Men’s Room Mayhem staggers onto PS Vita this week

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Men’s Room Mayhem staggers onto PS Vita this week

I’ve been bursting for this moment – Men’s Room Mayhem is finally launching on PlayStation Vita this week!

For anyone unfamiliar with the game: you’re hired as the janitor of your very own chaotic men’s room. You’re responsible for directing patrons, keeping everywhere sparkling clean and steering patrons away from trouble! You need to get your customers safely to the urinals and stalls in time – otherwise there’ll be a few nasty accidents for you to clean up!


You can get bonus points for guiding patrons close to each other, but don’t collide or there’ll be fisticuffs; maintaining proper men’s room etiquette (always leave a gap), as well as for demonstrating good personal hygiene and making sure patrons wash their hands. All this is done using simple line drawing touch gestures on PS Vita’s front screen.

Since my earlier post, people have been asking me about what else to expect from Men’s Room Mayhem. The game begins in the Country Pub location where you learn the basics, and are eased nicely into the action.

The gameplay is broken into waves of customers that you have to attend to against the clock, with each wave requiring you to survive for longer periods. Making a mistake leads to a nasty stain on the floor and a similar splat on the mayhem meter. If you’re unfortunate enough to make more than five mistakes in a round then it’s game over. However, if you can survive long enough and see the wave out, you get the chance clean up by furiously rubbing away any indiscretions before the next bout of mayhem ensues.


There are six further locations to unlock, each with a unique layout, and each with a surprise special patron to deal with. Your precision steering skills will be tested to the limits by the drunk in the Biker Bar who just can’t walk in a straight line, and you might be shocked to hear a woman has been seen in the Nightclub toilets. There must have been a queue in the ladies!

As well as the standard mode of play we’ve included a Blitz mode where you get two minutes to serve as many customers as you can, with them stacking up patiently at the door ready for you to pull them in and see that they make it to the porcelain in time. There are also 14 trophies to unlock, and countless in-game challenges to satisfy so you can level up and become a gold standard janitor!

We hope you have as much fun playing Men’s Room Mayhem as we did making it. You can download it from the PlayStation Store when the Store updates tomorrow for £1.99/€2.49, and we’re also offering some launch discounts for the first month as a special Ripstone treat!

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  • I actually can’t wait to buy this. Quirky little games like this that set the Vita alight.

  • When are u ppl at sony going to make a compilation of all these type of games available in retail 32gb is not cutting it anymore constantly having to delete things-backing them up/not being able to backup save files seperatly. These things need to be adressed. And perhaps give some focus on bigger games then these bitesized toilet time games.

  • Seems fun and with that price it’s a first day buy for sure.

    Maybe a sequel about women and freshing up would be a good idea. :p

  • Looks like a very much fun game, which proves that having a great idea is more important than having a big budget to implement that same idea.

    Yes, I will get this game for sure! Flight Control was one of my favorite games for a long time, and this will definitely be too! Now, I hope I don’t smudge my Vita screen too much, guiding all those full bladders to their relief station :-)

  • “ettiquette” is incorrect in the video it should be “etiquette”….

  • so this is like Stand of Food, in that’s its a time mgmt game?

    However I am a bit confused as the US blog lists the psn price at $1.39 (without discount) and here on the EU blog lists it at £1.99 and 2.49 euros that’s a BIG price discrepancy. .65p is a $1 and it actually takes $1.51 to = £1.

    So the UK is actually paying $3.02 (£1.99) whereas US customers are paying $1.39? and those paying in euros are actually paying $3.22. That’s hardly fair

  • Looks fun, I’ll be getting this!

  • @6
    And as always it will cost more again in Australia.

    Based on their usual conversion rate it will probably hit AT LEAST AUD$3.65 which is $3.58 US.

    That being said I will still be getting this game day One, it looks great and easily justifies the cost, the disparity is just a bugbear of mine.

  • @6 and anyone else moaning about price conversion in different PlayStation Stores.

    The US price does not factor in tax. More time is needed for translation and such for other territories, therefore, more cost.

    Currency rates fluctuate and isn’t realistic to have a changeable price to reflect up to the day differences.

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Sony and the publishers would soon get the message.

    Back to the game, I loved it and haven’t stopped playing it for almost two weeks now.

  • @ChazzH69

    Playing it for 2 weeks already?

    You do know it only just released today right?

  • the missions were a great idea.. this game is really good value..

    @Max – maybe he was a tester or something

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