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Hey there everyone! This is Ian from XDev Studio Europe, and I’m here with exciting news about a new PlayStation Mobile exclusive available later today.

We’re big football fans here at XDev and after a thrilling climax to the season, along with Fergie and Beckham’s retirement, we need something to see us through the long summer months until the new season kicks off.


We think we have the perfect answer to your post season blues with our new PlayStation Mobile exclusive Passing Time brought to you by Honeyslug, the developer behind the awesome Frobisher Says for PlayStation Vita and the forthcoming Hohokum for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

Passing Time is a different kind of football game – designed from the ground up to be fun, accessible and playable with one finger! We’ve put together the following trailer to give you an idea of the fun to be had.

In celebration of its release I spoke to Mark Inman, Co-Founder of Honeyslug, and asked him about where the idea for the game came from. Here’s what he had to say:

Passing Time, like many of our games, was born out of a conversation down the pub. A former colleague of ours was decrying the standard of flash-based soccer games. The next day, coder and designer Ricky Haggett had written a game where you passed the ball around a circle of players you had no control over by clicking on each player to move the ball. Sony saw it and absolutely loved it.

Free Kicks and Corner Kicks play almost like chess puzzles, you calculate the possible moves ahead to give the optimal scoring chance. I spent weeks studying set piece videos and trying to replicate the player behaviours before I had ones I was happy with.


Different control interfaces were tried, but only the touchscreen interface we used on Passing Mode felt satisfactory, and translated well in the other modes.

The prospect of adding five-a-side to a football game where you didn’t control the players seemed like a tall order, but Antony, our new coder, rose to the task and produced a fantastic mode which exceeded our hopes. Then it was just a case of tweaking the gameplay and visuals.

We showed it at game events and it went down really well. The simple touchscreen play means it can be enjoyed by soccer and non-soccer fans alike. At one show, a lady brought her grandkids over to play it and ended up enjoying it so much, she ditched her kids and came back later on her own!

Passing Time features loads of game modes and awards, and there’s also a full team editor where you can change everything from names and kit, to individual player abilities (by earning skill stars) and even player heads! We hope you’ll sign up Passing Time on a long term deal for your PlayStation Certified device!

Passing Time is available on PlayStation Mobile priced at £1.99/€2.49

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