Weekend Debate: What are you most looking forward to with PS4? (update)

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Weekend Debate: What are you most looking forward to with PS4? (update)

The Weekend Debate

UPDATE: Thanks for taking part this week everyone. It seems like this topic really caught the imagination! The following posters secured themselves a signed copy of Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita: JoriaanNL, VenomousAlbino, SwiftRyu and lordloss-1994. Look out for a PM to your account on the official PlayStation forums later this week.

ORIGINAL POST: A busy seven days in the video game biz ;)! This week saw us get a glimpse of a fistful of new titles heading to PS4. We had a new trailer for Bungie’s enormous new IP Destiny, Call of Duty: Ghosts was officially unveiled, Jonathan Blow stopped by PS Blog with a lovely inside look at first-person puzzler The Witness, while EA announced a new Need for Speed and showcased their next generation of sports titles.

With all that shiny new stuff in mind, and with E3 rapidly speeding into view, what better time to look ahead at the bounty that awaits? So your topic this week: what aspect of PlayStation 4 are you most excited about?

It needn’t be a particular game – perhaps it’s the added graphical horsepower, the Share button or the promise of Gaikai. Me? I’m pretty excited about the obsolescence of loading and updating times! Well, that and Destiny!

Sound off below. I’ve a nice prize for the four most thoughtful or entertaining responses – a copy of Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita, signed by none other than legendary creator Keiji Inafune. Quite the collector’s item. Good luck!

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  • Mobilebuilder08

    Honestly, I’m just looking forward to better games and gaming experiences

  • TheLegendOfMart

    Uncharted 4
    Grand Theft Auto 6
    Gran Turismo 7
    New joypad

    Though it goes without saying, beefy hardware.

  • I really look forward to the Remote Play feature with the Vita. Playing full PS4 games on your Vita from the porch sounds great :)

  • I’m looking forward to NOT watching TV, listening to music or browsing the web whilst I’m scoring headshots in Killzone. A proper games machine.

  • Probably the jump to 1080P as standard as well as the other graphical improvements, boring I know. Also the Share feature.

  • Definately all the first party franchises and exclusives which kept me loyal to Sony since the 90s.

  • RockLobster2074

    I’m looking forward to being able to play games as they download. The worst part about Sly 4 was just waiting for it to be done.

  • i’m looking forward to the new final fantasy game
    plus i’m hoping you can carry your playstation plus over to the ps4 also

  • I am looking forward to the Cloud features!!!!

  • WayfaringWalrus

    I’m most looking forward to seeing it blow all competitors out of the water, having seen the reveal for another well-known next generation console!

  • A lack of a seriously anti-consumer second hand lock-out (hopefully), a lack of an internet requirement, a lack of Kinect, a lack of focus on TV. That.

  • Just give me amazing co-op games.

  • I’m looking forward to logging on to every Xbox forum I know of, and letting them all know how wicked the PS4 is.

    I’ll probably take some pics of the sexy beast (the PS4 I meant) and post them up just to rub their faces in it.

  • NOT blocking used games.
    NOT charging “fees” for lending games.
    NOT “always on” kind of things.
    NOT Move or Wonderbook or Apps on E3… only REAL GAMES and the console.
    BLACK boxes, not blues.
    THE LAST GUARDIAN at last.
    PERSONA 5 for PS4 for christ.
    UNCHARTED 4 sure.
    GRAN TURISMO 6 for PS4.
    DON’T FORGET PS VITA and launch new IPs.
    PRICE DROP for PS VITA (console and memories).
    Nothing more… XD

  • An excuse to buy a new console, so the kids will get my old ps3 and leave me at peace!

  • Games, Games, Games!

    That’s honestly where it matters in the end, whom that can bring the freshest and the best gaming experiences to me.

  • looking forward to see that they not gonna make same mistake like the other company has – and also what games are going to be released, on top of that more titles released throughout the yr and not just the odd title…

    looking forward to the cloud features.

    ps3 profile plus transferring over to ps4.

    most of all im hoping that the ps4 remains as a gamers console and not a whole household entertaiment unit

  • The sheer glory of owning the next great entry in the PlayStation series of games consoles. My new shiny (if indeed it is shiny) black (if indeed it is black) box (if indeed… well, I assume it will be a box).

    But specifically, I guess it has to be the new things that this next generation will bring to the gaming industry. I love the direction that many games are taking, inspired by the indie-market (the true driving force of the games industry, you could argue), to focus on narrative and gameplay that don’t simply work side-by-side, but are blended together into a single magical entity (okay, going off topic again now…). I’m really looking forward to how Sony’s promised relationship with indie developers will improve PlayStation gaming.

    I’m also looking forward to the amount of focus on the GAMES that the PlayStation 4 will have!

  • What aspect of the PS4 am I most excited about? Simple: that the PS4 is made for me. Every design decision points to thinking about what I as a gamer want and taking me seriously, and shows appreciation for the support I have given the PlayStation brand. Working together with game developers, opening up the doors to indie-developers and giving them full support, extended media functions that aren’t useless outside of the US, furthering PlayStation Plus, I can go on and on, it shows that the PS4 was made with love for the brand, the loyal consumer and gaming in general.

    While a certain other company that I used to fiercely support has now publicly stated and proven that they don’t give a damn about me as a consumer but see me as a retarded cashcow, it feels refreshing that Sony is now going the ‘dude, we love you’-way with the PS4. And that feeling’s mutual, Sony.

  • Besides the games I’m most excited about the next gen graphics, speed and share function

  • Personally I’m looking forward to the gaming experience I’ll get whilst play Bungie’s new project Destiny. With the added bonus of being on a PlayStation rather than an Xbox.

  • Games. Just Games. Thank you Sony to focus so much on games.

    I’m looking forward to see what Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica have in their hands.

  • The sharing and ability to stream to your friends. Online gaming streams are going to absolutely explode in the next generation. Cant wait.

  • You’ve not actually mentioned that it will be offered straight away (it’s the future of the Gaikai service though), but the idea of playing my PS4 games on mobile (Tablet, smartphone, laptop) whilst away from the house is absolutely insane and for it I would definitely buy the PS4. However please make this a universal feature across both devices and mobile environment (Android, IOS), and don’t restrict it to Sony gear.

    Also I can’t wait to see how you hold your promise of offering free-to-play games. I’m heavily addicted to Real Racing 3 and have been playing it constantly since release, a lot more than any PS3 game.

  • I’m looking forward playing the new Next Gen titles. The graphics are just mind blowing, and the gameplay looks like it’s going to be very awesome. I want to get the feeling where I’m like “Wow, now this is one heck of a game!”, also the streaming and recording feature on PS4 sounds very neat. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • I’m looking forward towards the sharing feature. aka ‘helping’ my little brother pass a part that he isn’t able to do and just screw around.

  • A broader variety of games. Let’s be honest, the vast majority of games on consoles is a bit too focused on some few genres and mechanics.

    From the PS4 I expect new technical options, resulting in fresh ideas.
    The open attitude towards indies should improve this factor even further, hopefully resulting in some daring and risky experiments gameplay wise. Sadly too many indies just feed the retro and simplified games trend instead. But there are true gems out there, more of those please.

    How Share functionality will impact my gaming experience – I have not the slightest idea. I like to share my view on games in written form very much, as you might know about me from this blog, Twitter or several forums. ;)
    So who knows, Share via PS4 might be bigger than I expect it to be so far.

    But my biggest secret wish will probably still be: A smoother, juster and smarter PSN store. That one is the first step to the promised lands of great content. So don’t stumble already there!

  • first off im glad it isnt the xbox one mess.

    game wise really looking forward too infamous second son,uncharted 4 (fingers crossed it gets announced at e3,watchdogs,destiny.

    hope they give info on ps+ for ps4 at e3 aswell

  • This ne is easy for me. The aspect I’m most looking forward to is ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL (anyone?…no?…ok)

    I love the ability to get help through some tough parts of games, and I would easily help anyone who asked me through some of my own favorite games. I think this is a feature that is going to build a lot of virtual friendships, and strengthen the gaming bond between real life friends as well. It has an endless amount of possibilities. It can be used to help a friend learn the ropes of a game, or just show them where to find some secret stash.

    I don’t think a console feature has ever made me more excited. Can’t wait to see the release date and price

  • from what ive seen so far the ps4 beats the new xbox in almsot every aspect and honors the name PLAYstation not TVstation.

    superior hardware compared to the XB1
    made for gamers
    good exclusives
    and from what ive seen from the teaser the design of the console will look allot better then the XB1.
    free online play (i hope this is still the case with the ps4)
    and being able to remote play ps4 games to my vita will be awesome.

  • To be honest, I don’t really know. Great graphics in the new games is wonderful, but lets be honest, graphics don’t make games and when the PS3 started this generation there were tons of games that were on both PS2 and PS3, and despite looking prettier the PS3 versions were inferior to those on their older brother.

    I expect the same thing for the start of this generation. So as release nears, I’m not looking forward to that much. By the end of 2014 though, as the 3rd wave of games gets ready to drop and developers are starting to hit their stride better I’m looking forward to great games that offer unprecedented immersion without tacked on gimmicks with silly controllers and cameras.

    One of the most immersive things in the world is a book, you can get lost in and it’s nothing but paper and text. No silly gimmicks, because a story when relayed effectively can build a world for you and draw you in emotionally. I look forward to the next generation provided even greater power and options for developers write and make the games that truly grab you and make you feel like you just played something special.

  • I seriously don’t know how to answer this question. There is sooo much I’m excited to see and do on PS4. Dying to play the games for it and to hold the remote especially using the touch pad. But if I had to pick one thing, I would say it would have to be the camera cos I want to see what all it can do. Also I hear Sony is trying to get Speech Recognition Engineering Intern to work for them so I’m reallllly excited to see if this Speech Recognition actually happens. So many things to look forward to and it is hard to just pick one. lol

  • Really looking forward to the Vita-PS4 cross-mingling business! Oh and the whole system being in able to go into a sleep mode like the Vita… God damn. I can’t wait till E3!

  • The thing I’m most looking forward to hasn’t been announced yet, fingers crossed for E3 :)

    The top tier of PS Plus on PS4 to include streaming access for the PS3 library on Gaikai – I’d pay ludicrous amounts to ensure that I can, one day, finish that backlog!

    That way, I can trade my physical PS3 collection to make space and raise funds to begin the cultivation of my new PS4 library – nothing less than an expansive, epic games collection will do!

    As they say…


  • Infamous: Second Son!

    I got Infamous for free with my PS3 and it was a total surprise, and the second one was even better and consequently became one of my favourite franchises of the past generation.

  • I’m actually looking forward to be as amazed by it as I was when I got the original Playstation; it would be a stroke of genius/nostalgia if every PS4 came with a Demo 1 disc like the original did: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zpb7wEthqw

    That T-Rex was amazing!

  • another thing im looking forward too is the feature that lets you watch what games your friends are playing and the play as you download :D

  • Sony’s non-collusion with MS, Gamestop, and EA.

    If Sony were to join in the fray of a monopoly in used game prices, the games industry is only going to bury its own grave.

    Does any sane businessman actually think they can get away with controlling the sale of used games and essentially eradicating private sale transactions?

    Imagine this. You can’t sell or buy your games used. Fair enough for people who buy their games new, or want to support publishers.

    But if MS and Gamestop control that market, essentially they can offer you a price that isn’t dictated by the free market (because you can’t sell it anywhere like in eBay or Kijiji), so no one can stop them from offering you $5 for a game. Additionally, no one can stop them from selling your used game for $55 because you can’t buy a used game anywhere else.

  • In a perfect world, Sony wouldn’t dare go the anti-consumerist route. But, if every third-party publisher will do it, only Sony will get left behind and not have the profits off of used game sales. And 3rd party publishers will pressure Sony into implementing the policy because Call of Duty and Fifa 14 and NBA 2k14 and all the other big guns not named Gran Turismo are all 3rd party.

    I don’t know. Nintendo obviously doesn’t care about this, which is a good thing. Suddenly the prospect of a Wii U isn’t that bad anymore.

    Hopefully Sony recognizes what the consumer wants and that they recognize that once they don’t go down this route, it’ll be game over for Microsoft and Sony can just go “Screw you” to EA Sports.

  • I am looking forward to see how Gaikai and the power of the cloud will change the way we game.
    Will it bring added connectivity to our game with better online services, better sharing of videos, photos? Or will it be used inside our game to enhance the way we play and how the game works?
    With huge infrastructures and an ever growing number of servers around the world, the power of our console becomes limitless and an unbelievable amount of data can be processed every second. Developers are not limited anymore by available resources but by their own imagination. I can’t wait to have my first taste of a next generation experience.

  • Part One

    Share function. I think it has the potential to become a real feature for gamers.

    I’ll use a ps4 GT game as an example.

    I think a mode can be created out of this. And I’d call it GTTV director.
    The basic idea is just a replay editor.But with the same tool set that PD use for their GT trailers. But I’d take it one step further and allow us eliments that can overlay onto the footage.
    To keep it short, I’d have things like scrolling text that shows potion, time behind the car in front, call up lap time comparisons, basically what you see on real TV.
    I’d also add the ability to live commentate the footage. So we can voice and then share onto youtube or whatever site you want

  • As the Xbox One sinks like a brick (well have you seen it?!), I am looking forward to welcoming all those players who make the wise decision and jump across to the good ship Sony. ;)

  • Part Two

    I’d have the feature work with live streaming. Obliviously we wouldn’t be driving, but we’d get a real live commentary system.
    This could be used as a promotional tool. Imagine having an online race tournament were the best drivers get entered into a the “GT Word Championship” and the races would get commentated on by a pro commentator.
    It would be a real marketing opportunity. I’d even push late night TV ad’s promoting it.

    But the one thing I’d really love is a new Fire Pro game that we can create cut scenes for, and almost promote a real wrestling organisation.

    I just see so much potential in this.

  • Looking forward to the excitement of taking the box home and setting it all up. I always enjoy that bit for some reason!

  • Got to be the remote play on the vita for me.
    The chance to carry on gaming at work on my vita is awesome and also to play on handheld while big screen is used for eastenders lol

  • mr_krispy_kreme

    I think its easy to say that the PS4 is going to usher in a new era of capabilities to gaming systems. I’m particularly thrilled to see the cloud technology integrated into the store and playing experience. It makes gaming more of a social experience and would improve multiplayer experiences enormously.

    Aside from that, and based on recent unnamed press releases, I’m really looking forward to the indie game industry outputs. I know Sony has a few good franchise games, but I think the real gems are in its indie productions.

    And MediaMolecule. Anything MediaMolecule.

  • It’s all about the games as far as I’m concerned.

    I NEED God of War IV! More than anything, this game alone will sell the system to me. Hope they cut multiplayer and make it the best single player experience ever.

    I am looking forward to Media Molecules new IP, I’d like LittleBigPlanet 3 sometime in the future. Watch Dogs looks great. I hope Naughty Dog work on a new IP and drop Uncharted. I am interested in Guerrilla Games new IP and Killzone: Shadow Fall. Infamous: Seconds Son will probably be good. Drive Club looks like a good racing game. Knack looks fun. Quantic Dreams new game for the PS4 should be interesting. And I am very excited for Sony Santa Monica’s new IP because Stig Asmussen is directing it and he’s amazing!

    There’s a lot to look forward to!

  • I can’t wait to share gameplay footage of the beautiful new games that are coming out and the games I hope are going to come! :D
    ( I would love to share some epic moments of a new “Uncharted” if there will ever be a new one!!)

  • Focus on games and kick M$ ass :D I also hope that PS+ will be even better than it’s now! It would be great if we could use our existing accounts and play for free on games which we’ve already bought (e.g. via GAIKAI).

  • Fruity_snowdrop

    I’m looking forward to the results of Sony putting together both hardware grunt and ease of development. They took a long look at the PS3, saw what they did well and saw what they didn’t do so well, and then moved ahead accordingly.

    The PS4 screams, “I’m here for you to develop cool games, whoever you are!” Ultimately, that is what a console should be like. So, I’m looking forward to seeing both big publishers and solo indie developers making the most of the system.

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