New Remember Me video, concept art

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New Remember Me video, concept art

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Hi everyone. It’s Jmax from Dontnod here again to talk to you some more about Remember Me, ahead of its 7th June PlayStation 3 launch, and give you an exclusive look at the game with some new concept art and screenshots. I hope that you can see from the art the effort that the wonderful art team at Dontnod have put into creating the world of Remember Me!

I hope that you have found the time to discover more about the world of Remember Me by having a look at Antoine’s Journal. In the world of Remember Me, Antoine Cartier-Wells is the founder of Memorize, the company that is so intrinsic to the game universe. His journal can almost be seen as a prequel for the game as you can find out more about the events that have led to the world that Nilin finds herself in, in Neo-Paris in 2084.


This week we are also releasing a new film from Antoine’s story. Hopefully, a lot of you saw the film that DevinSuperTramp created that was essentially the opening part of Antoine’s story. This new film can be seen as the closing chapter as a very different Antoine looks back on his life in 2084.

We are getting very close to the release of the game now, which we are all very excited about. You can even pre-order it on PSN, with all the extra moves available to Nilin included as a bonus.

The additional moves can be used in the Combo Lab, where you can customise your fighting style. We are very proud of this part of the game as it provides a depth to the combat rarely seen in action-adventure games. If you are a gamer that enjoys the intricacies of a deep combat system there are literally thousands of different possible combos at Nilin’s disposal and if you prefer a lighter approach you can easily adapt your combos to help you take on different enemies or adapt to any situation.


As before, if you have any questions please ask them below and I will do my utmost to answer them. In the meantime, don’t forget you can check out all of our videos on our YouTube channel.

Remember you soon!


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5 Author Replies

  • Maybe my eyes are deceiving me – but live-action Nilin looks far too Caucasian.

  • I think you guys focus a bit too much onto showing us your art here on the blog. The art is cool, I got that right from last year’s Gamescom.

    I’ve seen just one trailer that introduced some enemies, with fast cuts and switches between different scenes. Till I have not really seen how we’ll experience the game and some actual game play, you have done something wrong in your attempt to sell me this title.

  • I retract my previous statement, just watched it again and she isn’t Caucasian at all.

  • Sigh, live action is so overused in gametrailers nowadays. I want to see cool CGI trailers. You know, something computer generated..
    This one in particular really sucks imo, reminds me of the Resident evil live action movies which are horrible too.
    Game’s been on my radar since reveal though and I read it’s acceptable on a technical level too, so I’m getting this. Good thing it’s releasing in this period because I probably would have had to push this aside if it released in a busier period with plenty of good games.

    • Hi Stonesthrow. I appreciate that live action trailers aren’t always to everyone’s taste but I really wanted to share this one as it was part of the larger campaign, with Antoine’s Journal, that gives more of a back story to the universe of Remember Me. I agree that CGI trailers can often be very cool, but half they time they have very little to do with the game. I’m also pleased that you think you have time to check out our game!

  • Hi Jmax. Thanks for sharing the video and concept art. Remember Me looks very promising and fresh. Looking forward to it =)

  • It definitely takes guts to release a new IP at this late stage of this-gen life. It takes even more guts to release it a week before E3. But it takes balls to release a new IP, single-player-only game, a week before E3, 6 months before PS4 arrives and then show us nothing but quick cuts in trailers and then release a very average live action trailer. I do hope your advertising team have big plans to get the game noticed otherwise I fear the worst for Remember Me.

    For some reason Remember Me reminds me of Mirrors Edge. A brilliant game but it just didn’t sell due to reasons similar to what I’m seeing happening to Remember Me.

    • Hi Devils_Demon. When talking about the game during the campaign and with the many journalists I have spoken to I have reiterated that there is definitely space for new and interesting IPs, especially when most games are 5th and 6th iterations. Having said that, we certainly aren’t just relying on one live action trailer! This is just part of the ‘Antoine’s Journal’ campaign that I have already spoken about on the blog (and you can check it our here: – we have of course shown lots of other trailers and gameplay videos over the past 9 months or so and you can see these on We’ve also worked really closely with the marketing team at Capcom to ensure that you really get a feel for the game with all of the materials that you see. Hopefully, you’ll like what you see on our social channels!

  • Already have mine on pre-order. Looks interesting and fun to play. Is there any replay features like alternate costumes, New Game Plus etc?

  • Hi, I tried to deposit $20 in my PSN account but it was rejected. However, in my credit card I lost the $20 and this money haven´t been returned. Can u give me a solution?

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