen.

inFAMOUS Second Son on PS4

We’re doing a huge amount of work to make sure that you don’t notice all the work we have to put in. The techniques we use allow us to capture ALL the actors’ emotions at once, on the same stage. From the moment we say “Action”, we get body, facial, and audio performances. This holistic approach allows us to give the players a deeper narrative experience on the PS4.

Gamers have grown to expect more than just detailed worlds with high poly-counts and slick graphics. They want more engaging content and a backstory, with great characters and actors that can give them life. This type of cinematic quality can only happen when the actor’s performances can be captured with great detail.

At Sucker Punch we have sought to meet this demand by introducing a new facial capture technology to our studio that takes a detailed 3D scan of the actor to “learn” unique surface physiology of the actors to help train our system. The overall result is a very natural, organic feel directly tied to the anatomy and performance of the actor instead of something that’s feels very mechanical, linear, repetitive, or just plain unsettling.

After watching the video, some of you may have noticed that Delsin’s character is played by seasoned video game actor, Troy Baker (from The Last of Us and BioShock Infinite). Troy’s take on the character captured the restless potential we’d always hope to see in Delsin. And now with our new facial technology we can truly capture the nuance he brings to Delsin.

It can be as small as an eye twitch, but that little bit of motion can make the moment come alive in ways you never expected. The actors bring a lot to the table; it’s exciting to finally have a method for bringing those performances directly to the player. We’re thrilled to have Troy join the cast.

As you can see, with this next step, the team is able to make great advancements into the realm of performance capture to get across all of the nuances you see in everyday conversation with people to bring all of the characters in the game to life. The end result for you? A few steps closer to bringing a cinematic game experience to life on your TV screens.

You’re going to see a lot of this tech in play next week when we continue unveiling Second Son at E3. Keep your eyes here and on our Facebook page for more news and info on Second Son as we approach E3 and beyond!

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  • I cant wait to get this. This is one my my day one buy games!! Waited too long for another inFamous game. Looking forward to seeing this in E3. Wish I could be there to watch it :(

  • Love the series and I think this is next gen game I want the most after Gran Turismo.

  • Really awesome! Can’t wait for Infamous: Second Son. After every thing I have heard this game is gonna be epic. Gonna get this day 1 with the PS4. Good job Sucker Punch. :D

  • Is that Troy Baker playing the lead role??

  • Soo sick, i am very excited for what Playstation is bringing to us Gamers over the next Several Months…Game On

  • I love how Troy Baker is like everywhere, its really amazing! I didn’t even realise it was him til that video he’s clearly the go to person for mo-cap. The voice behind some of the biggest games this gen; Bioshock:Infinite, The Last of us, Final Fantasy XII/2, P4G the list goes on. This mo-cap technology looks really impressive and can’t wait to see ti all in action especially since I love what Sucker Punch has done with the Infamous series so far!

  • My plus symbol still isn’t showing up when I comment :/

  • Fingers crossed you are at the Sony Conference with a 3 or 4 minute, total gamer controlled, gameplay debut, pretty please. And also please release the video afterwards as a Direct Feed in full 1080p pretty please? :)
    Love you guys at Sucker Punch. And I don’t think Troy Baker will ever be in the dole queue lol.

  • Project2insanity

    Really looking forward to this although becoming increasingly concerned by the volume of roles Mr Baker is taking. No issue with his skills but I became a bit fed up with Nolan North being in everything. Can see it happening here. Still keeping faith, though, oversaturation may not occur, especially if he stays away from sliding into using the same voice for all characters.

    Either way, we need more roles for Mike Patton. ^^

  • I honestly cant wait for this game but Please sucker punch, don’t make the game an 18! Dont make it like prototype!!!

  • Looks pretty damn impressive, will defo pick this up when I eventually get a PS4.

  • First time I played Infamous 1 I got stuck not that far into the game and couldnt be bothered to continue. Then 2 went out it looked brilliant. Went back to 1 and finished it in prep for 2, couldnt think why i didnt like it 1st time round, brilliant game. Then played 2 loved it, platted it (fav game this gen).

  • There is no way you could make me more psyched for this game….oh wait, never mind!

  • I have tried to like infamous but can’t get on with them I have both games for free, I have restarted one so many times my main problem is the health system it recharges to slow health packs would of been better.
    Also why is the 1st game so grey?

  • i really hope this is a ps4 launch title game looks amazing,i love the infamous games :D

  • Did that just say Horia Dociu ? Is that guy from Romania ?

  • Another launch musthave.. Just.. Take my money..

  • Cant wait for this game!!

  • cannot wait for this really hope they cab make it THE nex gen open game it deserves to be! oh and please let it be a launch title :)

  • why am i getting “video is private”?

  • You’re just simply not going to stop riding this, are you?

    You are showing off pre-rendered custcenes, and preaching it’s only possible due to the glorious new hardware on the ps4. Do you actually think anyone will be fooled by this?

    And what is the matter with you? Seriously – you’ve had the hardware that actually could expand on facial animation and character animation for quite a while. But, and even when your own studios took advantage of the tech, you refused to market it.

    And now, you’re going to market the tech, when you don’t have it any more, and you’ve chosen a mulitplatform PC hardware target?

    I seriously don’t believe the amount of idiocy going on at Sony now. And I’ve seen a lot of corporate idiocy, believe you me. But this simply takes the cake, in the category below “continents losing their jobs due to crisis”, at least.

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