Tearaway pre-order extras revealed

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Tearaway pre-order extras revealed


We’re excited to announce details on the magnificent and exclusive bonus content you’ll get for pre-ordering your copy of Tearaway for PS Vita! Participating retailers will offer two options, each with a different set of treasures.

The Jukebox Pack, which contains:

  •  Splendiferous iota and atoi Avatars for use on the PlayStation Network
  •  Resplendent PlayStation Vita wallpaper
  •  Audiolicious Tearaway soundtrack with bonus track

TA_Jukebox ad v2

The Special Delivery Pack, which includes:

  •  Oppulent iota and atoi costumes for LittleBigPlanet
  •  Exclusive skin for the in-game rideable pig, and printable papercraft plan to match

TA_Special Delivery v2

Yes, that’s right, there’s an in-game rideable pig.

Tearaway is a buddy-movie action adventure in a living papery world, which you’ll go on with your new friend – a plucky messenger who has a unique message to deliver – to you! Check out the video below to hear lead designer Rex Crowle talk about the origins of the papery world of Tearaway.

Tearaway will be available on shelves and in the PSN Store on 23rd October.

Okay, feel free to go and ponder over which pack you’re going to pre-order. Which will it be? The Special Delivery Pack or The Jukebox Pack? Hmm, tough choice!

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  • any idea which retailer gets which dlc? i have mine pre-ordered at shopto for £22.85 so hopefully they get chosen again like they did with soul sacrifice

  • Special pack for me – I’m a sucker for papercraft. Rideable pig? Pah, lego city undercover and minecraft beat you to it :P

  • #1 I would like to know the same.
    Hope Shopto.net get those 2 pack.

  • So excited buy this but man what a tough decision. Any chance we’ll see a pack containing all the pre-order goodies, or at least see them make their way on to the PlayStation Store?

    I’m leaning towards the Special Delivery Pack but would hate to miss out on the games’ soundtrack.

  • Awesomesauce guys! So which pack comes with the preorder of the PSN version?! Cheers.

  • £22.88 you say? WOWSER! Either way, it’s definitely the Special Delivery pack for moi. I love LBP Vita, so to have an Iota costume sounds pretty cool. That said, Ido like the idea of the soundtrack and wallpaper!!?? No, no, Special Delivery. Or Jukebox? So much for ‘definitely’ then!! I’m forty now. And I really don’t want to wish my life away…but, I so can’t wait for 23 October.

  • haha…. seriously ?. this is a vita game, erm shouldn’t the above posters still be in school, or judging by 1st impression of pic.. Nursery.. i give up. if This is normal then i am going to Have to hang my controllers up..

  • #3 I would prefer to be able to buy a Retail copy containing both Pre order bonus, instead of been forced to get the Digital Version.

  • Shopto are taking preorders for only £22! Get in while it’s hot!

  • “Exclusive skin for the in-game rideable pig”


  • Audio pack for me. Where do I order that?

  • Ah man, tough choice – Jukebox pack for me I think, I’ll definitely be picking up those LBP costumes when they’re out though!

  • 7# get back to your generic fps and continue stuffing your face with doritos and mtn dew while your mum looks after you like a little baby

  • £19.99 on Play.com & Zavvi.

    Still can’t decide which pre-order bonus to chose tho.

    @Aces73High, I’m 43, pwned!

  • @solarwind12 – Please proceed to watch Back to the Future 2. Get to the infamous “That’s a babies toy” scene. You are those children.

    Or should I simply quote C.S Lewis? “Critics who treat ‘adult’ as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence”

  • @15 who’s CS Lewis?

  • #14, @my_son_roo — Touché sir!

    #15, @Gary485 –Well said that man. CS Lewis, being that man I guess, so….well quoted Gary! Very well quoted indeed buddy!

    #16, @residentSteve — Erm, Google?

  • @17 bings my search engine of choice but I can’t be bothered to look it up.

  • Please tell me this is coming to the US as well.

  • “in-game rideable pig” This makes me SAD…only because i haven’t got a PSVita & this game looks AMAZING! ! ! :P I wish it was coming to the PS3 or 4 as well :(

  • i think this could be the vita saviour. killzone mercanary is up there too

  • Those digital goodies are nice and all…

    But what I want is a collectors edition alike the LittleBigPlanet 2 USA CE. Yes, you read it right, not the EU version of LBP2 CE, because it lacked some of the awesome stuff that the USA version had. The bookstands, the LBP doll, the awesome boxing. I loved that CE. Just like how I love my GOWIII Ultimate Collectors with Pandoras Box and other physical goodies.

    Please tell me, James from Media Molecule, that you’ll announce such a thing for Tearaway in the future too.

    I love Media Molecule, I love all LBP’s, part 1, part 2, LBP PSP, and soon to pick up LBP Vita. I already know I will loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee Tearaway, want it so bad, no Killzone Mercenary or any other game can give me that fix. You’re my favorite developer this gen, actually your game made me buy a PS3 LBP bundle back in 2008 as before that I was fine with just a 360.

  • additional to comment 22

    Make it happen James/Media Molecule: an awesome Tearaway CE, for example with an unfoldable book with pop up Tearaway worlds/characters like we had those books in the old days. Or maybe even a fully unfoldable box that flaps out to a complete Tearaway world that might even become an offline board game. And a Tearaway Iota doll to sit aside my LBP doll!!! Make it happen, I am more than happy to put in the Euro’s needed to buy it… Please, PLEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEEEEEE

  • @7

    I see you actually lost your gaming soul. Gaming is about fun and bringing out the inner kid in yourself, whatever age you are.

    If you can’t see what games like Tearaway or LBP bring instead of bloody FPS only, you’re lost my friend.

    Actually I believe you’re just a 12 year old kid that wants to play though and hope people believe you’re an adult. You hate Mario for this same reason too? And Kirby or Donkey Kong?

    If you gave games that Media Molecule made a try, you’d see that these are the best games around.

    I’ll end with this: if you think this is kiddy, why do you even play videogames at all? As many people think playing videogames is only for kids, not for grown ups, yes including those bloody FPS. And if you don’t like a certain genre, just stay out of the topic I’d say. Leave this topic to those people that love to play the best games around, not just another COD.

  • If You believe That great, please don’t expect us all to. and i see i got lumped with ‘generic’ fps’s as well, just cos i (I) thought the picture looked funny, fyi am atm 20ish hrs into DD D Arisen, but i Do like a good fps… All that nastyness aimed at me for what exactly, ?..
    And wt- is CS Lewis’s quote about, can’t see any relevence.. just saying how i seen it.. It does look like a kid’s game, judging by First impression as i mentioned, anyway live and learn i guess, or as ghandi said, live each day like you’ll die tomorrow, learn as if you’ll live forever.

  • @25

    I don’t care what you’re 20 hours into. Enjoy that.

    You’re typing like a teen though, with all the errors in the text. Thing is, your original comment:

    “haha…. seriously ?. this is a vita game, erm shouldn’t the above posters still be in school, or judging by 1st impression of pic.. Nursery.. i give up. if This is normal then i am going to Have to hang my controllers up..”

    Is making fun of people above you, as if you are a gamer of another/better order. All that talk of Ghandi suddenly in your post doesn’t change that.

    Again, if this looks kiddy to you, then Mario, Kirby and Donkey Kong do too. And basically all other games that aren’t themed with blood like FPS or some RPG’s. If you judge all gameplay on its looks, then it is pretty sad. If you don’t want to play it, your loss. Don’t downplay others that like this game and maybe just don’t troll a topic about it this way.

  • I really don’t care what you don’t care about, the information, (IE info) was given to correct your false assumption i am just a COD type gamer.. Not that being a COD only gamer actually means to me, well what i am sure it means to you and others here. I am sorry you draw the conclusion i am a teen just from my text.. i like to use the few text abbreviations i know when possible, If only i was still in my teen years. As for insulting the people posting above my remark, your right, but really does that mean i should be shot ?. Theres insults and theres unforgivable insults, the first kind are used, sometimes mistakenly in jest, the second deserve a rebuke.. Read it again and tell me i was using a real insult.

  • It’s so funny that you can tell the 12 year olds on here so easily, its always angry spoilt little kids moaning about everything and thinking everything should be free. Solarwind has really shown how immature you are.

  • On topic, it’s definitely the second pack for me. Two awesome packs – what do we do if we’ve already ordered? I would guess a lot of Vita owners have had the game preordered for a while.

  • haha, No i may be Solarwind ’12’.. But not 12yrs of age. Mayan calander, end of world in december2012.. seemed like a ok ‘Spare’ psn id at the time, spare as in testing/practicing mp games with, occasionally attacking members who are on my real id’s friends list with, ha, then agreeing with them through pm’s how silly and immature ‘That solarwind12 is’, am a little lost about demanding free stuff though, can’t recall doing that. but if i did then as is allways the case, their must be another side to the story. Anyway, on reflection the picture i seen really (serious) did make me laugh, and IF i believed for a second the actual game itself would, then no doubt i Would also be interested in buying it, unfortunately it seldom works out as such, i hope you enjoy tearaway and have fun with it. best wishes and i hope these hard feelings soon vanish.

  • So there is no way to buy the complete pack day one because you took some stuff out.
    Yes I know it’s been done for every game and it’s lame.
    Wish you guys didn’t do that, it’s not creative and that is what you guys should be all about.

    Do you still need to scream and blow at the Vita in this game or did you take that out. If not I’m not going to buy it because I don’t want to look like an idiot on the train.

  • I can’t wait for Tearaway! :D I am 28 and in my free time enjoy a round or 10 lol of Little Big Planet on the PS3 mainly. I have LBP1, LBP2, LBPKarting, LBP on PSP, and now LBPVita! I hope to dear neptune LBP3 is on PS3 or PS4. We are saving up for the PS4 :D
    I WILL be pre-ordering Tearaway for my Vita! Esp the pack with LBP costumes in it! :D I heard about people buying games and preordering at several stores for the codes for free stuff snd then they return it unopened for refunds except where it was cheapest. Smart but I dislike the equality behind it. You don’t get ahead in life by cheating to get what you want.
    I hope Tearaway is as fun as it looks and sounds. I really like what it looks like! Paper is supose to look like, well, paper :) It would be so boring if every game that was made was 3D imagery similar to like in LEGO Lord Of The Rings and etc. I am thrilled that there are those out there still who choose to raise the bar in excellence while using their own platforming, software and visuals. I enjoy all sorts and styles of games. I can tell by the photo it will be a new experience :)
    Much love, SpankieJames.

  • how can i preorder a game

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