Ratchet & Clank: QForce PS Vita update

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Hey everyone! We’re excited to share a lot of news with you about Ratchet & Clank: QForce. Whether you are looking for a new multiplayer map, waiting for your PS Vita download, or excited about Ratchet: Gladiator HD for PS3, there’s something in this update for you, so read on!

First, thank you for your patience as you’ve awaited the PS Vita version of QForce. Our friends at Sony and Tin Giant have been working hard to deliver a version of the game that lives up to your expectations. The good news is that the game is complete, and will be released on PlayStation Store on 22nd May.

For those of you with a PS3 retail copy of QForce, you’ll be able to download the PS Vita version of QForce to your PS3 and transfer it to your PS Vita. You can do this by accessing the “Disc Benefits” option from 22nd May. If you downloaded QForce on PS3, the PS Vita version will appear free for you on the PlayStation storefront.

Furthermore, we know many of you are excited about Ratchet: Gladiator, which we will be including as a bonus ‘thank you’ for your patience on the PS Vita release. The fine folks at Sony and Idol Minds are wrapping it up now and we are expecting it to be available soon. For those of you in Europe who have purchased QForce on PS3, we will be providing you with a free download code for Ratchet: Gladiator on PS3 when it releases on PlayStation Store. We will update you on when this content will be available at a later date via PlayStation Blog, and you’ll be able to access to it.

Lots of you are still enjoying QForce’s competitive multiplayer and have been enjoying the Metropolis map we added at the beginning of this year. We wanted to continue to support the game for the loyal PS3 players as well. As such, the team in North Carolina has a new software update for the game which brings a brand-new competitive map set in Molonoth Fields from A Crack In Time, and a new game mode exclusive to the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

The new game mode, 2v2 Full Frontal Assault mode, is something for our hardcore players. It eliminates the phases – so you can always capture nodes, build units, and attack the other team’s base. This results in a more dynamic, more strategic experience that will test players’ skills more than ever before. This new software update will be available next week.

Additionally, we’ve added new skins to QForce which you can find in the in-game store. The new Monsters pack, Intergalactic Foot Soldiers pack, and Plushy pack all are available now, for €1.49 each. We also have a new A Crack in Time pack and All 4 One pack coming soon!

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  • Yay for Vita owners, finally! Good work guys if a bit slow.

  • Woo! Can’t wait!

    Any word about the free MotorStorm RC code for buying Q-Force on PS3?

  • Awesome news! How large is the download by the way?

  • How about a gameplay video of the psvita version?

  • Thank god.

    Finally I can play it on my VITA.

    And will play Ratchet: Gladiator HD .. My best Ratchet & Clank Games.

    Thanks :)

  • FINALLY !! Cannot wait :D I would also like to know the download size though

  • If I were to purchase QForce now, would I get Gladiator? I did own it once, but I had to return it still sealed due to a lack in funds :(

    • Yes, I’ll be posting on the blog again to announce how we’ll be supplying Gladiator but essentially it will be like we did for MotorStorm, in that we’ll supply a cut-off date, and by that stage you’ll need to have played QForce while your PS3 / PS Vita has been connected online.

  • How much will it be for those who haven’t already got it?

  • At last, I’ll be snapping this up as soon as it’s released!

  • ‘Ratchet: Gladiator HD’ for free??? COOL:P I got the game(R&C:QF) on disc when it came out last year;)

    Now all i really, really erm really:D want is a PS4 normal R&C game… PLEASE! DO! IT!!! Insomniac Games:P Oh & make it(i.e R&C on PS4)(hopefully ‘ALL’ PS4 games will be) be playable via Remote Play on the PSVita PLEASE:P

  • Fantastic news. Couldn’t be more grateful!

  • Paul_Morningstar

    Same question as oggsy92 #8: will I get R&C:Gladiator if I buy the PS3 version now?

  • Thanks for the update, James. I’ve been really looking forward to playing Q-Force on Vita.

    Quick question though: When is/was the cutoff for getting Gladiator HD for free? I haven’t gone online with Q-Force yet so I’m guessing I probably missed it, but in your previous update on the issue I seem to remember you saying you’d give us an exact date on when we had until to play online?


  • I have a question regarding the R&C Gladiator HD codes. I already bought the disc version of Q-Force but haven’t played it yet. Do I need to play it before the Vita version’s release to get the Gladiator code?

    • You just need to play QForce on your PS3 or PS Vita while you’re connected online. The cut-off date for eligibility for Gladiator will be announced in a further blog post.

  • Freakin’ FINALLY!
    If I buy QForce new if after the Vita release next week. Will I still get Ratchet Gladiator.

    And is the Vita version also available separate on PSN and is the game going to get a retail release as well?

    • Check out the replies above for details on Gladiator.

      QForce on PS Vita is digital only, there’s no stand-alone retail release.

  • Any news on A Crack in Time and Tools of Destruction getting a digital release ons the PS Store? Six games from the series are already available for download, now Gladiator HD is getting released too. I would love to have all the games in one folder.

  • Great news!

    Anychance of Star Wars Pinall being fixed any time soon?
    Only the trial is on the store and when you pay £7.99 to upgrade to the full game from within the trial it charges you then says ‘CANNOT DOWNLOAD USING A PS VITA SYSTEM’!

  • Will the more dynamic and more strategic mode stay exclusive for the PS3 version or is it posible that the mode will be available later for the Vita?

  • Can’t wait to see how the game looks and feels on the Vita, and I also can’t wait for Ratchet Gladiator HD – I loved the game back on PS2. I remember just sitting for a long time, listening to the “challenge complete” song – it was just so epic. :D

  • I’m just waiting for another REAL Rachet and Clank game. You know one with an amazing single player game without any nonsense tower defence or mp crap in it.
    It all went very much downhill with All for one. Btw you promised me in person that that game was also fun playing alone, you lied, it sucked!
    Not buying this.

  • ryannumber3gamer

    This is great that its finally coming on the 22nd :D can’t wait for Ratchet Gladiator HD as well since its my favourite R&C spinoff. If I can I want to suggest some ideas for maps for QForce….

    1.The Great Clock (R&C A Crack in Time)
    2.Holostar Studios (R&C 3)
    3.Blackwater City (R&C)

  • Anychance of Star Wars Pinall being fixed any time soon? is a joke now, fixed ps3 and looks like all it is to fix the vita version is either upload the right file, or change a flag so you can download the file on vita, will try the download to ps3 and then copy it to vita work round and see if this will now enable all features not just some (which did earlier in the week). Just no response from sony and zen are on americain time so looks like will not get fixed this weekend as all the sony EU people will be in the pub before zen people start work come on!!!

  • @22 (ryannumber3gamer) I would hardly call Ratchet Gladiater a spinoff. In Japan it’s even called Ratchet & Clank 4, since it takes place right after the events of the third game.

    But yeah, it’s a great game.


  • I got this on launch and hardly ever played it.. Hopefully this vita release will get me in it again. But please Insomniac, I beseech thee, go back to traditional R&C. I’d love co op too but only if it’s traditional R&C. No ‘sidescroller’ or tower defense type of game, just go back to what made R&C so great in the first place!

  • Prem-aka-Prince

    I’d like to say for the person who asked, the patch size seems to be 432MB.
    On my EU download version it said the 1.05 patch is available, but then when I proceeded the download description was ‘Ratchet and Clank: Q-Force Trial’, but in the end it seems to have been the patch successfully and there don’t seem to be any problems.

  • Amazing news! I really hope it was worth the wait. Too bad I can’t test it though – my Vita’s left stick isn’t working after recent firmware update tp 2.12, warranty is over already and I can’t fix the problem myself. Don’t have any good service centers in my town too. Derp, my luck is undescribable.

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Thanks for the update. I don’t yet have a Vita (can’t afford it at moment, still looking for a new job) but looking forward to my Gladiator freebie. :D

  • Took a while, but thanks. Great that we’re getting Gladiator for free like NA did.

  • Will the game get a retail release for the vita version? Also what is the download size for the Vita version?

  • ryannumber3gamer

    I considered Ratchet Gladiator a spinoff pretty much because while it was based after R&C 3, it based the gameplay on a different element of the Ratchet gameplay much like how Jak X is thought to be a spinoff due to basing itself on the racing of Jak 3 while taking place after Jak 3.

  • Yes! I’m really glad to hear more news about this! I thought Gladiator HD would be available on the same day as Q-Force Vita, though. Either way, I’m really excited to relive more of my childhood with Gladiator soon! :D

  • So the vita version gets delayed, but the ps3 version gets an exclusive map. This is so fair, I don’t own a ps3 so I won’t be able to play the map. :(

  • Thanks for the update.
    1 question:
    Do you have any plans to make the single player more, err, playable? I’m sure you know what I mean.

  • very happy person here, kept in the hopefully this week for news and also in the spring window with 5 weeks left, now just waiting on idol minds

  • This is some great news. Does the Vita version get it’s own set of trophies? I really hope I actually get Ratchet and Clank Gladiator because last time Fred had to send me an email for MotorStorm RC because you failed to send me one.

  • I thought Deadlocked was going to be released at the same time? That’s the game I#m really looking forward to.

  • If I buy the ps3 version now, whether it be CD version or Digital version Will I still be able to get Gladiator free?

  • yyeeeeaaaa. hopefully the wait was worth it and the game runs smoothly. is it separate trophy list or is it cross save with ps3?

  • Can’t wait for Ratchet Gladiator, my favourite Ratchet and Clank game. A question though: I remember reading that we have to play online in Q-Force before a certain date to be eligible to get Gladiator for free. Any information about when the cut-off date is?

  • I’m in Australia, i own Ratchet and Clank Q-force and have played online for about 20 minutes a while ago, and tried to add the disc benefits to my account, will i get Ratchet Gladiator HD?

  • OMG Finally! I waited soooooooo long! Can’t wait :P

  • http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2013/05/17/ratchet-clank-qforce-ps-vita-update-3/comment-page-1/#comment-382687

    @Ross Alexander
    Bought it around the middle of Feb but started to play it on the 25th Feb.

  • @Ross Alexander i brought FFA last year before Christmas As an Aussie do i not get This Free Motorstorm RC code? or did i miss out because i dont play the multiplayer side?

  • I tried this morning and just tried again, I’ve allready “added” it to my account but when It sends me to PSstore it says its un-selectable

  • i woke up at 7oclock at the morning and i still trying to find it at ps store to buy it please help

  • *sigh* My problems continue,
    now It claims that the product is un-purchasable(its labeled as free)
    Im really eager to play this game :(

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