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The PlayStation Blog recap

PlayStation.Blog Recap

Phew. I do believe the games industry has earned its holiday weekend after all the brouhaha of the last few days. I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride, and are making the most of your time off.

Should you be in the market for a little catch-up reading, we’ve had plenty of great stuff on PS Blog this week. A tantalising video tease from the Destiny team, a fascinating insight into ambitious PS4 puzzle adventure The Witness, a chat with Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi, a beefy new Store sale and a regular side-order of indie goodness (namely Men’s Room Mayhem, OlliOlli and Luftrausers), to name but a few of the standouts. See the full list below.

We’ll have a handful of posts up on Monday but expect business as normal to resume on Tuesday following the UK public holiday. Just two weeks until E3 now. Excited much?

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24 Author Replies

  • any update on ratchet gladiator please


    Please, is there any chance of Ps1 games TOMB RAIDER 1-5 and SILENT HILL being discounted soon?
    I beg you.


    Not only gaming, but this has been a huge week for me! For example, I finishe school last week and only have exams left, I redesigned my website, for the better (stil WIP) and I picked up a £22 PSN Code for £12 on eBay as bought Wild Arms, ODDWORLD: Abd’s Oddyssey and Machinarium! I have some money left over which I wish to spend on the games in the post above.

    • Nice job on the site! Looks like plenty of work went in there. I know how tricky those things can be ;)

  • Hi Fred! When are we going to find out about the replacements of LittleBigPlanet 2, Infamous 2 and Motorstorm Apocalypse (which I believe are about to end their 1 year tenure) from the IGC? Although I have a strong feeling I know about 2 of those, the 3rd one still eludes me!… Anyway, waiting on this!

  • Loved SONY’s PS4 in-game Football Advert in yesterdays Champions League game!:P Nice ‘ONE’:D SONY + I have been enjoying the X-ONE bashing this week:D But Tech sites & Gaming sites seem to still love it tho(what a surprise, YAWN) Can’t wait for E3 even more now + i hope it’s all GAMES at SONY’s E3 really(maybe they can show the other features for 5 minutes i guess):D


    I forgot to put this in the other post but it was also my 18th birthday last week! This has been one of the best weeks I’ve had all year, XBOX One has had the life bashed out of it, my birthday was on Tuesday from which I received over £300 and in general it has been a fantastic week! What a fitting end to a fantastic week, the weather is beautiful and I was on a bike ride yesterday. Now I think I’m going to go outside into my garden as I’ve finished writing my new website’s latest article.

    I’m loving life right now. I’m thoroughly looking forward to GTA:V, The Last Of Us and of course, the PS4.

    • Many happy returns. Great weekend to be celebrating. Just been enjoying the sunshine myself…

  • Are there plans to bring Pinball Arcade: Season One Bundle to Europe? I see US is currently having problems with the package so it may be delayed a month or so. In any case if you bring it to EU, please negotiate a deal to offer single table packs with discount too (for a limited period of week for Plus members, e.g.). As many probably owns a few tables already and wouldn’t want to pay for them “twice”, but might otherwise be interested in Season One Bundle.

  • I need a new quest, a new sale to request at least bi-weekly! ;)
    Any ideas? Personally I think that it should be a Vita game. Persona 4 Golden should be a great candidate.

    So Fred, you know your duty: Haunt Chris, before I haunt you! :p

  • Very calm week in game contry ( exept xbox one news, not inpresing me )

    Next week last week of working then 1 month holiday :)

    I am waiting to e3 to see what u have to offer

    Showh console + price ps4 – also lots of games .
    If u compani can deliver ps4 399,99€ whith 250 gb hd = then i wil get one .

    I wil have only 2 problem whith next gen = ps4 console always using energie = no option !!!!! so I will draw a lot of time the power cable from the power grid.

    active socal media + usage of new eytoy in the menu interface = very dislike

  • continu
    games i like to see more from ps4 are

    -deep down

    normal i buy cod instead of infamous ,
    but if them can not bring new engine on new console
    + stil not respecting use whith dlc on same time = them wil not get mi mony

  • hi fred
    are there plans to see Sony E3 press conference live on psvita
    (update youtube app to support livestream or release new app like niconico app )

    i hope SCE will not forget psvita during E3 press conference , we need new games , features and apps on ps vita (i feel Sony will announce something big for psvita during press conference )
    thank you :)

    • We’re finalising plans now, but yes, you will be able to watch the show somewhere, somehow on your Vita.

  • Fred you know you close comments for old posts, the contact form DOES NOT WORK!

    Can you look into this?

    • Which contact form exactly are you referring too? Give me a bit more info and I will investigate, for sure.

  • Hey Fred,

    Any word on Thunder Wolves and Hotline Miami ?
    It’s now almost the end of May and still nothing :(

  • Please make us be able to reply to comments

  • Hi Fred, i’d ask you to your personal opinion, if you don’t mind. So then. Which choice do you think is better:

    a) Keeping Singstar thing forced in XMB, so you may gain some money from new customers, but on other side you’ll lose many other customers, who can’t stand SCEE arrogance.

    b) Making Singstar thing optional, so you may gain some money from new customers. Those customers, who doesn’t like it, can delete it and won’t need to stop buying from PS store. Simply – everybody will be happy.

    Logically i’d vote for b), but maybe i’m only some stupid customer who isn’t important for SCEE and my personal opinion is far from SCEE management opinion. Think what do you want, but i will never stop.

    • Hey chap. I respect your right to keep pushing this issue – and as ever, all feedback is taken on board – but I’m afraid I really don’t have anything new to add at present.

  • Welp, another big announcement week for the industry itself. Is anyone going to save anything for E3? (PS4 doesn’t count :P)

    Well, nothing to say this week more than… 14 days, and we all will already know how your next-gen machine is. I’m closely following the Witness too, it looks fun, and a good old exploration/puzzle game.

    I’d like to raise, though, a bit of a “concern” about the Ultimate Warriors sale. Because I do really believe that it was a missed chance to have a few Vita games on sale. We have a lots of fighters in the handheld, would have been an awesome thing to get. In fact I’m waiting for DOA5+ price to drop anyday in a discount. I want to purchase that thing digitally, but you/Tecmo are not helping!

    Anyways, looking forward to this Wednesday for the new Plus goodies (I’ll finally be able to get ICO/SotC) and any more news this next week.

    So have a nice “holiday” break Fred, see you around on Tuesday :D

    PS: I do love that little troll you guys at SCEE have inside sometimes — dat past Tuesday… :P

    • DOA5+ is still pretty new. I’d say you’d need to wait a few more months before you see discounts there. Request noted though!

      And yes, some fun banter on Twitter this week!

  • I’m considering purchasing XCOM and Ni no Kuni soon. Any chance of these showing up on Plus soon?

    I recently bought Amalur just before it was announced for Plus(doh!), so help me out please…

    • No concrete plans that I know of, but we don’t look much further ahead than a month or two, so I can’t give you firm assurances they won’t appear at some point.

  • Hello everyone
    Good evening Fred, and a great recap just like everyone ;)
    Loved the Weekend debate topic too, and as Carl-G said I seen the PS4 advertisment myself. I thought it was a very smart move, im sure all the Bayern Munich and Burrusia Dortmund players will ll be picking up one on launch thanks to that great move, again well done ;)
    Very excited now for The Last Of Us launch because im getting it on launch, i’m so so excited ;) :)
    Saw a few weeks back that SCEA Registered Domains for The Last Of Us 2 and 3 not much of a suprise, judging by the reception for The Last Of Us I can tell this is going to add to Naugjty Dogs already advancing 3 Franchises actually to count Crash Bandicoot, Naughty Dog still own him. ;)
    Anyway, hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.
    Goodbye Fred ;)
    Regards declan__watson :)

    • Managed to get my hands on The Last of Us on Friday and can confirm it is looking HOT. Zero chance of this one disappointing the ND faithful.

  • I’ve got two reviews to write up for Iron Sky Invasion and Call of Juarez Gunslinger. A couple of other articles (under NDA’s) and then I might try getting one game out of the ever increasing backlog, 71 at this point.

    It’s nice to see such strong support for a console when we are so close to the next generation. I think this could be the best ever E3 for Sony. Just please, get plenty of servers streaming the show as last year became very laggy and frustrating.

  • Overall, weeks sale was very nice for fighting game fans. I have waited when Virtual Fighter 5 comes on sale again; and now I got it. In addition, I grabbed KOF: XIII. Could have bought more, but Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 wasn’t on sale; TTT2 I already own. Also might have got Blazblue: Extend to try it out if offered but it’s only for Vita on SEN. Well my PS3 hard-drive wouldn’t even have enough space to everything. So as a development idea, a possibility to download games to external hard-drive and launching them there, might be a very welcomed firmware update.

  • @18 declan__watson

    Sorry, Activision owns Crash Bandicoot.

  • Hi Fred!
    A little bit off-topic, but i miss the “PSOne” and “price drops” folders in the Vita-store. Do you know how i can fix it?

  • Hi Fred
    Thank you very much for the reply and I agree with you on that. When I first saw the trailer for this I said this is obviously the game of the year for 2013 because its got a wonderful texture to it plus bonding between the 2 protagonists and a lovely story line which we all know Naughty Dog are spectacular at doing. Also Fred, do you think maybe a week before The Last Of Us officially releases could you guys maybe bring out a demo for everyone to have a go at before hitting that Pre-order button?
    Thanks again Fred, enjoy the rest of your evening :) ;)

  • evening Fred.. i just been in me downloaded list, omg, please is there Any plans for organising this ?, Hectic, plus i can’t help but wonder how it’ll affect or exist after ps4s launch, same list for both platforms, if no changes are made then things will get really mad, anyway reason i was in there is i just feel like playing some original Borderlands (dlc), like many here i have massive backlog of games, mostly c/o plus, But well, can’t beat the classics (imo), i had a few ideas as well, not sure if they’d be possible but.. i noticed some demo’s in my list that aren’t available on store any more, it’s sad that a lot of people will never get chance to try ‘some’ of these, maybe if you’s added a ‘catch up’ feature every so often offering these older gems, am sure there’d be interest in both the demo’s and getting full game afterwards by enough people, even just for interest it would be good.. i also noticed the free theme i got for joining plus, back when it started, lol i almost downloaded a Firstplay episode (must be feeling nostalgic) too.. But instead of theme i wish it would of been a avatar, be nice for the early ‘supporters’ to have (access to) a Unique avatar. No use for us ‘anom’ posters though.

  • A very good week.

    I had a very good idea I want to suggest and I can’t think of anywhere better.

    I think Sony should do a Nintendo Direct type show but just for the Indie developers. There are many of these games on here and just get one blog post about them. A video would give them a place to show their game, do an interview and show some gameplay with the developer explaining it. A lot of people don’t visit this site and don’t know what the game is about. If is appears on the PS4 or the Vita it might encourage people to buy the game and attract more indie developers for exposure.

  • I have been reading the articles about the Xbox One and its game trade in policy. Since there is 2 policies so far that could happen but there is still confusion about what will they do.

    For people how don’t know what I am taking about.

    1. The game will only work on a one console so family won’t be able to play it. Once you trade it in the retailer will get a fee and a new code so they can resell it. So Microsot wins and the retailer wins.

    2. The person who is buying second hand will have to pay a fee to play the game. The game won’t work at all.

    I for one don’t really care about it if the PS4 does it as well but what concerns me it that when my brother gets a PS4 that he won’t be able to play it. If there is a way to umbrella it so a certain amount of consoles can play it on the same licence.

  • I’m excited and scared because this E3 will determine my next-gen console purchase.

    If Sony follows the same line as Microsoft when it comes to used games, then I will – after 3 Sony consoles and 2 Sony handhelds – skip a Playstation console and instead buy a Wii U (which most likely gets a price cut as well at E3).
    I hope it does not happen, but I’m not a weak consumer, so I will definitely go through with it if it happens and convince my friends and family to follow suit. Don’t screw up, Sony.

  • What is going on with Ratchet Gladiator?
    America has had it for a week now and we still dont have it.
    At least respond and tell us when it is coming out.

  • Ratchet Gladiator is due in September, roll on!

  • number 29 hope you wrong on that one,. we already behind usa and we were told by the end of spring, please give me a link

  • Fred will Star Wars Pinball be fixed properly this week?
    The unlock key was added last week but the game is still broken.

    It still says trial on home screen
    mp is broken/doesnt work
    trophys dont work/doesnt show in trophy app/ game loops buy pack screen forever if you click trophy icon

    This is unacceptable 2 weeks after launch!

  • If it is end of Spring for Ratchet Gladiator then that would be for Spring in America, which ends this month.
    All references to seasons look to be from America.

  • Hi,

    Are we getting Last of Us on PSN like USA in the release day?

  • @Fred When blog posts are more than 30 days old, it says this:

    We close the comments for posts after 30 days. If you would still like to comment on this post, please use our contact form.

    When you click on the contact form page, it does not load the page, instead reloads the blog post.

  • Hi Fred, 2 questions:

    -Is it possible to know if The Last of Us will be released on June 14 also on European Playstation Store?
    -And in this case, how many GB of free space are required to install the game?
    I’d really like to know this as soon as possible, since I haven’t preorderd the game yet because I’m waiting to know if my Ps3 can “handle” the digital copy or not.

    -Any chance for a Playstation Store release of Fahrenheit (also known as Indigo Prophecy)?
    I love the partnership between Sony and Quantic Dream (In my opinion Heavy Rain is a masterpiece, I can’t wait for Beyond Two Souls) so I thikn that would be awesome to play Fahrenheit on our Ps3!


    • 1) We’ll have an update on this very issue for you later this week ;) Not sure what the size will be, though you can bet it’ll be a biggie.
      2) It’s certainly possible, but I’ve no news for you on this at present

  • @VK3YWB:
    So wait, we have to wait until September just to play Gladiator HD which is 4 months? If this is true. I’m not even going to bother downloading the game. Idol Minds has already getting on my nerves. I wouldn’t mind June or July but after summer? No!

  • Hello
    Is it true that there will be change in “evergreen” titles in P+ this June?
    If yes when will it be stated what games will replace which ?

  • @supersmith2500

    No we don’t have to wait that long. Insomniac said it is still in certification so It will be a max of another 4 weeks but it can come out as early as this week.

  • I want to see Vigilante 8 along some other titles like Crash Bash in the next store update please bring every PSOne game to the store.

  • Zapffe 27@
    jep very lots of peopel are angry on internet !!!!

    i wil not suport games who are ussing drm

    also on the disk box sony need to warn if the game uses drm , if not them are against the law .

    i wil boycot ea . activision + al publishers ( so jes also sony if them do )

    u stil not get ith who buy u new games when them are new ?????
    jes peopel whith more mony !!!!!! howh = lots of time by selling older games ( not mi case ).
    Howh solve we not sel = bring intresting story + lots free dlc over lots of jears .
    + bring faster the games ath reasonebel price whithout online pas + give use online version when we buy retail 1 buy .

    Stop whith tiking u own use = we own u , if we stop gaming u have no work also means u have no mony , we can look other hobby if we want .
    I already boycot lots of games like diablo pc – sim city pc
    lots of capcom games whith drm ……..

  • @38 hope your right but we just past a bank hoilday for both us in eu and them in usa

  • I’m really really excited for E3. Sooooo cant wait for it. Also with The Last of Us out on the same week makes it even better. Cant wait to see what else they have to show us but even if they did do the block used games like Microsoft is doing on their Xbox One, then that’s no issue for me as I buy my games new anyway. As long as the console doesn’t need to be connected online once every 24 hours then that’s good enough for me

  • is it true that Rayman Legends j coming to ps vita?

  • Can someone at SCEE beg SEGA to release a downloable Space Harrier, please?

    With music in the XMB icon, like in “S. Hang On”, yes! :)

  • nearly a year ago fred joined the blog… no ?
    anyway i’ll give you A on your 1st year …not bad for someone who started work from a welsh mountain ;)

    • Man, you have a good memory! Not quite a year yet – 10 months or so I think. Thanks for the appraisal ;)

  • And Fred, any possibly for BlazBlue for Plus soon? The US is starting to get some great games for the Vita worth playing now.

    • No specific plans for that one, but we do have plans for plenty of ‘great games for the Vita worth playing’ ;)

  • @Fred:
    Hope so, I kinda find Vita’s Plus content for June disappointing and weak. Btw, are you going to announce the winners from the Weekend Debate soon?

    • Have you played Rayman Origins? It’s one of my very favourite games from this gen. Pure fun – not to mention ridiculously good-looking. As for Coconut Dodge – it might look straightforward, but FuturLab knows how to make a timesink. And they have a nice sense of humour too. I’d give them a both chance before you write them off.

      Weekend Debate winners announced this evening, hopefully.

  • Hi Fred!

    A+ for your work on the Blog from me too (A+ for Chris and Jawad too).

    I have a question btw!
    What about this God of War QA with Santa Monica and PS3 + God of War Ascension prize?
    I had asked you around a month ago and you had said a couple of weeks.

    Also, about the Weekend Debate, why isn’t Greece eligible?
    If you see my post on the Weekend Debate blog post, you’ll realise it saddened me (post #104).

  • God of War Q&A should be any day now! Another team at SCEE is actually in charge of this particular thing so I’m at their mercy to a degree.

    As for Weekend Debate prizes, it’s a frustrating reality that some EU regions have restrictive laws on competitions and giveaways. Italy is one, and unfortunately, Greece is another. We do our best to offer them to as many people as we can, but sometimes our busy legal team give us the thumbs down and it’s just not possible. Sorry :(

  • I understand.
    But by mentioning maybe they’ll decide to change it some day? :)
    One question: Is Greece not eligible in Voucher Code prizes too?

    And thanks for the update on the God of War Q&A.

    Keep up the great work!

    PS: I’m pretty sure it’s any day now for the rotation of the Plus yearly games.

    Am I correct to feel that Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will be 2 out of the 3? Just give a nod, between us. ^_- :p

    And something else, will the E3 SONY Press Conference be streamed through PS3 from the “What’s New” Icon on the XMB as flawlessly as the February 20th Playstation 4 reveal was streamed?

    I don’t want to miss even a moment of PS4 + Square-Enix stuff!

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