Find out how you can star in Watch_Dogs

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Find out how you can star in Watch_Dogs


What’s up, PlayStation fans! Today, we’re very happy to let you in on an incredible opportunity: the chance to be a character in Watch_Dogs.

As you all probably know by now, Watch_Dogs takes place in the city of Chicago. In the game, Chicago will truly be a living metropolis (to avoid repetition), a place in which every citizen has their own name, occupation, back story and agenda. As Aiden Pearce, you’ll be able to scan the residents of Chicago and get access to all that data. Now, wouldn’t it be great if one of those residents was you?

With the Watch_Dogs Profile Registration app, you’ll get a shot at exactly that. By giving us some of your personal information (we already know pretty much everything about you anyways *wink*) you’ll not only get a personalised Facebook cover photo but also have a chance to be one of the lucky winners whose profile will be featured in the game, out in November.

So dig even deeper into the hyper-connected world that is Watch_Dogs. Head on over to the Watch_Dogs Facebook page and get your profile going. I, for one, know I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to be a citizen of Watch_Dogs‘ Chicago!

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  • Followed the link. No such contest on Facebook.

  • It’s unfortunate that you only cater to the Facebook crowd.

  • And to think, you posted this link on Google+ too. Shameful!

  • *Hates how all these things are done via Facebooks nowadays*

  • I have not seen any Dogs in the game? What is going on?:D (JOKE) Looks cool Watch_Dogs;)
    + PLEASE PLEASE erm PLEASE Ubisoft do a ‘Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon 2’ full game!!! :P :P :P The 1st one was AMAZING stuff:P Maybe a PS4 version? OH LORD:P

  • Good idea for a contest…shame I no longer use facebook :(

  • Love the idea but i don’t like Facebook. Any other way? :)

  • I think this is a rather stupid idea. It is one thing to include someone’s name in the game’s credits for example (like done in other games, a form of recognition of fans’ support), and another to ask for detailed personal information of individuals, even if it ends up being a parody, with everyone giving false information and photos with drawn moustaches, pink hair and the like. Come on, shows us the actual game (not just concept or gameplay videos) rather than this sort of things.

  • I like the idea, and if there was another way than Facebook to enter the competition, then I would enter, but I don’t like Facebook, and therefore I wouldn’t participate.

  • @coolwater. yes its all about the facebook crowd because who doesnt have facebook these days the majority of the population have it

  • @devils_demon facebook page says to check back monday. So why did they post this now!? Lol
    Hope this game ends up as good as it looks :)

  • what a stupid idea just to join facebook to have your name and face put into a game people will forget when GTAV comes out ( I, for one, know I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to be a citizen of Watch_Dogs I RATHER SHOOT MY FOOT WITH A RIFIL GUN)

    i wont be getting this game now and who ever wins the chance to be in the game will be known as the person who is on facebook 24-7 and dont has a life


  • oh and Nik Schmidt(we already know pretty much everything about you anyways *wink*)IF THAT WAS TRUE id have you fired and the studio shut down because sony does not allow people who spy on other people on facebook


    (spending my money on GTAV now the game to beat all games)

  • Almost put myself up as a Detroit Red Wings fan, but with this game being in Chicago, and me wanting to be in the game, I didn’t dare.

  • @13: He was just being funny. GTA V is going to be great, but I’m looking more forward to Watch Dogs.

  • link does not work?

  • I lived in Chicago for nearly a decade, not sure I would want to be a resident there again…bitterly cold winters and my first year living there the boiler broke down went to a mates that lived around the corner to shower (no hot water) and had icicle’s in my hair by the time I got back…miserable that first year. Taking the blue line to get downtown to go to Columbia film school on Wabash was the only time I was ever warm (on a crowded train). The days before Wicker Park was yuppified and Cabrini Green still existed

    Redeeming quality the summer weather, August I moved up there the weather was fantastic (moved from New Orleans, where in summer it was 7 cold showers a day) or so I thought actually turned out Chicago was having a heatwave and over 500 people died.

    When my English husband to be came and visited me in Chicago he ended up being bitten by mosquito and had West Nile Virus.

    Sometimes I miss the Earache Cafe and shopping in Belmont and Clark, going to the Brew & View and I saw Nick Cave at the Chicago Theatre (you show in the game) back in 2002. Doubt you did the “whole city” but I wonder if I could “visit” my old stomping grounds

  • I can’t submit my profile! What gives?

  • who said i was being funny Pesico oh btw gtaV is for USA & UK ONLY that made you shut up :D

  • I hate when games goes intergrating with Facebook for different perks and what not…

  • @19: You weren’t funny at all. Schmidt was. If GTA V was USA and UK only, then yeah, it would shut me up pretty bad, until I imported it. Luckily, it will be worldwide, because Rockstar ain’t stupid.

  • Yet another FB-only contest. I guess they don’t want to market to me since I don’t use FB.

  • the psn erred in charging the game tekken tag 2 charging 17.99, but for users plus it was only 10.76.
    what do I have to prove
    thank you

  • Not everyone uses the time-suck called Facebook. Time to break off the social network dependency, don’t you think?

  • The form to fill in on Facebook doesn’t allow for spaces in the “Occupation” or “Novelty facts X” fields :-(

    Possibly due to the regex being used on those fields?: ^[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9]*$, i.e. letters and numbers only.

    Anyone else having the same problem? (Tried in Firefox and Chrome).

  • It’s kind’ve ironic that the Facebook page for a game about digital integration is borked.

    Is that going to be a theme in the game? Trying to access something, but the protagonist keeps getting 404 errors and browser incompatibilities? Will there be a mini game where you have to wave your phone above your head, wandering in different directions to try and get a signal? :P

  • Star Wars pinball is fixed for anyone that still cares!

  • As above, Facebook isn’t exactly the best place for these things. I only found out about a few competitions that was on Facebook but not here in the blog therefore I missed out on them. It’s fine if you want to do them on Facebook but should at least allow the Blog to have access to it without Facebook. I have a Facebook account but I don’t even like Facebook at all so I wont even bother going on it for this

  • why only facebook?

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