The Last of Us – digital pre-order, DLC Season Pass available today

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UPDATE: Unfortunately we’ve had to delay today’s launch of The Last of Us digital pre-order. Apologies for any inconvenience – we will update you soon with a new date.


The Last of Us arrives in just a few weeks. We’re happy to let you know you can pre-order the full digital edition of the game in PAL regions starting today on PlayStation Store. The game will be a day one digital download. The digital edition features a unique download installer which will allow you to start playing the game once the game data is a little over half way downloaded.

The Last of Us is a universe rich in character and story with many facets that we could potentially explore for years. We’re getting started by announcing that there will be three packs of downloadable content for The Last of Us available after the game launches.

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If you want to lock in all three of those DLC packs at discounted price, step up now and get our Season Pass. The Last of Us Season Pass DLC is also available for pre-order tomorrow on PlayStation Store for only €19.99 for the three DLC Packs. This is a 30% saving over the pricing of the DLC packs individually. The Season Pass will also be available at a number of local retail stores when you pick up your copy of the game. Unique to Season Pass buyers are the following day one bonuses:

Day 1 Bonuses

  •  Increased Crafting Speed
  •  Increased Healing Speed
  •  9mm Reload Speed Upgrade
  •  Rifle Clip Capacity Upgrade
  •  Grounded – exclusive 90min “Making of The Last of Us” documentary

These bonuses will help you get a head start and an edge in Joel and Ellie’s struggle to survive through the single player campaign of The Last of Us. The documentary, Grounded, is an in-depth look at the making of The Last of Us throughout its development by Area 5.

For the first time ever we’ll be offering single player DLC. The journey and cast of characters in The Last of Us lends itself to thorough narrative exploration and we’ve got more of the story to tell.

The two other DLC packs will feature multiplayer content in the form of additional multiplayer maps and other expansions. You’ll be hearing about our multiplayer over the next couple of days. It’s an experience that continues the themes, tone and tension from the single player campaign and we can’t wait to tell you more about it.

Pre-order the full digital edition of The Last of Us as well as The Last of Us Season Pass now on PlayStation Store. Not going digital yet? Look for the Season Pass when you get your game in retail stores on launch day, 14th June 2013.

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  • What $19.99 does not equal £19.99 :(

  • Pass. I’ve learned my lesson after the FHC fiasco!

  • Hahahahaha, good luck with that!


    I preordered the “Joel Edition 24 hours ago so I’ll look forward to that. Now, can you please do Uc3 triple do before TLOU? Also, I’ll just wait for a ‘GOTY EDITION’ of TLOU as it’s cheaper and physical. I don’t like DLC season passes.


    Triple xp ***

  • cool, finally some story DLC from Naughty Dog. Im sure some people enjoy maps and skins but this is what DLC should be in my opinion

  • I just hope this pricing does mean that the sighted €599.99 price for the PS4 is true, that would mean it would cost £500 :(

  • How much is the digital download? I’ll go that route if it guarantees having it day 1 as long as it’s not extortionate.

  • Can we get some details on the price of the digital edition, less than retail and i’ll go for that season pass, otherwise it’s just getting the story dlc (Unless the game ends up crap :S)

  • would be good to know price of digital? It says available now but I can’t access pc or ps3.

  • Got the Joel Edition pre-ordered. Hopefully some additional discount on this via PS+. Would be happy to buy this for around £13 :-)

  • @7 Don’t worry, PS4 will be about £350 at launch. They may even have a base model for cheaper. Remember it is going to cost Sony so much less to manufacture this console than the PS3 was.

  • file size???

  • I’m very disappointed in you Naughty Dog.
    First of all the first four “day one” bullet points are cheats! They make the game easier. Why, as a fan looking forward to struggle trough the game, do I want 4 cheats?
    And now you are telling me if I pay 65 euro for the full game I don’t get the complete single player experience?! I need to fork out more cash to have this full experience!! Stuff that you took out of the full game to sell to me for a upcharge.
    That is really lame. I cancelled my pre order and wait for the GOTY edition if I ever feel the need to play this game.

  • Getting it off the US Store. Digital is the future. #dealwithit

  • Thinking of getting a pre-owned version of this game to punish SCEE and ND for treating us so poorly in regards to the pathetic collectors edition offered compared to what the US gets.

  • silent_strike95

    Hey guys, important question which may have been answered previously, but I have just missed the answer.

    Let’s say I buy the season pass for this and get those bonuses. Personally, I don’t want bonuses for my singleplayer experience, I want the base game, and I want to play it how it was meant to be played, not with some boosters added on. If I buy the season pass, do I then HAVE to use those bonuses, or is it going to be a toggle on/off feature?

    I’d be gutted if the purchasing of the season pass makes my singleplayer experience easier, which, let’s face it, is all those bonuses do. And in all honesty, it’s a pretty decisive factor as to whether or not I buy the season pass.

    Much appreciated if I could get a response to this and have my worries taken away.

  • alice_push_lara2

    already spent $114AUD on this game, dont plan to spend more=.=
    day one DLC is non-sense, it is extorting consumers

  • angusinthearoara

    Yup completely agree with what people are saying about dlc. Its an absolute joke, why buy all this day one if in less than a year i can buy a brand new physical copy with everything on the disk.
    Tell ya, if this [DELETED] goes on next gen with the extortionate pricing of digital games im done. Might take up gardening….

    Everyone has jumped on the bandwagon over the possibility of no trading of games next gen. But honestly i’ll happily buy a “FULL” one time buy game. As long as its priced at around 25 pounds its high time all the middle men got cut out anyway. The tax man shouldn’t see a penny of digital content.

    Go on sony rage on against the machine

  • Sorry NG as much as I love you guys I only buy season passes that only offer single content.

  • 14# You do know that the game have been finished for a few weeks right? During this time they have started with the DLC and it’s not like this SP DLC will release day 1. It’s called planing and this is something alot of fans have been asking for!(SP DLC)


    I’m quite looking forward to this, not that i’m likely to touch the multiplayer (i’m sure it will be great, multiplayer is just rarely ever anything i bother with). Intrigued by the making of video, which yeah i know will probably just get posted to youtube, but i’d rather have it from you guy and know i’m supporting one of my favourite developers. Oh and just a side note, who the hell uses hashtags anywhere but twitter, it’s meaningless, 15 i’m looking at you.

  • I bought the bioshock infinite season pass in advance and still didnt receive anything for it, I am not playing the game anymore. The EU needs to stop these companies from ripping customers off , its hurting all gaming people just buy less games in the long run if they get tricked like this and next is a 24 month dlc contract with your game you have to sign. Skipping this game until its $5 when ps4 launches.

  • “Look for the Season Pass when you get your game in retail stores on launch day, 14th June 2013.”

    Does that mean the season pass is included in the retail copies?

  • “For the first time ever we’ll be offering single player DLC. The journey and cast of characters in The Last of Us lends itself to thorough narrative exploration and we’ve got more of the story to tell.”

    Don’t you know that lot of gamers like to play the full story from the beginning and don’t want to buy tons of DLC to understand and enjoy the story ?

  • Thanks… but no thanks! Keep your rip-off schemes to yourself. I’ll buy the game, but you can keep the crappy, mainly multiplayer focused DLC and easy-mode garbage.

    What happened to just making great games? The industry will kill itself, choking on DLC and online requirements. And I’ll be pointing my finger while laughing as you circle the drain.

  • Trying to flog a season pass that consists of MP content despite having yet shown anything MP related? Yeah, I’m sure some suckers will fall for it.

  • I am excited about the game finally reaching release day, but enough with these DLC Season Passes already! I preferred Uncharted 3’s model with dlcs (full single player campaign story on the disc, and dlc maps/skins for anybody who wanted them). I am no fan of “1-hour-long-10-euros-worth” DLCs, except if we are talking about anything truly meaningful (like more of an expansion, as seen on LittleBigPlanet 2). I ‘ll wait for a “The Last of US GOTY Edition”, with everything inside.

  • Few questions
    1) How much more story? How long would it last?
    2) How many new maps?
    3) What exactly is more of the last of us? New game modes or something?
    4) Is the Day one bonus for those that download it or does those of us that have it pre-ordered from retailers also get it?
    5) Is the UK price working out to be like £15?

  • I just want the documentary and single player DLC…

  • I really hope Grounded – exclusive 90min “Making of The Last of Us” documentary ain’t Behind the scene video for SP, since that would be pising on Collector’s Edition buyers.

  • Is the ‘Demo'(on the GoW:A disc) playable this friday??? :P I can’t wait to play it ;) + I never really bother with buying DLC really.

  • So we buy a game and the story is incomplete????

  • So the pre-order I have for a physical copy isn’t the whole game? Perhaps I should cancel and wait for the GOTY edition with everything included.

  • I’ll just wait and buy a used copy.

  • It may be a silly question, but will the Season Pass be included in the Joel and Ellie Collectors?

  • Jesus christ, stop complaining, the dlc is an add on, an extension to the story, you don’t need to buy it, they’re not saying you have to buy it to play the game, they’ve been making this game for 3 years and it’s going to be a great game, it’s not going to be lacking storywise due to dlc, it’s just there if you want more The Last Of Us, personally i’ll just wait and buy the story dlc by itself when it comes out as i’m not interested in MP or in game bonuses, i’d like the documentary though

  • @fcp10
    No the story is completed. This is just new content. Even if there was no dlc planned, the story itself remains the same.

    Of course your order is the whole game. It’s just extra added on if you want it. But it’s up to yourself if you want the GOTY edition. Would hate to have the internet/friends to accidentally spoil it.

  • What does “Day 1 Bonus” mean exactly? Do you still get that bonus if you buy the season pass later, after playing the regular single player campaign?

    What about Germany? Why didn’t this post appear there yet? Still in translation or any problems with youth protection laws?

  • I hoping for some more story related content with the season pass, not things that make the game easier. This sounds like something EA would do.

    Still, I have no doubt the game will be amazing. Roll on the Ellie Edition.

  • So people complained when Naughty Dog didn’t do SP DLC for Uncharted 2 and 3 and now they are doing 1 piece of SP DLC for the Last of Us and people then complain that the story won’t be complete without it. I think as per usual people would’ve complained no matter what ND did.

    That being said people wouldn’t over react like this if more details on what is expected from these season passes was given, instead of companies just giving out extremely vague bits of info that ends up just confusing everyone.

    All these pre order bonuses and season pass pre order bonuses just makes me lose interest in general and its a shame that its now affecting my anticipation for a lot of games.

  • HAhHAHHAH the problem here is only people feel TRICKED.

    If they gave the DLC free to everyone who buys the game day1, FINE!!! NO PROBLEMS.

    But now, why should i buy this game at launch ?? LOL. People vote with their wallets. See GRID2 ?? On PC you get it for 20 and you get grid1 for free… On ps3 you pay double the prize and dont get grid1…. So why buy it day1 ??

    Gamedevs rely on gamers who love to waste money, i dont think it works in the long run but we will see.

  • Most important piece of information left out – Price of the digital download

    Also, what is the size of the file?

  • Don’t trust Naughty Dog after they lied about Uncharted 3 season pass “4 map packs” and only get 3 map packs and a co-op adventure on a map included in one of the previous three map packs.

    Scam artists.

  • “Fool me once (Fortune Hunters Club) shame on you, fool me twice (TLOU season pass) shame on me…..

    Oh and…..a price for the digital edition would be nice, but because it was omitted from the article i’m gonna go with my gut and guess 49.99 great british pounds.

  • Was just coming here to ask why we hadn’t heard about a digital version for the EU. So yay.

    Never bought a pass before, and wont start now :)

  • I’m sure the digital copy will be the same price as many £60 lol without any real reason why it doesn’t match up to the us price :-P

  • I was going to pre-order but am turned off by the game boosting items on offer.

    This is a survival game.
    Why would i want to be rewarded with stuff that makes the game easier for me?

    I want to play the game the way it was balanced to be played the first time around without any added benefits.

  • I already asked this question over at the US Blog, but got no answer.
    PLEASE find time to write a short reply on this VERY important aspect: Will the european version be censored in any way in comparison to the uncut US one?? Latest Twisted Metal and God of War Ascension got censored in Europe for most violent parts, this game sure has some brutal material. I dont want to end up with an inferior version. PLEASE, reply

  • Many questions – zero answers. Won’t even bother adding mine – keep your ‘offer’ – I’ll buy it when it’s not massively overpriced.

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