Access presents: The Last of Us. Watch the livestream from 7:30pm!

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Access presents: The Last of Us. Watch the livestream from 7:30pm!

Hi PlayStation Blog. The day has finally arrived – tonight is our exclusive The Last of Us event with GAME and IGN UK. It won’t be long before the doors open and over 200 lucky community members join Naughty Dog for an exciting look at The Last of Us, including hands-on time with the game weeks before its release!

We know that not everyone can join us tonight, so the great news is that you’ll be able to watch the whole event via livestream tonight, starting at 19:30 BST. So sit back, relax and tune in to see myself and the Naughty Dog team live from a secret location in London.

We’ll have exclusive interviews with Naughty Dog, a live gameplay demo from the team and you’ll be able to take part in our live Q&A with not only the Naughty Dog team, but also Hollywood actress Ashley Johnson, the voice of Ellie.

For those of you who want to submit questions to the Naughty Dog team, you can do so by tweeting @PSAccess with the hashtag #TheLastofUsLive. Anyone who has their question selected will also win a fantastic goodie bag! See you at 19:30!

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  • Any idea how long the event will last? Also good luck out there!

  • Wish I could have gone to this but I’m far to tired after just finishing work #sadface aw well can’t wait for the stream this is easily my most anticipated game in a year that’s already been easily the best line of games this generation!

  • I don’t want to know anything else about this game until I play the full release title myself.

    Way to ruin the surprise!

  • Will it be available to watch after broadcast?

  • it’s gonna be so cool the day it comes i will buy it first and i know that this game will be ” GAME OF THE YEAR ” i am so waiting for the game (from israel)

  • saludos desde mexico!!!!

  • Hola desde cataluña!! :)

  • Todavia no empezo, verdad?

  • I dont get it can some one tell what it saing ?

  • Cool, looking good

  • Where/when is the livestream?

  • We want to know more about the Multiplayer

  • So, is this event in London ?, only i’m slightly confused if it is, but pleasantly so.. as on may11th reps from sony visited my local GAME store And brought along a exclusive demo, SP only.. i believe most every GAME store in North West also recieved the same hands on, first peek, early access, Firstly, the demo was Totally mind-blowingly good, i did have high expections (obviously), But the hands on time i had took those expectations and ripped them up. because Nothing, absolutely Nothing has immpressed me more than that preview, in other words, whatever it is you believed you will get, Forget it, because this glimpse showed me i was Totally expecting Way too little. It is Sooo Much Better than even your wildest imaginings could of anticipated. GOTY ?. NO, try GoTD, (Decade), and then some.. anyway more people will see this themselves. IF they get any time playing… The confusing issue i spoke of, London seemingly last venue for these events (?), now that one i cannot get my head aroung, ie, aren’t they meant to be first port o call ?.. It Is the same demo thats just toured everywhere else ?. Or you using a different/extended vers.. Not long now till release, and GoW demo.

  • What kinda enemies are going to fight against? is there only humans or other creatures?

  • I can’t wait to play the GoW demo of The Last of Us.

  • That was a nice demo and an interesting Q&A session. What’s more, my question even got read out, thanks! :-)

  • Aww forgot all about this :( But I’ll get right to the replay during my RE:Reveleations break!

  • Interesting Q&A as always. Perfect form of marketing too imo, as it isn’t all in your face about it and you get to know the team behind the game better. Both this and Beyond just can’t seem to fail impressing me. Love how dynamic this game looks. I’m one of those gamers who’s usually a bit too much of a perfectionist and reload my checkpoints if something didn’t go right or the way I wanted it to, but this looks very dynamic (especially considering it has a survival aspect to it, which usually tends to slow things down) and will make me deal with the situation as is with plenty of replay value to see how it could’ve gone differently.
    You guys keep pushing the bounderies of gaming further and further, respect!

  • SiborgSimoSctlnd

    You realise this coincides with the Champions League Final, right? :-P

  • I want to know why 3D support was dropped when Uncharted 3 had THE BEST FREAKING 3D EVER! Seriously, Naughty Dog did such a good job with the 3D in UC3 it was unbelievably good and transformed the entire game. The Last of Us, already epic game, could have been SO much better if it had the same 3D as UC3.
    All this after Sony had pushed for people to invest in their 3D LCD display, where’s the support now?!

  • This game sounds Sick

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