‘Heads-up’ PlayStation Store update, May 8th 2013

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‘Heads-up’ PlayStation Store update, May 8th 2013

It’s a quiet week in terms of new content, but there are certainly a few gems to look out for. Today we have Alien Spidy, a quirky platformer in which you’ll need quick reflexes to progress. There’s also the interestingly-titled Nun Attack, which tasks you with restoring balance to the world by defeating the mysterious Fallen Nun, and a demo for Fuse – the new squad shooter from Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games.

And let’s not forget our two new sales which kick off today – one for the GTA series and another titled ‘Knights and Witches’ where you’ll find some fabulous offers on the likes of Ni No Kuni, Dragon Age, Dark Souls and loads more.

Finally, PS Plus members can grab fantastic side-scrolling shoot ’em up Sine Mora for PS Vita at no additional cost, as part of the Instant Game Collection.

So it may be a quiet week, but I hope you’ll agree there are plenty of options available should you want to add to your back-log!

New PlayStation Network content

Content may be added or removed, or move dates – please stay tuned to your weekly Store Update for the most up to date listings. Listed savings are approximate, based on SRP excluding Special Offer pricing and should be considered as a guide only.

PlayStation Plus

Sine Mora (PS Vita) – 100% off

PS3 games

Alien Spidy (trial available)
Price: £7.99/€9.99
Availability: Not available in Denmark, India, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Africa, Turkey

PS3 pre-order

Remember Me
Price: £47.99/€59.99
PEGI: 16

PS3 demos (free)

PEGI: 18
Availability: Not available in Germany

PS Vita games

Nun Attack
Price: £1.99/€2.49
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine


Aliens: Colonial Marines


Prices: £7.99/€9.99
Availability: All

God Of War: Ascension

Availability: All

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Availability: All

Injustice Gods Among Us

  • Lobo Character (£3.99/€4.99)
  • Bad Girls Skin Pack (£2.39/€2.99)
  • Teen Titans Skin Pack (£2.39/€2.99)

Availability: Not available in Kuwait, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE

LittleBigPlanet Karting

Prices: £2.39/€2.99
Availability: All

Tales Of Graces F

Availability: All

The Pinball Arcade (Cross-Buy)

  • Add-On Pack 12 Pro: Cactus Canyon (£6.49/€7.99)
  • Add-On Pack 12: Cactus Canyon (£3.99/€4.99)
  • Pro Version Upgrade: Cactus Canyon (£3.19/€3.99)

Availability: Not available in Russia

Tomb Raider

Availability: All


The Pinball Arcade (Cross-Buy)

  • Add-On Pack 12 Pro: Cactus Canyon (£6.49/€7.99)
  • Add-On Pack 12: Cactus Canyon (£3.99/€4.99)
  • Pro Version Upgrade: Cactus Canyon (£3.19/€3.99)

Availability: Not available in Russia


Soul Sacrifice
Prices: £7.99/€9.99

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13 Author Replies

  • No HDN Victory Avatar this week either :(

  • Why is Nun Attack only available in so few countries? And why not in Germany? :(

  • FghtOffUrDemons

    Any chance we can get imports of
    Parasite Eve
    Legend Of Dragoon
    Chrono Cross
    Dino Crisis 2?

    Any possibility of any of those?

  • The most recent GTA V trailers not available?

  • Any update on when those of us who have already been charged for our Deadly Premonition pre-orders will actually receive the game please?

    • Unfortunately I don’t have a new date to pass on. I’m trying to get as much info as I can and when I do I’ll have it passed on. I know you guys have been very patient and I appreciate that.

  • With Nun Attack not being available almost anywhere there are so many new Vita games to choose from… Well at least we got a great sale for Vita games this week, right? No? Oh well…

  • Early today (2:30pm instead of 3:00pm)!

    Will soundtracks on the PSN be compatible with PS Vita one day?
    And any news on QForce for the Vita?

  • Any ETA’s on Spartacus ledgends or hotline miami?

  • Will be picking up some of the Injustice content, and the demo for Fuse this week!

    I know this isn’t the right place (but the original post is buried now); is there any news on the winners of the Weekend Debate?

  • Alien Spidy not on SA store ?

    Is it offensive or something ?

    Will download Sine Mora now :)

  • I hope we can have a Remember Me demo.

    By the way, they are still releasing Tales of Graces f DLC? I’ve already platinum’d, ToG F, Ni no Kuni and Atelier Ayesha. Faster Namco.

  • As you say a quiet week… Any chance of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel coming to PSN ?

    Just Game of Thrones for me this week.

  • Jawad, Fred or Chris,

    I’d be happy if anyone could sort this out for me:
    I recently bought Deadly Premonition and got a 30 Day PS+ trial.
    Now my question is: Does it stack with my current subscription? As in it’ll prelong my current ubscription with another month.
    Are we even allowed to do that if it works?

  • #4 Any reason why you need them on the PS Store when they’re readily available almost anywhere on the net?

    If you’re that desperate to watch them on your PlayStation, boot up the YouTube app.

  • Carnivius_Prime

    When are getting Guilty Gear for PS3? When oh when oh when? Oh when?

    Oh when?

  • Quiet week in terms of new content, but look at those sales!

  • Nice, I’ll be downloading the Fuse demo!

    Jawad, is there any chance of PlayStation Plus subscription (renewal) offers in June, seeing as it’s going to be a one year anniversary of the Instant Game Collection? Sadly, I missed the one year + 3 months free offer.

  • Please bring Legend of Dragoon (PSX) on the PSN!

    In US it’s topping the sell charts and we already had disk-based PAL release in Europe!

    Also, would be awesome if you could upload in the import section Chrono Cross and Xenogears!


  • I’m currently downloading Fuse demo. Been waiting for this game for a long time. Now can’t wait to see what its like. Would like a demo for Remember Me too. At first I thought it looked quite interesting but in the last video I seen on Kotaku I started getting second thought about it. Will need a demo to see what it’s like

  • SS icon, no buy, etc. etc., and on top of that you released a FW update days ago. You had your chance, guess you don’t want my money after all.

    You should learn from America. This has become beyond embarrassing. I’m not even going to mention the lateness with CS: GO and Terraria…

  • Hi Jawad, Sine Mora great!!! But I have a questions which everyone is likely forgotten or I missed some news. Where in ….. is Counter Strike: GO? In September it’s 12 month that it’s delayed and I’ve never really got news that it got cancelled or further delayed etc.

    Yes I know I could buy it with a USA account, but still it should be available in Europe already. On XBOX it’s available right fromt he beginning.

  • Hi, is there any news on the digital release of Deadly Premonition on PS3? Customers have been charged and communication from Sony and Rising Star Games has been dreadful.

    I was advised to monitor the product page on the PlayStation Store but it is not being updated with new. The release date is just moved on every two days or so.

    Are there plans to keep customers informed? Thanks.

    • See post #5. As soon I have more info we will let you know. We should also be e-mailing you with confirmation once things have been fixed.

  • Third store update without a single Classic in it. Fifth, if you’re in a country where the previous release was not available. Great job.

  • Hope to get Wipeout HD-FURY & Journey on sale next time…

  • Remember Me looks good, I won’t be ordering off the store though, as it will probably be a botched launch like all pre orders on the store.

  • Jawad hope you can answer these questions for me please

    1- Any chance of a Capcom sale soon?

    2- Will THQ’s past games and DLC content be back on EU PSN in the near future? Like Space Marine and Saint’s Row 3? They’ve gotten rebranded and there are some DLC I missed out on for those 2 games.

  • Hello there!

    Nice week! Sine Mora is free, grab it! :D

    One question: On PS VITA PSN you can purchase avatars for your profile, but I can’t download (getting an error code) or use it (as far as I know).

    I don’t have a PS3 to download my avatar, so am I stuck at this moment? Or is it possible for you to change my avatar? Can I email someone?

    Thanks! :)
    Regards, Aendras

  • CS:GO has been cancelled in Europe has been for quite some time……

  • Hello theres any chance we get a discount on Fallout New vegas dlcs and saints row 2 and 3 dlcs?

  • Any update about PS Mobile for Scandinavian countries like Sweden?

    So … s l o w. Or is it cancelled.

  • With all these sales, who cares about new stuff! I’m going to be far too busy playing Ni No Kuni :-)

  • how bout that CS:GO! :D

  • Seriously, a “we have no info” about Deadly Premonition is absolutely not acceptable. You’ve charged people for it, the publisher says it’s “stuck in limbo” and you’re hiding behind NDAs and whatnot. People deserve a better answer. What went wrong? When will it be available (best/worst case at least)? Why did this happen in the first place?

  • Where’s the Vita version of Alien Spidy? Is it still in development? Why isn’t it being release alongside the PS3 version?

  • Just bought and downloaded “Sound Shapes” and it’s not working. Any ideas what’s wrong?

  • YESS! :) tales of graces dlc, been contemplating for the last week which costume to actually buy… now on payday I can get a pack of costumes :):) eep. Also good job on Ni No Kuni discount team :) (I has wizard edition already but praise where praise is due and all)

  • Silver-Seraphim

    Another week as still no Deadly Premonition, I’ve been chasing it up with Sony’s Customer Service regarding refunds. Apparently due to Terms of Sevice they will only refund money to a wallet not a card. I still don’t have a refund to my wallet even though I’ve been chasing this all week and had to hang on to premium rate numbers, this alone has cost me an extra £4.

    I was also informed that if I contact my credit card company regarding this to get a cash refund, my PSN account will be banned and my PS3 blocked.

    How is this fair Sony? You took my money and provided no goods and now all I am being offered is a possible wallet refund, which I don’t even have yet.

  • Hi Jawad, last week I bought Elrond for Guardians of Middle Earth, and the download doesn’t appear to work in the the game for anyone in the EU. The developers Monolith said they were looking into it with Sony, but there’s been no word from them a week later. Don’t suppose you have any information about this problem? Thanks.

  • Jawad I have some questions:

    1. Will we see a digital copy of Dark Souls ever come to PS Store?

    2. Any news on the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Collection?

  • i want Bioshock Infinite season pass but im wondering if i get it or not what do you think? i have platinum in the game

  • Say Jawad, any info on the QA process for Bit.TRIP Runner 2 yet? Also, great to see Nun Attack finally came out.

  • Hmmm, I see Ratchet & Clank mentioned so as you mentioned them…

    …where, oh WHERE, is R&C: Q-Force for Vita? I got the game on release (last November?) purely for the Vita version advertised on the front, which I expected to get simultaneously.

    Since then we’ve had “it will come out February” then “April” then NOTHING.

    It’s not fair that the game is STILL being advertised as “cross-buy” when no Vita version has appeared as yet.

    Very, very poor indeed.

  • And while you’re here Jawad, any chance for more PSone Classics especially imports? Seems have haven’t had any PSone games recently.

  • Hi, Jawad!
    Can you please tell me when is the YouTube PS3 app being released in Portugal?
    The YouTube website now has Portuguese (Portugal) language, and Portugal is now listed in the available official countries. I guess that was what was preventing the app from arriving here? Thanks.

  • Hi Jawad, I’d just like to note that Lobo doesn’t appear as Free for Injustice Season Pass users, neither from the Store or in-game. Not sure if it should be or not.

    Anyways, this week for me some Injustice and GOW: Ascension. And that Fuse demo that I’d like to try out later…

  • I was hoping for Project zero 2. The EU Store really need’s to get it’s act together with content.

    Also please can you sort the look of the store out, it’s absolutely horrible and a complete mess to navigate through.

    God forbid if the PS4 inherits this rubbish store. Sort it out please.

  • Hi do you have any info as to why Australia and New Zealand did not get the NASCAR game that was in last weeks store update please any info would be great full thanks

  • Current release for Deadly Premonition is pending at May 15th. More updates as I get them.

  • Why is there no sale on the Shadow of the Colossuls Stand Alone Title, but for ICO. Has it been forgotten?

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