Diablo III on PS4 and PS3 – exclusive video

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Diablo III on PS4 and PS3 – exclusive video

Deep within Blizzard Entertainment‘s secret underground game development compound, a team of modern day blacksmiths and alchemists has been hard at work reforging a legendary game experience for an all-new legion of heroes. Once finished, this finely-tuned version of the bestselling Diablo III will transport PlayStation gamers to a dark and dangerous world of fast-paced action, thrilling adventure, and piles upon piles of epic loot.

Pour yourself a flagon of your favourite brew, kick up your boots, and feast your eyes on this Diablo III developer diary, part of PlayStation’s ongoing “Conversations With Creators” series.

In this video, you’ll hear from three of the developers behind Blizzard Entertainment’s action role-playing epic: Production Director John Hight, Lead Designer Joshua Mosqueira, and Senior Designer Jason Bender. Together, they’ll explain how bringing the game to PS3 and PS4 has empowered them to viscerally transport players into the foreboding, demon-besieged world of Sanctuary by putting the action in the palms of their hands.

According to the team, the most critical component of the Diablo III experience on the PlayStation platform is the controller. That’s where the player develops a relationship with the character on the screen. Blizzard developers believe that “control is king,” so with Diablo III, that has translated to “the controller is king.”

From a player’s perspective, there’s a fundamental difference between indirect control, with a mouse cursor, and direct control, which can be achieved with a PlayStation controller. In this video, they highlight key reasons why this method of interaction truly drives home the excitement offered by this genre-defining action role-playing game.

It’s desperate times, and innocents have been caught between the forces of the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. If you’d like to learn more about how you can do your part to save humanity, visit the official Diablo III community site and interact with other heroes of Sanctuary on Facebook and Twitter.

To receive the Infernal Helm, an exclusive in-game item that grants an experience point boost to any character who wears it, pre-order Diablo III for PlayStation 3 today.

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  • Will Dark Souls 2 come for PS4?

  • Why can’t you pre-order the PS4 version?

  • I have to support Blizzard on their return to the console world.

    I will buy this Day One on PS4.

  • OH MY GOD IT’S NEWS FROM BLIZZ- oh it’s Diablo…

  • “…this genre-defining action role-playing game.”

    Nonsense! Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance defines the modern action dungeon crawler, developing the RPG’s loot-and-level basis into a consolified action game. If the Diablo developers were surprised by the engrossment of direct control, they clearly haven’t done their homework. Even if they don’t explore PS2 games (best platform for them), there are several loot-and-level games on PS3 like Dungeon Hunters and Sacred 2.

    I’ll get this as I love the genre and local coop, but please respect the evolutionary path of the genre wherein Diablo 3 is just copying the ideas pioneered by others, mostly Snowblind Studios (4 player Champions of Norrath local coop on PS2 ten years ago…). Otherwise you are taking credit for something you really don’t deserve.

  • May we please get Diablo 2 for the PS3 ? That was my fav Diablo game ever and an HD remake would be epic

  • I’d rather have Diablo II on PS3. Diablo III is such a crappy game. They completely slaughtered the lore, story and worst of all, the gameplay! It’s a hollow piece of crap once you dig into it. Stay well clear of it, unless you want a master class in bland game design and atrociously bad character advancement.

    Luckily I still have Diablo II (PC), so it’s not like I am missing out.

  • Any info about cross-play ps3 ps4? If there is gonna be cross-play I’ll buy it for both but if not then only ps4. :)

  • I do like how you controll the actual character this way, instead of just clicking enemies with your mouse to attack them. Always wanted this game on pc but the atmosphere isn’t my thing.

  • looking forward to it on the PS4 i just hope it not just a port.

  • I was wondering if there was any plans to release Diablo 3 on the Vita? I think the handheld would make this game really fun, play it before meetings, you in a wifi area (quickly connect with some friends) etc etc. The permanent connection approach however would ruin this idea drastically though :/

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