PlayStation 4 exclusive video – See It First 10th June

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PlayStation 4 exclusive video – See It First 10th June

Sign up here to watch PlayStation’s E3 2013 Press Conference live on 10th June, starting at 6:00pm Pacific Time (2.00am 11th June BST, 3.00am CET).

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  • The last video stream was a bit skittish at times when it was live hopefully some people will not get that this time as I think they will be expecting heavy traffic after last ps4 conference.

    Ill be tuning in :) looking forward to this and e3

  • That was a pretty cool tease. I am so excited for E3!!

  • I hope I can join that day, exams incoming… Anyways, as always, black console, big box. Which is good, it’s like a tradition already :D

    Anyways, what’s with that suspicious light at the end…!? :P

  • What a tease. Seems similar in size with the PS3 slim. I just hope it gets a worldwide release and we don’t have to wait while the Japs can already enjoy it.

  • Will have to watch the replay of it instead I’m afraid. It’s very late for me and I’ve got college then and not to mention, it would be real annoying if I try to watch it live and if I do try to watch it, I get real stressed with stream lagging, Watching it on Home live would never work and most all I get tired so count me out watching it live I’m going to watch the replay instead.

    So Fred will the replay be posted on YouTube after the live showing?

  • And no cheaper Chinese fans for all that is good!

  • OH LORD!!! The internet is going to EXPLODE!!! Like i nearly did!!!:D
    Was that the PS4 then???:P Oh god, it will be painful waiting for E3 this year to:(
    + I really hope that BLUE light at the end is on the PS4 so when you switch it on the Blue light stays on & maybe say(light up the words) ‘PS4’ or light up the ‘PS’ Logo, that would be well COOL:P

  • 2AM! damn thats late (or early depending how you look at it), good thing I’ve got the monday and tuesday off from work just so I could watch all the E3 press conferences.

  • A preview of an announcement, would it hurt that much to just show the damn box now.
    Thanks for keeping it at an impossible time. Microsoft is really spoiling us to have their reveal show at a good time for EU. Not that we are their biggest customers (yet) but they show they care.

  • All aboard the Hype train !!

  • I can wait :)
    believe me i can wait :)

  • the_hulk-ungrey

    what time is going to start in uk? :)

  • Way to take the hype off xbox tomorrow ;)

    I still support sony for deciding to focus on the capabilities of the console rather than the box itself, but I must admit I’m excited to see the box, and from the looks of it, its looking a very nice box indeed…

  • Can you tell me what track is playing during this video?
    I would like to hear it as a whole.

  • Nice teaser, looks very angular (a little like the current Sony Blu-Ray players) and with a lot of large vents / apertures.
    Such abstract shots can be misleading at times though so I will try to wait patiently for the 10th of June (3 days after my impending PhD viva), bring it on!

  • Bit worried it’s got that cheap plastic look of the first slim. But I guess it’s better than the cardboard look of the the other slim ;)

    Pure speculation, but the shape and the little snippets suggests that like PS3 the HDD will be internal. And like PS3 I’d guess that points at non propitiatory.

  • When the video reaches 24 seconds, can see a couple things in there before it reaches 25. One of the images looks so confusing.

  • A good day to hype this before the Xbox reveal tomorrow.

    I look forward to seeing it live.

  • FghtOffUrDemons

    2am huh? best get my fill of caffeine!

  • Do you know what it looks like Fred? Or are you gonna be as surprised as us? Orrr are you not allowed to comment?

    It seems like a fatter more squared off 2009 slim PS3 with the matte finish to me. Can’t wait to see it.

  • Hope they mention whether or not USB headsets will work with PS4. Doubt they wouldn’t, it’s just the Controller has some sort of headset icon that doesn’t seem to be USB.

  • Soo 2am hmmm if I haven’t got any exams that day I’ll stay up and watch it as long as I physically can stay awake :p if I do have exams I shall have to watch the recording when I get back from the exam :p

  • What? Thats rubbish! The ‘fake’ advert was 1000000000x better

  • I’d just like to say that i’ve been examining this. The majority of the still images are actually of the Dualshock 4.

    But yea. This is a way to stick it to Microsoft.

  • I booked the day off work just so I can watch this live! I love E3 but this year should be the best one yet! Please have some surprises in store for PS4 and some killer games for the Vita as well.

  • looks awesome just judging by the peripherals and Vita I can tell it will look awesome

  • So… 3:00 on 11th and I have an exam on 12th. WHY LIFE, WHY?? Gonna watch it anyway, I wouldn’t be able to sleep without watching it.

  • well, i be in bed so its the replay for me.

  • According to Sony India, the PS4 basic model (250gb) costs 399 dollar. Is that true? :p

  • oooohhhhhh, I want more!!

    Please do another teaser, this time tommorrow! :p

  • love the clean cuts it has cant wait

  • dont care what it looks like as long as it lets us use our ID’s and have access to everything we bought on ps store il be happy and il be glad when ps home gets scrapped for ps4

    ps4 games only
    ps4 home NO THANK YOU try add ps home to ps4 i will remove it :D

  • Not interested. SCEE dissapointed me so much, that after PS3 i’ll move to another company or stop gaming completely.

  • so when i buy a ps4 my PS PLUS will continue right? but i will receive constant ps3/vita spam in store and in this blog ? some solution here would be nice.

  • 3am is late, but not too late!
    I do hope Singstar doesn’t get baked into the system too prominently this generation.

  • Artorias_Edrerai

    Very nice teaser,the fans look godlike in my opinion

  • Nice, it’d be great if you could follow this up with some of the ultimate offers like the US PSN store got :)

  • Very nice….. I would hope to see more colours other than black, every console has been black its getting a bit old IMO

  • Is something happening tomorrow, thats got you releasing these videos? No it does look cool, like the fact your sticking with the finish the slim has and the exhaust ports look quite stylish. But I don’t get why people care what the box looks like, as long as it has the games thats all that matters.

  • @41 not sure if sarcasm but yeh Microsoft are showing the new Xbox.

  • Why on earth would you go for 6pm pacific? This doesn’t favor Sony at all.

  • Hey guys here’s the video in slow-motion if you want to check it out

    I wish Sony could do their conference a few hours earlier. Would have been nice if they done theirs at Microsofts time and Microsoft does theirs at Sonys time. Cos most people wont be able to sit up so late and wont bother watching Microsofts. lol.

    I love watching it live so I may just sit up for it but depending on how the video runs, I might just watch the repeat instead the next day when it runs more smooth. 1st thing I’d be doing after the conference is checking back here on the blog and kotaku for reading time so that’s another reason why the next day would be better otherwise I wouldn’t go to bed. lol

  • All i am gonna say is, if it looks like that then you can keep it, it looks cheap and horrible. I wanted something from the future, something damn sexy, all singing all dancing…that is not it lol.

    I have one of these new slims with the sliding lid, looks and feels very cheap, not expecting it to last very long at all…disappointed.

    Sony your letting me down :(

  • Please add a singstar icon on the mainscreen. And let me share everything on twitter, facebook, youtube, flickr, friendster, foursquare and tumbler WITH ONE SINGLE BUTTON!! Because that’s what gamers are waiting for.

    Ooooh! And don’t forget to mention remote play for ps vita will work this time…

  • A lot of essential questions aren’t still open:

    Does Sony continue in disrespecting Customers with spamming the customer consoles with their unwanted apps?

    Do they support bounding games to users and consoles. When yes, how many games are going to be locked to a customer – 70%, 80%, 90% or more?

    On PS3 Sony continuously removes useful and customer friendly parts and adds annoying scrap. I didn’t see anything why this should stop with PS4.

  • I’m hoping for a Singstar button on the casing as well as my favourite icon on the GUI. I also want lots of chevrons.

  • froths at the mouth*

    sony 10th june is just so far away!! :(

  • there is no point in support sony here in europe cause they could care kess about what we want and more about what japan and america wants. it’s a wasted console here in europe.

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