Killzone Mercenary: new release date, trailer and pre-order bonuses

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Killzone Mercenary: new release date, trailer and pre-order bonuses

Guerrilla Killzone Mercenary 06

I’m very excited to announce to you all that Killzone Mercenary for PS Vita will be in stores a little earlier than expected. We don’t want to keep you waiting any longer than absolutely necessary for Guerrilla Cambridge’s stunning portable FPS experience – so you’ll now be able to pick up the game on 4th September (or 6th September in the UK).

To mark this exciting news let me also give you some details on the great exclusive content you’ll get for pre-ordering your copy of Killzone Mercenary! Participating retailers will offer two separate bonuses to help give you the edge.

Package 1: Blackjack’s Briefcase
· Double Experience Points boost for 48 hours: All contracts, bonuses and payoffs in Campaign and Multiplayer modes earn you twice the normal XP for two days.
· In-Game Cash Bonus: Pick up a new weapon with extra Vektan cash before you even step foot on the battlefield.

Killzone Merc SPS PreOrder 2 003

Package 2: ISA M224-A1 Light Machine Gun
· A powerhouse of a weapon, with plenty of ammo to get the job done… as long as you don’t require any subtlety in your mission.

Killzone Merc SPS PreOrder 1 003

Which one will you choose?

Make sure you’re primed for the explosive sci-fi combat of Killzone Mercenary on PlayStation Vita, where you become the ultimate gun for hire. Check out the newest trailer below for a closer look.

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  • for the handful of vita owners very nice news. hope we ps3 owners dont get forgotten.

  • good news
    any chance to increase numbers of multiplayers more than 8 ?
    any plan for beta :)

  • Day one purchase for me. Hope this game is much better than Resistance and Blacks Ops Declassified and thank god Nihilistic Software isn’t around this time. Hope the game sells and plays good. =D

    Extremely looking forward to play this very soon.

  • Two pre-orders for this & two pre-orders for Tearaway! What’s a guy to do!?!

  • That’s good. This is THE vita game for me and been a bit quiet after LBP on vita. This should get it back on track for me.
    As for pre order bonus, I would obviously go with the LMG. Double xp and the likes are lousy pre order bonusses, I want to play the game as long as possible. Double xp weekend is great once in a while but as pre order bonus, meh..

  • @MASPALOMAZ : If you want to take part in the joy, just buy a Vita yourself.

    I truely hope this is a system seller, even if I’m not too big on FPS games, but it would be awesome if it managed to sell more Vita’s and then maybe more bigger games would come to it too. Don’t get me wrong, I love many of the Indie games that comes to it, but sometimes it’s nice to have bigger types of games also that shines through on different areas than the Indie games.


    PS3 owners forgotten? PS3 has Killzone HD, Killzone 2 and Killzone 3. PS4 has Killzone 4.

    It already has plenty.

  • I hope it has an awesome single player campaign with a kick ass story. Don’t care for mp and with that not for the mediocre bonuses.

    • Don’t worry, it does! And with the new Contracts mode, single player has excellent replayability as well!

  • Hi Victor,
    is there a chance for a Demo?

  • What about the German release date?

  • What about the German Realse Date?

    • A German release date is forthcoming, please stay tuned to the PlayStation Blog for more information.

  • Killzone looks great day 1 buy for me!

    Can someone that works for SONY please fix this:

    Or at least acknowledge the problem..

  • I liked how gutsy the old release date was :) But it’s great that we’re getting this game earlier.

    Think I’m gonna go with the first pre-order pack.
    You know – “for the money!” :P

  • So we can’t unlock the LMG in the game? the gun was always included in the past Killzone games….

  • Presumably one or both of these bonuses will be available for the PS store version of the game?

  • Am I correct in assuming “participating retailers” includes the Playstation Store? :) It looks that way, based on the images above. Just want to check, as I’m keen to keep this on my SD card permanently. Thanks for bringing the date forward!

  • Can you tell how good is framerates would be in final version? Precise aiming and smooth gameplay is very much important for me atleast. Also how would you rate multiplayer in this game, is it more of competitive or more of fun/casual?

    Also isn’t the using of cash you earn from single player/campaign in the multiplayer would imbalance the matches?

    • We’re aiming for a steady 30fps. Note that some of the footage in the trailer is from unfinished code, so you may see further improvements there in the final product. As far as competitiveness is concerned – Killzone: Mercenary is going to be anything but ‘casual’!

      (Not that there’s anything wrong with casual. We just want to give you a more intense, frantic multiplayer experience.)

  • So Killzone is out 6th Sept via retail?

  • Whats the RRP for the UK?

  • What about a Killzone Limited Vita Edition Bundle? Any plans for that Victor?

  • Wait. What, it’s coming early now? Great things never arrive early. I see that someone at SCEE has done their best to dampen the moment (2 days later for uk again, seriously?) but I’m still quite chuffed. This looks a great appetizer for Shadow fall – can’t wait.

  • Game looks amazing and cant wait for it. Very nice trailer too. I think package 1 is better for me cos I don’t even use an LMG. Always end up firing 1 bullet then time for reloading so will pass on that one. lol

  • already played Resistance BS.
    its good.

    though Killzone is better and cooler.

  • So no Pre-order in the store ?

  • Great idea to bring the release forward, hope the game doesn’t suffer though! But I’m sure it won’t, cos Guerrilla are great :)

  • i am ssooooo waiting for this game after going through the painful experience of crap ops declassified. i have never felt so mugged in my whole life. single player looks awesome i just hope they have’nt skimped on multiplayer.

  • @Victor Zuylen

    I hate to say it but it is a bad thing to focus on casual. We want more serious games on vita. And you are doing it right ^^ . Day one for sure :) . Even gtav can’t stop me from buying it to support you for being more serious :P..

  • Indie are perfect for the vita but it won’t help it. We need games like GT,GTA,Tekken,Real COD,BF…etc

    Please tell sony to fix these things. I dunno if it’s possible but It need less limitation such as strict to one account and stuff like that. It gave me headache to understand the vita XD. Also let the psm developers create programs. Make it more like smart phones. Put more freedom to change what ever they want in the vita. Let people make chrome. Let people use remote desktop. Let them do kool and useful tools like these. It really suits the vita.

  • Great , then I can kill ISA soldiers in campaign and play in the side of the Helghast. I hope that in Killzone: Shadow Fall, Guerrilla Games will include a Helghast Campaign, I would play like a Helghast soldier :)

  • @Death_156
    I disagree with you with CoD and BF. Those are two games I just don’t see it being possible for either of them being good enough for the Vita. They would be better off being left as a home console game but this Killzone is looking very promising and could be a decent shooter for the Vita. I agree with you with the other games tho. Maybe even add on an inFamous game to that list

  • I would agree with you brother if i didn’t saw Killzone lol. It proves that we can get any kind of FPS in vita. They can make great call of duty and battlefield games but with different experience. Little less realistic but more fun. It is possible. Ok , how about borederland vita. Wouldn’t that be awesome like killzone ?. :)

    All i’m saying vita is great and have huge potential. It can handle these kind of games but all we get right now is casual games and few great games. To be specific, Only 2 big games coming to it. Mercenary and tear away. That’s it and that’s suuuucks like hell. I would never recommend a vita to my friends just because of the games. I don’t want them to buy something that they don’t use and then come kick my ass xD. When it have library of big games like killzone i will tell them it worth it. But now sony really need to take a step like the ps3 or the vita deserve it sales..

  • Great news! I cant wait to get into the game.

    Is there a Toggle HUD feature?

  • PLEASE ANSWER THIS i saw on tv right now they sayed Gran Turismo its going to be release on pc and smartphones is this true?If it is sony lost a exclusive

  • Is there a Store Pre-order?
    Will there be stuff to unlock if you bought this and Killzone for the PS4? (just a thought)

  • in the game there of course will be a bot zone , right ?

  • It’s looking great and is a day one purchase regardless, but one of my favourite features of the last games was being able to play the multiplayer maps with bots; I realise it is a bit unlikely but did this feature make it to this game? Commutes to work will be much improved for longer if so!

  • when will we be able to see a new trailer, and are we going to have double xp weeks or weekends like in call of duty black ops 2

  • Hey victor, I’ve seen at the beginning of the comments that you have no plans of increasing the number of players per match.
    This means that rumors on “60 players” per match are actually not true?
    I hope so.. Always preferred original 12vs12 max.

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