The Last of Us development series ep. 3: ‘Death and Choices’

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We took a look at the Infected in our first video in The Last of Us Development series. We then explored the game world and nature’s reclamation of civilisation as we know it in our second video, Wasteland Beautiful. Our third video, Death and Choices, investigates what it means to be a survivor in the world of The Last of Us and how Joel and Ellie cope with the harsh realities of post-pandemic society. Watch it now:

Survival is moment to moment in the world of The Last of Us. There are stark consequences to every decision that’s made and if Joel and Ellie want to survive they’ll need to scavenge the environment for every possible advantage. Learning to craft more potent weapons from makeshift materials or take defensive precautions using found objects will be critical to their continued survival.

Up next, our penultimate video in the series will spotlight the combat mechanics and the intimate nature of conflict in The Last of Us. The in-depth documentary we have been creating grew so large that we are currently seeking a unique way to distribute it. We’ll have details about how you can get the feature-length documentary of the making of The Last of Us in the coming months. The Last of Us will be available 14th June 2013.

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  • Amazing, I like to craft but most games get it so wrong, seems they have really thought this out. This game can not come fast enough.

  • Hmm what a strange time to release a new Last of Us video. An you never usually put up a new post until 2 or 3pm on a Monday. There must be something big happening tomorrow. Hmmmmm.
    Seriously I want you to though. You should announce a new Syphon Filter, Medieval and Jak and Daxter game for PS4 tomorrow at 4pm :)

    Oh and The Last of Us looking absolutely gorgeous.

  • @andrewsqual

    It’s only about 3 weeks till release day so during the final run up to release I would expect to see a few more The Last Of Us blog posts and videos than usual!

    I’m trying to avoid as much and as many as possible. I want the first time I play this game to feel fresh and new.

    This choice was made after Uncharted 3. I felt a little bit let down with U3 as I felt like I had seen so much of the major bits of gameplay before it was even released. Take the big plane scene for example. Ruined in my opinion because you knew exactly what was going to happen next. They showed off far too much of U3 before release in my opinion.

    Anyhoo, this is a day one buy for me and I want it to feel as fresh and new as possible! :-)

  • @TINTINTB303 Hmm I managed to avoid that bit. I saw the bit where he approached and got on the plane but refused to watch any more. And it was so worth it as it blew me away when playing the game then.

    I agree that U3 just wasn’t as perfectly paced as U2.

    But I still stand by what I said. Look back at previous Mondays mate. There usually does not be much blog post on a Monday, ESPECIALLY, before 1pm in the day. Fingers crossed we are going to get lots of juicy info about upcoming games over the next30 hours :)

  • hey hey

    At first I was impressed with the crafting UI. Being able to craft on the fly fits perfect for this game. Then I looked closer…

    The same animation is use with Joel crouching over with you seeing nothing. That’s gonna get repetitive pretty quick. Then I noticed that your shivs look to be single use or have a degradation factor somehow. So your gonna be crafting that shiv over and over and over again throughout the game. This doesn’t bode well as it will become stale and show the lack of creativity from the developers. Oh look another “alcohol” Oh look another “rag” that lack of depth concerns me and makes me feel its gonna be another generic game.

    Still keeping an open mind and its on my rental list for sure.

  • The only one in that video without a massive beard was the woman. That shows how hard these guys have been working on this game!

  • When will the digital pre order be up?

  • No… More… Uncharted? :-(

  • @1

    I went to a game lock in where you got the chance to play the game before the release, and I must say the crafting is great, but heres a few things i noticed:

    Dont mess with the clickers, theyre annoying
    Theres more runners than clickers ( in the part I played, anyway)
    You can punch the runners to kill them (about 5 times)
    listen mode is awesome.
    You walk slower when in listen mode


  • The game looks awesome
    any chance for co-op?

  • That’s literally the one thing I’m a little bit worried about, the micro management. Like Alexandria said, I too hate getting pulled out of the game and experience with things like that. It seems quick enough though, I just hope you don’t have to do it too frequently. I’ll definitely be a defensive player.

    Also, that bald guy has a funny mustache :d

  • @8 I think they divided up into two teams. This one is working on LoU and the other is probably working on Uncharted for ps4.

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