PlayStation Home update: Become a mythical creature

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PlayStation Home update: Become a mythical creature

Magical Creatures by VEEMEE
Riding a mythical creature is fairly cool… Want to know what’s even cooler? Turning into one! Magically transform your avatar into a mythical creature with these stunning new locomotion items. Choose to become a Unicorn, Cerberus, Dragon or Griffin.

Kart Locomotions
Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! Check out these amazing Go Kart locomotion items with matching clothing also from VEEMEE. There are three styles to choose from; Blue, Red and Flames. Race safe and look good doing it, with the Go-Kart Racing Suit, Helmet, Gloves and Boots for men and women.

nDreams – BoxBeats Mini
The BoxBeats music systems have proved extremely popular with a range of genres and fantastic quality tracks from independent artists. This week sees the release of miniature versions of the previously released BoxBeats systems. These Mini systems are perfect for side tables to give you a bit more room to decorate. Those of you who have already purchased a BoxBeats Original system will receive money off the BoxBeats Mini Ultimate Bundle.


You too can wear all the swag of a hip hop mogul with the Hot J-Slice, Master M and Diggy B Hipster outfits. Ladies can shine in all the right places in the Copper Dress, and look good enough to eat in the sweet Cupcake Dress.


Give your living room a retro vibe with the Pixelated Furniture set, including a rug, lamp, chair, wall divider, sofa, and table.

Play like The Engine! Get the brand new adidas nitrocharge 1.0 football boot, shorts and top for your avatar and show everyone that winners never quit!

Sexy Bartender
The Sexy Bartender is a new face in the Bartender series. Sexy outfits and a friendly, flirty attitude is sure to keep her tips high. Other sexy tops, bottoms, and heels are available as well as a line-up of attractive natural hair styles.

GZ_Sexy Bartender

Okame & Hyottoko and Eggs & Chicks jinbei
Worn during the traditional Japanese dance, the Hyottoko and Okame are here. Additionally, there is also a design featuring a cute baby chick has also, available for both men and women in different colours combinations.


Yoga Poses by Lockwood
Soothe the body and mind with some calming yoga poses. The pack includes, King Dancer Pose, Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose, Upward Salute and Tree Pose Variation.


Spring is in the air! Codeglue and Home user Dani, designer of the u love green clothing line, bring a new series of colorful Spring dresses to Home. The flowerprinted dresses come in six stunning colors and matching shoes! This great new collection is available as separate items as well as a selection of great-valued bundles! Designed for Home’s women by a Home woman!

Codeglue 1

Get ready to take a trip to the Wrangler Store, as Wrangler is proud to present another range of classic clothing. We have five new items for Men, including the “Long Parka Jacket”. For Women we also have five brand new pieces which includes the “Hannah Dress” – perfect for the summer.


The Hangover part III at PlayStation Home
You still have some time to take part in our Hangover competition! So, create your very own Hangover Apartment, submit the picture on the forums and receive your very own Giraffe locomotion item! Our favourite entries will also be featured in Home Square. Click here for more information.

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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  • thunderking1981

    great update i love home keep up the good work sony team

  • HOME wont be on playstation4 its a waste of money il be glad when they shut ps home down in 2015 after the ps4 comes out & why waste money on stuff that int real . im glad iv seen sence & stopped using ps home only people without a life use home as a quick way to make freinds they never meet for real. im gonna use my money from now on to buy ps3 games insted & stay away from ps home for good only reason i int gonna play home anymore its full of trolls people who swear foreign users who dont talk english chasing girls & wont leave them alone . Only real people have a real life

  • I like those animal avatars from Veemee. What i hope is that i always wanted new fox outfit, or even a fox avatar, which is even better. Home has already, like a bat avatar and some more :D Anyway, great update :D

  • @CoolRichy007UK

    Real life is boring as hell. That’s why we have games.

  • Will we be seeing anymore Pottermore spaces in Playstation Home?

  • Will there be a E3 space in PS Home next month? If so, is the full Playstation press conference be available to watch live and rerun a couple of hours later? And please is there any information on the future of PS Home and Vidzone on PS4?

  • ps home people are very rude at each. i stop play on home

  • SirJake_Brookes

    update is good today but I personality think furniture slots should go up another 50 or make it 200. as redecorating Castle & dream island is hard to do within 100 slot gap, both house have pretension if this was possible &I think many would agree with to furniture going up also special animation for couples would be nice & proper salute animation like British salute would be good to also please consider a Castle at Sodium Hub as Royal House of Sodium would love one if that’s possible to. They just ideas I have for Ps Home. Keep up great work PSH team.
    Yours Faithfully
    HM King Jake of Royal Sodium & Crystal Kingdo

  • SirJake_Brookes

    m*. dam typo lol

  • are the new locomotion items that turn your avitar in to a mythical creature free or do you have to pay

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