LIMBO PS Vita release date confirmed

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As we approach the third anniversary of LIMBO, the game is finally ready for handheld devices. Together, with the talented people at Double Eleven, we at Playdead have been working hard to adapt LIMBO to PS Vita without compromising the experience.

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We are proud to reveal the launch dates for Europe as 5th June – that’s next Wednesday.

The game will be offered as a digital download in PlayStation Store, priced at €12.99/£9.99.

Happy dying…

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  • £9.99!?

    Two words; No thanks.

  • Hey! That game is good. I will pay that 12.99€.

  • Excellent game! So glad I got it with PS+ a while back :)

  • I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s worth £20 but its certainly a fair price for a very good game.

  • Vita it truly amazing. Vita is the best place to play these indie games. Sony, keep them coming please :-)

  • “:( Wonderful game. Worth twice that price if you haven’t played it, IMO!”

    You’d make a wonderful car salesman, Fred. Bwaaahahahaahahah

  • It’s a very good game, though I donno if I’ll replay it on the Vita. However it could be a good chance to maybe get 100% on it when I’m away. Though if I recall correctly one of the trophies was not to die and I donno if I’m that good at gaming :D

  • if i bought the Game on Ps3 a Year ago can i Dawnload the Vita version? if no why ? and where is you’r Talking aboute the Cross buy ?!

  • If you own the PS3 version can you just download on the Vita. It’s a great game but it’s a waste of money to buy the same game twice.

  • unless its free i dont give a damn about this game it wasnt even fun on the ps 3


    We are proud to reveal the launch dates for Europe as 6th June – that’s next Wednesday

    in your world 6th of june maby is on wensday but on the rest of the world its thursday

  • Any chance of it supporting Cross-Buy for those of us that have it on the PS3 already?

  • I swear the 6th is Thursday not Wednesday…

  • Got it for PC and PS3 already.. So i have to own it on vita aswell. Bit expensive, but worth it in the end!

  • @Fred

    Not really, especially when you can easily complete the game in 3 hours. It wasn’t worth 10 pounds the first time, it’s not worth charging this much a second time unless you care so much about having an experience (and being ripped off).

  • Nice, I’ve avoided It on everything else so far, as It just seems that type of game I’d rather play on a handheld, definitely picking this up.

  • Already have it on PS3, excellent game from what ive played so far.

    However, I mite be tempted to buy it again if Vita version supports cross trophies.

  • @VaVeTi

    If you don’t give a damn then why did you click on the article and then go to the trouble of posting? You’re right about the date being wrong but still strange to say you don’t give a damn and then post here.

  • Ports, ports, ports… of games I played months if not years ago. This is an OK game, but for me it’s not something worth returning to. Especially not at that price.

    I have three platforms that already play Limbo, I’m sure I don’t need a late port on the Vita.

    How about some new games that we haven’t played already?

    This is really not what I bought a Vita for… the exclusive lineup doesn’t look very good.

    We don’t even have EU publishers for Dragon’s Crown or Ys: Memories of Celceta, games I would MUCH rather have than ports of old indie games. How about you publish them, Sony? Work a little for your EU customers… lol, like that’d happen!

  • Waiting for LIMBO 2… I loved the fist LIMBO for PS3! :)

    PS. This screen isn’t from LIMBO btw:

  • I mean I can’t remember that screen with the tube,,, :S

  • Why would i spend £10 on a 2 years old 3 hour game with no replay value, that’s most likely cheaper everywhere else?

    Please dont try and take us vita fans for mugs!

  • £9.99 is too much for me. I bought it from a steam sale for around £2. I havent played it due to lack of time and would love to get the vita version so i can play anywhere, but 9.99 is too much. £6 would be fair i think. 40% discount for plus?

  • Limbo is a game more suited to a handheld rather than a home console, but I think the price is ridiculous. €13?!?! I played the game for free via the IGC, courtesy of PS Plus, and I liked it, but this price, for a PS Vita port of an acclaimed 3-year-old game, is too high. If it was, say, €5-6, I might buy it. Limbo is an enjoyable, but also a really short game. That’s my problem with this kind of games, not just Limbo. They are not priced accordingly to what they offer to the player.

  • Any chance of offering Cross-buy with this? Either way i’ll be getting it.

    Do you know what the file size for this would be on Vita?

  • Given this is considerably more expensive than the PC version i assume it’s stuffed with new levels and other enhancements?

  • People moaning about paying 10 pounds for limbo, you guys are taking the (CENSORED). I know times are tough and I understand that you probably cant afford the 10 pounds, but this game is well worth the price tag. Alot of love and effort went into making this game, I played it on ps3 and I think its great. For anyone who hasn’t played this game and has a vita, go for it ! I recommend it!

  • Got this on PS3 from PS+ and kept meaning to play this but never got round to it, then I heard it was Vita headed so I decided I wouldn’t touch it on the PS3 and leave it for my Vita.

    £10 seems a bit steep WHEN I could play it for free on my PS3… but I so rarely play on my PS3 (compared with how much I play on my Vita) I doubt it’ll happen… and I’ve heard it’s one hell of a good game, so I don’t mind parting with £10 for it.

    Now when’s “The Walking Dead” coming out? ;)

  • Limbo is one of my favourite games!

    I’m getting so very close to buying a PS Vita right now… Oddly enough, this might be the thing to tip me over the edge and return me to handheld gaming…

    Are there any new features with this version of the game that might tempt me further? :P

    Also, that concept art is so pretty! Quite glad the finished game doesn’t look like that, but as a piece of art, it’s eerily beautiful!

  • Yeah not paying £9.99 considering how old this game is now.

  • Is this game cross-buy? I already have it for my PlayStation 3…?

  • johnnyquicknives

    The price is fine for people who haven’t played the game. It costs the same and lasts a little longer than a trip to the cinema.

    However the price is too high for me to buy it again (having played it on PC, xbox and PS3) and with a game this old I can’t image there’s a huge audience that are interested that haven’t played the game elsewhere.

  • If you haven’t played this game then it’s definitely worth £10.
    I have completed it twice so I’ll wait for a price drop :)

  • I’ve got it from PS+, but haven’t played it so far and would rather play it on my Vita, but 13 Euro is way too much just for that comfort.

  • The game is nothing shot of amazing, i played it on Steam, then got it on PS+ and played it again, loving it all the way through again.

    But i think, after 3 years, and not a single advancement to the game since its initial PC release, except that its on another platform, i would think Play dead can charge a little less.

    the game is also just too short to warrant the price. Take Dead Nation on PS3 for EG., its the same price, yet, 500x more work and graphics and story effort went into the game, and it has 500x more play time and features involved. I mean,

    As i said, Limbo is great, no 2 ways about it, but the price is far from realistic, considering the novelty has worn off for most people.

  • There will be any Vita exclusive content or stage?

  • A very good game if you have not played it yet.

    A welcome and atmospheric diversion.

    pmf (off to slay stuff in SS..)

  • What a shame. Would really like to have this on the psvita but no way i’m paying the price you are asking for this 3 year old game.

  • I liked the game a lot and if you haven’t played it and/or you want to have it on the go it’s nice you can buy it.
    Also read somewhere that Flower is coming to Vita. Also a nice game but would rather play that on a huge screen because it’s so beautiful.
    In the end it’s a bit disappointing to see quite some ports of older games and simple indie games that most of the time don’t need the horsepower that the Vita provides.
    I’m looking forward to Killzone for Vita but that’s the only AAA game I know of that is coming to the system.

  • I haven’t played Limbo in nearly two years, but along with Journey, Machinarium and Superbothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, it’s one of my all-time favourite games. I’m sooooo hoping it lives up to the PSN version, that I’m genuinely nervous!!

    Still, next Wednesday can’t come soon enough. Very excited!

  • The game is old, the price is too high. I would love to triple dip, but I cannot justify at that price. There should be at least a 50% discount for the people who bought the PS3 version.

  • Love the game but maybe you guys should these port resources into more timely releases. £10 is not that high of an asking price for a great indie title, its just that it being as old as it is, most people who want it have bought it or can find it for much cheaper.

    Fingers crossed minecraft and Fez go multiplatform we see them on the PSVita same day and date as the ps3 version.

  • Am I the only person here that doesn’t like this game? Never finished the first chapter cos got bored so fast. 3 – 6 is the number of times I tried to play it and change my mind about it but couldn’t get into it. Normally I don’t mind games like this but there’s something about it that made me not like it. Perhaps the silence or something. Looking at the pictures above, just a tad further than the boat is as far as I got. lol

  • If this was a new game and its first appearance on any platform then yes! it would be well worth the 9.99 price tag but the fact that its getting on in years, was also offered on PS+ for free and can be brought for less elsewhere, at 9.99 it might be a little steep for some. Not to worry cuz nobody is forcing us to buy it and i’m sure it will be included in some kind of sale soon enough.
    I will say this to anyone who has never played it before who owns a Vita go for it you will not be disappointed.

  • After their excellent work with LBP Vita I’m sure Double Eleven have done a great job with this, but I won’t be paying £10 for it.
    I get porting older titles is a good way to introduce developers to the platform and audience, I just hope that a poor performance of this doesn’t mean future Playdead titles won’t make their way over and the age and price of the game are reasons why it may not do so well. (The special edition physical copy is cheaper for PC).

    I also think the release date is poorly chosen as PS+ updates with 2 new Vita games next week and I’m certainly going to download those first over buying a game.

  • Unfortunate price for a really great game – I enjoyed it when I bought it years ago, and was gonna double dip, but not at that price.

  • That is great news, as I literally just bought a new Vita five hours ago.
    I will give this game another go, as I never finished it on my PS3.

  • this is imo the best indie game not only this generation but the best one i have ever played along with Cave Story. This is a must game for everyone looking for the unique atmosphere this generation.

    Cave Story+ would be badass on Vita aswell btw

  • this game will be stucked in limbo at this price point. should be much less, it has no xtra feature for vita and played it on pc and ps3, not paying for it again unless its much cheaper. hope ur next title gets an early port for vita then i would pay for it at this price

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