The HD Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character comes to PS Vita this week

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Hello there! My name is Dan Croucher, and I’m the producer here at Dakko Dakko. Today I’m going to talk about The HD Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character – a brand new PS Vita remake of Dakko Dakko’s very first game, The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character – originally released on PSP minis. Phew.

First up, you’re the first to hear that the game has cleared certification and will be released in Europe on 29th May. It’ll cost €2.99 (or local equivalent), is available across Europe and Australia/New Zealand, and as well as English, is translated into Spanish, French, German and Italian. A US version is in progress now, and will be coming soon.


As we know you’re all definitely going to buy it (right?), in this post I’m going to relax and take some time to explain some of the major changes we’ve made from the original, and share a bit of insight into how we went about it.

Our planned changes to the game to put it on PS Vita were a mix of new features and new assets. The full list was:

  • Full art and audio upgrade and replacement
  • Add online leaderboards to Challenge Mode
  • Add PSN Trophies
  • Update Challenge Mode progression
  • Tweak and smooth out the difficulty level

The first thing we quickly realised is that the original version of Rotating Octopus was finished in back in 2010 – over two years ago. You’d be surprised how easily everyone forgets where everything is after a couple of years, especially when there has been another game in-between! So, the first job was to track down the source code and assets and prepare the game to run.

Once we were up and running, the next major piece of work was to get all the art and audio converted. For our (mainly) pixel art, the fact that the Vita screen resolution is exactly double the PSP was a big bonus, as it meant we could double the pixels. We also replaced quite a lot of the original sprites along the way. Below is an image showing a few of the enemies we re-drew.


The end result is that the game keeps the charm of the original graphics, but is sharper and cleaner, and a big chunk of the game got a new, improved look. You can see a couple of in-game examples of this below.


Next up, leaderboards – probably the biggest code change in the new game. The Challenge Mode of the original game (where you try and beat time limits on every stage to get a star rating) was crying out for some online competition, and the only way to do that was to add a leaderboard to every one of the over 70 stages!

Trophies were a mixture of fun to design and pain to put in, but we got there, and there’s some beauties in there that’ll really test the skills of both Rotating Octopus veterans and new players.


Finally, we spent some time tuning the difficulty of the original game. We didn’t want it to be easy – or even normal! – but we did reduce the number of water drops needed to get an extra life, and we now allow progression to the next Challenge stage with just a bronze score.

I’ll be around on the Blog to answer questions of course, and then will be back later in the Summer, when we’ll be releasing Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims in HD! – the PS Vita remake of our second PSP minis title. Bye!

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2 Author Replies

  • Looks great! I played the original through PS+. Was a pretty good game. Will defenitly give this version a look. Also i’m enjoying this new HD Mini’s trend for Vita. First Velocity and now this. Hope there is more in the works!

  • And idiot me just noticed the Floating Cloud Gods HD release. Oh well. Comment still applies. Hope there are even more coming


    Yes! I freaking loved this game when I got it free with Ps Plud. I know what I’m buying very soon…

  • Are you guys working on any new original game for the psvita aswell?

  • Rotating Octopus Character is one of the best protagonists I’ve seen in any game of late. I definitely believe that I can attach myself to such a character due to the affinity I share with him/her. I think both of us would encounter similar obstacles and challenges as we go about our daily travails.


    If you ever do a sequel then I have a few ideas:
    • Changeable octopus colour
    • Time trials?

  • yeah, great. antother android-like game. thanks a lot. quadcore processor, 512 mb ram and all we play is those pixelated minigames ?

  • Ah nice, will have to pick this up :D

  • PS Vita
    – mobile phone without the phone!

  • I’ll definetly be picking this up.

    Is the highest ranked trophy for this a gold or a Platinum?

  • Minis play and look fine on the Vita – this HD upgrade nonsense is a waste of everyone’s talent, time and money. Make some new games.

  • looks great..

    never heard of it before now but will check it out

    i love how i can go from playing assassins creed or unit 13
    to taking a break with these little games in between

    long live vita gaming

  • Hello everyone, I’ll be around on the blog for a while, so if you have any questions just ask!
    soravx1 and kivi95 – Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims in HD! is out later in the summer, hopefully enough to keep you going for now..

    razordude – It’s worth the upgrade! I am biased of course, but it looks and sounds so much better native on the Vita. And Leaderboards!

  • I’ll definitely pick this up after seeing the sprite upgrade diagrams. I kind of prefer the old snake but the rest of the art is a big improvement which retains the original character – I love the fact they have been made to look less flat. Great pixel art guys, especially the Hippo.

    From the sounds of it you are using the Vita’s full resolution? Which is a big plus too. I didn’t play the Mini so I’m excited to pick this up tomorrow. :D

    Do you have any new games in the works for Vita?

    • Yep, we use the full resolution of the Vita – the sprites are all twice the resolution, and as you can see, we redrew a lot of them as well. The new Hippo is pretty amazing.

  • Another smartphone game, you know how to make me happy.. :|

  • @7 @9 @15
    I don’t think the game will buy it self so don’t worry :/

    BTW love the game hope for a new original :)

  • I received both the mini versions of this and Floating Cloud God free with plus. Both were enjoyable, but isn’t Floating Cloud God already available to play on the vita?

    If this is the place to request mini hd upgrades I would love to see Stand O’ Food hd with trophies for the vita…time management games are sorely lacking on the vita

  • I personally like these Mini HD-remake releases. I never really touched many of the Minis games in the past but for small games with a couple of trophies that I can spend the spare couple of quid left in my playstation wallet on, these HD re-releases are perfectly ideal.

    I’m sure I’ll look into this a little more when it comes out :)

  • Why are people complaining PlayStation Minis are mobile phone games? They are HD versions of PSP games guys not iOS games!

  • This was such a fantastic little game, and hard as hell. I’d recommend it to anyone (as well as their other game, “Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims”). Both are well worth buying!

    If ever I buy a Vita, I’ll be sure to pick this up.

  • @aros2011

    Believe it or not, but the majority on minis ‘are’ actually based on iOS/tablet versions.

  • Is this game on iOS? I’ve never seen it on there – fair enough if it is.

    Velocity is not an iOS game?

    One or two games that have come from mobile and launched as superior versions with real controls is hardly anything to complain about is it.

  • If you are talking generally, then yes, a lot of minis are based on iOS games, but hardly any minis are being remade for Vita in the grand scheme of things.

  • Yea I’m talking about minis in general. Not this one in particular.

    If there were minis i’d want revamped for Vita, it would be the Carnivores series. The two analogue sticks would be perfect.

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